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  • Month 2 for me. I took my pregnancy test on holiday with me but didnt even get to test as AF came a day early! Didn't get on very well with the tesco ovulation sticks last month. Felt gutted every day as they were saying I wasn't ovulating. It could have been me misreading them but I followed instructions. Anyway, I want something digital to simply tell me - not something I have to interpret! Therefore - off out to buy the clearblue digital monitor tonight. But I'm a bit reluctant to start testing again everyday as it defo put pressure on things but would really like to know if I am actually ovulating or not. I'm 34 so no time to waste really. Good luck everyone. Lets hope for loads of BFPs this month.
  • suz32

    we are just going into month 8 of trying

    and I have to say its so devastating every month

    I feel like my heart is being torn from me - never been the maternal type until now and suddenly feel desperate to be a mom and have babies with hubby

    we waited after our wedding for over a year and now I wish we hadn't

    we should get new analysis test through post shortly although last 1 took 3 weeks to come then the clinic is only a tuesday morning but results are with in 2 to 3 days so will book docs as soon as we know when he needs to give second sample he will get a date and time to take it in

    have been looking into Private IVF and its not as expensive as I thought about £2750.00 a go but that depends what type we have to go for as well its all more compliacted than i realised too

    best of luck to every one

    baby dust sprinkles for 2011 !!!!
  • deleted4deleted4 Posts: 1,248
    Hi everyone!

    I'm here too-only month 3 for us so trying to keep up the PMA!!

    It's really hard though image

    Never mind-hopefully we all get an excellent start to the year image

  • suz32suz32 Posts: 54
    Twinkles big hugs to you!

    We are on 4 months of trying this month sigh. we are in the same boat as you as in we waited practically a year after our wedding before we started and I came off the pill in june but didnt want to start trying straight away as I wanted to give it chance to get out of my system. I wish I hadnt waited now as so many of the girls on here seem to fall in their first month of being off the pill but i had been on it for 15 years and though it better to wait sigh.

    Before the wedding and honeymoon (got married in November 2009 and had honeymoon in May/June 2010) I begged my doctor to keep me on the pill until after the honeymoon and wedding. He wanted me to come off as i was getting migraines and he told me that I had been on it too long. At the time he had me in floods of tears as all the doctors at my surgery have told me that they dont support IVF if you hadnt been trying for over a year and had the relevant tests before you hit 35. I am 33 now and am terrified. If I havent got my BFP by April am going to go to the Doctors and start the ball rolling as not sure I can afford IVF. Although given we are planning on moving soon my new doctors might have a different policy on it.

    Why is this so hard (and I mean emotionally too.)

    Try to stay positive....I know its hard

    I hope these tests give different results. Let us know am thinking of you x

    That quote doesnt seem too bad i thought it would be nearer £5,000.

    How is everyone elses month going...early days i know x

    Baby dust to everyone and I hope it is our month x
  • Hi ladies,

    I'm joining this thread - got married on 18th December and I've been off the Pill since October (not trying, just wanted my cycle to settle down). We wanted to start trying on our honeymoon but our honeymoon was a disaster (very long and complicated story which is going to be a legal battle) so we've lost a month - I was so frustrated cos I knew I was ovulating!

    Big hugs and best wishes to those trying; I can only imagine how upsetting it must be to be hoping every month and then see AF. I guess we all want it so much and it's hard to just relax, which is what everyone says you need to do.

    Baby dust to all! Xx
  • Hello ladies

    I'm moving over from December and giving it our best shot for January! This is month 4 for us, trying not to get too bogged down with it all this month and just see what happens. Easier said than done though. I'm due AF about the 16th so keeping everything crossed and not reading too much into symptoms ..... again easier said than done though!

    Vanessa - I just saw your wedding report, we looked at Newland Hall as well but it was the wrong side of Chelmsford for us as we were coming from Rayleigh, but I loved that venue - move it nearer to the A130 and I was sold! Your pictures are lovely and although a hindrance, the snow gave it a massive wow factor! Congrats.

    Baby dust girls xxx
  • Hi everyone!

    I'm joining too! This will be our 4th month of trying too and, like so many of you have said, it does start to get a bit stressful! I know, realistically, that four months is nothing, but I really did think it would happen fairly quickly (no basis for this really, but so many people I know seem to get pregnant at the drop of a hat).

    Like you, sallyd29, I'm trying not to get bogged down with it all... having said that, I have been using ovulation sticks for the last six days as AF was unusual last month and it's made me curious as to whether things are all working properly. No positive result yet (to be honest, I expected to ovulate at the weekend, but nothing showed up). Trying not to get too concerned, but I must admit I am thinking about nothing but getting pregnant and having a baby. My husband and I have been together for eleven years (married since last August) and I've been broody for the last five, so I'm hoping things won't take too long!

