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  • NicolaCNicolaC Posts: 85
    Hi All

    I am now on the dreaded 2ww and am getting anxious already. I ov's around Thur/Fri last week so we made sure that we BD'd a lot over those days and we did a few days before so am hoping that it has worked. We have to go back to docs on 20th Jan for hubbys sperm results and my blood test results. I hope all is ok. Cant wait for 22nd Jan as AF is due. Baby dust to all!! xxx
  • Well we are on month 3 of TTC. AF was a week late over Christmas but unfortunately came last Friday. Oh well another month of BDing image My husband is definitely not complaining. Good luck to everyone x
  • MrsKIrwinMrsKIrwin Posts: 400
    well af arrived today. theres one thing i can say about my cycle is that it never fails to be like clock work!! But hey not much you can say really just not our month yet.
  • Hey Ladies,

    Sorry not ur month Kath, not long til Feb though image

    I have had a development... am on day 29 since last pill of normal 44 day cycle since stopping pill in sept.. no pos on the OV sticks bt yest had mild Af type cramps, went to loo first thing this morning and wiped, there was blood, pale pink so wiped again and mpre.. thought oh well maybe my cycle has settled down put a towel on off to work, got to work nothing and ntohing the rest of the day and still nothing.. makes no sense to me at all!?! So no idea what is going on in there lol

  • rt3110rt3110 Posts: 118

    all good so far 7 weeks this week so far so good its weird i dont feel preg but just taking it a day at a time finally went to docs today so now will wait for scan date and date to see midwife for booking in, but still not trying to think ahead!! Back is sooo much better feel much more myself!

    Will keep checking back for everyones news thinking of you all x x

    ps sorry to gate crash!!
  • suz32suz32 Posts: 54
    MM that couldnt be a implantation bleed could it? sorry just so hopefully for all of us.

    As for me have had my AF for the last 2 weeks and its really getting me down now sigh. should be starting to BD now but.... sigh

    RT is lovely to hear from you x keep gate crashing and filling us in is good to hear positive news xxx
  • rt3110rt3110 Posts: 118
    thanks suz!

    grrr af for 2 weeks thats rubbish

    mm maybe suz is right???

    fingers crossed

  • rt3110rt3110 Posts: 118
    sorry double post xx
  • Hiya,

    I know none of you will remember me as it was a while since I was last here. I was on the TTC March & April'09 board and left to have my little boy (born 29th Dec'09), well I'm back again as we have offically decided to start trying again. Yay. You gave me such good advice and help last time I'm wanted to come back. So put me down for Jan.

    Babydust for all.

  • Hey girls,

    hope you don't mind if I drop in on occassion too, we just got married and decided to start TTC from last week. We went to 'work on it' so to speak straight away image as soon as we'd decided.

    Had a look there though the other day at an ovulation calculator and realised that we probably missed out as we only decided the day after I was due to ovulate..though its only a rough guide so maybe we lucked out- as obviously the calculator can't be exact!

    We have a little un already but that wasn't planned and it somehow feels more special actually trying. I know it can take ages but already feel like I'll be disappointed if I don't fall straight daft I know as there's plenty of time!

    Anyhow good luck to all image
  • Hiya

    OMG BFP alert!!!!!!!!!!

    Just went to sainsburys for some mouth wash lol and saw the clear blue digitals and said to hubbie shall I as had no more bleeding since that slight pink on Mon morning, ummed and arrred and nearly didnt but did and then just looekd down and it said, Pregnant 1-2 weeks'!!!

    Im not getting excited but am sooooo happy... but worried it could be wrong, can you get false positives.

  • Ok Im due on on Friday but have due a 1st prediction test tonight - I amd my hubbie to be can see 2 lines 1 is faint but its there?!?!?! Not sure how long to leave it before I do the second test in the box can someone please calm me down pls?! image
  • Hi

    I am thinking the same myself, mine was cb digital so it says pregnant but I want to test the other one just in case but i dont tihnk i can get a false pos, with you bit diff cause its interpretting the lines....I dont think I could wait lol

  • I know But im thinking that I should wait until I wake up in the morning as it might be a clear pink line! OMG this is torture! I dont even know why we ended up picking up a test as hubbie to be is usually much more sensible lol!

    Ooh but congrats to you! How exciting!! image
  • thanks image

    I was thinking the same, just had a feeling I had to buy them, no idea when AF is due as my cycles have bee 7 weeks apart since stopping pill in Sept but just had a feeling.

    Mayeb u r right test tomorrow.. let me know

  • I will do - Ill be up at the crack of dawn just to do it before I go off to work haha ! Ill become a pampered princess now god help hubbie to be!!!


  • Double post - sorry!
  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039
    MagicMerlin and MattsMrsB - congrats!!!! there is nothing like a false positive, so I think you both could be pregnant!

  • Congratulations MM!! Thats great news! And you Mattsmrs2b! As for me, still waiting AF, it will be 12 weeks tomo!! Very frustrated still.
  • Congrats to Mattsmrs2B and especially for you MM. I know your cycles have been difficult. Congrats xx
  • Thanks Everyone, still shocked. woken up this morning and had shower and then ad a small amount of light blood again, only very little but its worrying me. I know its normal for early pregnancy so fingers crossed all OK

  • eeek very excitig for you both! Congratulaions! Its an amzing feeling isn't it when that test comes back positive! image
  • suz32suz32 Posts: 54
    Woo hoo big congrats and hugs to you both x

    MM you best keep us up to date with what is going on with you x am so pleased and excited for you x
  • suz32suz32 Posts: 54
    sorry double post
  • of course I will, still cannot believe it just trying not to get too excited just in case!

    I will keep checking up to see how you all are diong, fingers crossed for you now Suz,t hat will make 3, me, Rt and you!

  • Congrats you guys thats great news image
  • Thank you ladies! Im still getting a very faint line but its still there which is what I keep telling myself!! Ive only done 4 tests hahaha!!!! image
  • Hey Ladies not been on for a while AF not to show her face till the end of the month so iv still got a little while to wait image

    Congrats Magicmerlin and Mattsmrs2b so excited for you both xx
  • thanks all, still having mild cramps on and off today but no more bleeding so hope all is OK. Just a nervous time....

    congrats MrsMatt guess its a def BFP!!

  • yey for the BFPs. Glad January is going well for someone FINALLY! Not been on for a couple of days - had a car crash on Monday - BOO. Noone hurt but not good! I'm using the clearblue fertility monitor this month (2nd month TTC.) Last month I used the tesco ones and couldnt quite get the hang of trying to work out the lines and how dark they were. Wasn't convinced that I actually ovulated - finished pill end nov. Anyway, day 11 today and still 'low fertility' on a 28 day cycle so should be ovulating on saturday. FINGERS CROSSED! Hubby is working away from home Monday - Thursday next week (great timing gggrrrr!) I just want to be sure Im ovulating. A BFP would be such a bonus! Baby dust to everyone. Suz - hope your AF disapears soon - has your monitor arrived?
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