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Essense Gowns - New Collection

In case anyone is as bad at decision making as me and just likes every dress they look at..... or if you haven't found a dress yet or even not started looking, then i just thought id let you know that Essense have just bought out there new range online.

Happy Dress Hunting ;\)



  • markyboy789markyboy789 Posts: 947
    ahh thanks for posting this as will check out there website... the ONLY dress i've seen that i like is by Essense.

    P.S you should post this in the fashion section as think more people will see it... x
  • markyboy789markyboy789 Posts: 947
    However just freaked out when i went to look for my dress and couldn't find it on the new site!!!!! Panic over it's been moved to a new page... Phew! x
  • nhebdon83nhebdon83 Posts: 238
    Yeah that is probably a good ides!! i didn't realise where id posted it to.... ill post it again in fashion.

    Which dress is it you like??

    Nikki x
  • markyboy789markyboy789 Posts: 947
    Ohh hang on will find the link....
  • markyboy789markyboy789 Posts: 947
    Are you getting your dress from them?

    4th one on the top row....
  • nhebdon83nhebdon83 Posts: 238
    That dress is stunning. I really like the little jacket as well, are you going to get that with it?

    I haven't decided about my dress yet, i like these two on the site but have also had one drawn up by a designer in the UK but ive since flown back to Australia and would need to find someone to make it.

    4th one along the top -

    1st one on the bottom, but im cant make my mind up on the back of it

    I dont know how to attach the picture of the one im having made unnless you send me your email.

  • Lil2008ukLil2008uk Posts: 479
    hi nikki

    i went to a designer day recently to try on the new essense dresses and I ended up finding one!

    There are loads to choose from and I thought the shapes were very flattering,

    So I'm a big fan!
  • nhebdon83nhebdon83 Posts: 238
    Hi lil2008,

    What dress did you find that you liked?? i have ordered my dress now but ended up going for a different deisgner.

    It lovely, corded lace and beaded bodice with a silk skirt and gorgette overlay.

  • SianWoolawaySianWoolaway Posts: 223

    My dress is essense 07 collection d530 and even though I'll be 17 weeks pregnant, it doesn't need altering!! I LOVE it!!

    Siani xx
  • Lil2008ukLil2008uk Posts: 479
    hmm i can't remember the number, but if you go to essense gowns, its the very first one that comes up. It could be number 463?? I know it has a sash thing on the side that is detachable.
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