    Good luck and best wishes to you all... here's hoping we all get our BFPs soon! xx
  • NicolaCNicolaC Posts: 85
    Morning All

    I got my smily face on my ov kit this morning so lots of BD over the next 48 hours!! Lets hope that it works this month!!! xxx
  • Hi NikNik5! Great news about your smiley face!! Lots of good luck wishes to you for this month.

    Well, after posting yesterday about not having a positive results yet on my opks... today I appear to have one! I'm using the ones from where you have to see whether the test line is the same colour intensity or darker than the control line. Today, my test line appears to be the same colour intensity as the control line (although not as wide... does anyone know whether the width matters?). I'm so excited just by this development... goodness knows what I'll be like when I get a positive pregnancy test!!

  • Best of luck over the next few days NikNik5!!! I've just bought some clearblue digital ovulation sticks myself so will start using them next week.
  • Hi,

    I'm joining you now as AF arrived last night. Only 2nd month of trying so not too bad.

    I know waht you mean about feeling disappointed. We weren't going to get too worried about it all and just go with the flow and see what happens. But as soon as we started trying I'm now really wanting to be pregnant like yesterday. Oh well. Lots of BD'ing this month and see what happens image

    Only first month of trying and I was convinced I was pregnant. Had felt sick everyday since New Years Eve and stomach cramps. Must of been the stomach bug that's going around.

    Glitters x
  • Hello Ladies

    I am on here but not sure if its right to or not! Came off the pill in September after 12 years. 5 weeks after i had a period which was quite light but thought great, at least cycle is back on track! Anyway not had one since which is 12 weeks! Been to Dr and they say to just sit tight! Had blood tests which have come back normal! Never wanted a period so much in all my life! Anyone else experienced something similar?

    Twinkles32 and Suz32! Def don't look into paying privately for IVF/ICSI. Your PCT will fund if you fit a certain criteria ie - age, previous children, BMI so if you do need it then go to your GP and get a referral to a good Centre!! I work in one so know that it can def be funded!

  • Hello Ladies

    I am on here but not sure if its right to or not! Came off the pill in September after 12 years. 5 weeks after i had a period which was quite light but thought great, at least cycle is back on track! Anyway not had one since which is 12 weeks! Been to Dr and they say to just sit tight! Had blood tests which have come back normal! Never wanted a period so much in all my life! Anyone else experienced something similar?

    Twinkles32 and Suz32! Def don't look into paying privately for IVF/ICSI. Your PCT will fund if you fit a certain criteria ie - age, previous children, BMI so if you do need it then go to your GP and get a referral to a good Centre!! I work in one so know that it can def be funded!

  • paratyparaty Posts: 50
    hey ladies i finished my last pill last week, I am so excited but nervous too!!! I am worrying that we have started trying before our wedding as its not till 9th april but i am a neonatal nurse and and see taht it takes some people an awful long time. good luck for this month everyone will keep my fingers crossed for you all xx
  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039
    thenewMrsD, what does PCT stand for?

    I am going to go to GP in jan and go for tests and so is hubby, as we have now been trying since May, but I will say I have been trying for 1 year.

    I also use the zoombaby sticks and they seem to work everymonth, but I tend to ovulated at different days each month. they are also a lot cheaper than other OV tests out there.

  • Hi there- room for one more? image Like many I am January TTC after failing in November and December. Well I am using Sods Law as my 'pick me up'. I figure as I missed November and December I will probably catch in January- just in time for any morning sickness to be at its worst when I go on my cruise in April hahaha. I don't think I would complain though xxx
  • mubee - hello! PCT is primary care trust. They are the ones that give the hospitals money basically and buy services for their community. your GP's bosses in effect so they would know the criteria or should. If not find out on their website.

  • MinkymoosMinkymoos Posts: 301
    Hi ladies I would like to join too - been off the pill since we got married June 09 & been 'leaving it to chance' but no luck, been using Ovulation sticks for a good 9 months now and still nothing so completely feel like a lot of you, babies all around really getting me down etc...just feel so ready...we got married, we moved house so got the room now just feel we have everything in place but missing a baby! It's difficult to talk to hubbie about because then it puts him under pressure and then it's difficult to 'perform' shall we say..which I only takes 1 though so trying to be positive...good luck to you all....x
  • Hi Ladies,

    Well even though I was the one to start this TTC Jan thread way back in Dec I havent been on ehre the last few weeks but I have just caught up on everyone.

    Suz How are you? I received my OV sticks (RT said might be good idea seeing as my cycles are 7 wks long!) and been using them since last weekend and nothing yet but I wasnt expecting to OV til around this weekend or early next wk.

    Work has been hectic since before new year, been back home late so been so tired but we have BD'd which is good. image I have surprisingly been more relaxed this month even though I am using the sticks I feel like I'm not pressuring my hubbie or myself as much... feel quite good image

    Any Af's due soon?

  • I am expecting an AF but don't know when! Its been 11 weeks now! Minkymoos i realy think you should go to your GP so they can start investigations as you have been trying for a while so they should do something!

  • So we have lift off then. image
  • tina00uktina00uk Posts: 197
    update bin ttc since june the past 4 months i have thrown myself in to it hubby got sa back everythin was normal which was a surprise as he had chemo yrs ago just waitin on my gp to get bk to me about a few test me af is comin when she feels like im tryin to be positive about 2011 relaxin more an makin it more about us an not just baby makin

    good luck everyone xx
  • Well I am feeling a bit depressed.

    Just having a little look on various sites for diff things and thought I'd check the OV calendar sites. You put in my dates and it tells you when you are most likely to OV and also if you conceived that month when you would be due. So if conceived...

    Jan, due Oct

    Fed due Nov

    Apr due Jan 2012!! That is the bit that has freaked me out, that is one whole year from now!! I know its obvious, add 9 months but its not something you think about and now I've looked at that it feels like ages away!

    I know this sounds stupid but does anyone know what I mean? I feel a bit fed up now and I've been feeling qutie good this last 3 weeks

  • I've been looking at various ovulation calendars and they are all giving me slightly different times. It's soooooooo confusing! It is a long process yet my mate is due to pop in the next couple of weeks and that seems to have flown in! I'm sure you get pregnant the time will fly by and it will seem like there isn't enough time to get everything sorted!
  • yeah you are right, I am just having a fed up moment lol I really hope we get the BFP soon, I turn 27 end of next month and would love to be pregnant before dust to all, no BFP yet for Jan??

  • suz32suz32 Posts: 54
    Hi MM long time no hear x got any positives on the Ov sticks? What is Zoombaby?

    I am ok was fairly low the last couple of weeks but am feeling a lot more positive now...this is going to be a good year. Well I hope x Fingers crossed you get a lovely bday gift x

    Am 33 now x My AF is not due until the end of the month so lots of BDing until then lol. Have bought a fertility monitor, even tho I had promised myself that I wouldnt get any more sticks and just try and chill out about it all but then I realised in the long run it will be cheaper so....Although am still waiting for it to be delivered by Amazon grrr if it doesnt arrive soon wont be any good for this month...but obviously if I then dont need it for next month I wont be too upset if you know what I mean x

    When are you due?

    Any one got any good news so far? Twinkles any news? x

    Babydust to everyone x
  • the two weeks from AF to OV seem to take forever. I'm a teacher and date wise, BFP would have been perfect last month, this month would be good, after that pressure off really as I would have to start teaching next academic year (thinking of the kids really - its a bit disruptive having more than one teacher in a year). All I can think of is TTC and BFP this month! I'm sure once youre pregnant MM, the actual delivery date wont matter - you'll be on the journey. It is frustrating though that when youre younger you are repeatedly told how easy it is to get pregnant and how you have to be ultra careful with contraception. If I'd have known it wouldn't happen straight away, I might have spent a couple more months getting my body ready before trying.
  • rt3110rt3110 Posts: 118
    Magic Merlin,

    how are you?? any luck with ov sticks? another thing i thought i would recommend was zinc and selenium for your other half! helps the swimmers!! my friends husband was told to take it by the doc to up the count!!! anyway to cover all bases i got my other half to take the male version of pregnacare conception he'd only been taking it for the month up until we concieved, might be coincedence but every little helps

  • Hey Ladies

    Well I just did another OV stick and no positive yet, I think I shd be due to OV between now and around Next Tues/Wed going on my prev cycles.. it is so disheartening getting the neg on those...god!!! We are still bding anyway so fingers crossed image

    Suz zoombay is just a site I found selling them cheap, i hvae 20 so once they are gone and if we have no BFP then I will try and monitor like you so please let me know how it works out. I have been feeling quite good the last few weeks busy at work so kept my mind off it but now am feeling a bit down as you are, dont know why just the whole thing.

    Rt.. thanks I think I will get some of that tomorrow then for my hubbie, every little helps lol How is the preg going? and the back?

    As you say RT they tell you be careful be careful, hence why I didnt stop my pills sooner, naively thought ''come off pill get pregnant''... we got married in Nov 2008 and have enjoyed the quiet time but no regretting not starting earlier....but all in past now.. as Suz says fingers crossed for us in 2011 :0

  • Hi Ladies! mind if I join!

    Finally got my Husband to agree to ttc from now, yay! he wanted to wait another couple of months, but I have been waiting since August when I came off the pill! so put my foot down a little! image) I have PCOS and never had a pregnancy (i'm 25), so not sure if I 'work' so to speak! My AF is due around now (I have a 5/6 week cycle), but I haven't had any symptoms of her yet. Never wanted AF so much! We're not telling anyone that we are ttc, also trying to not think about it too much!

    Any other tips?

    Lots of Baby dust to you all xx
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