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  • deleted4deleted4 Posts: 1,248
    So nice to see some BFP's!! Congratulations ladies! image

    Not due AF until the 28th...fingers crossed this is 3rd month lucky!

  • rt3110rt3110 Posts: 118

    ARRGGGGHHHHH! I'm so happy for you, i had cramping till week 5/6 so dont worry (unless its really painfull and you are bleeding) spotting is likely whilst the the embryo nestles in.

    Suz you still in??? could be the 3 of us??? i hope so.

    MM if you're looking for a book to read i'm reading the rough guide to pregnancy and birth, recommended by my bestie who is 26 weeks, its really quit amusing. and i signed up to what to expect when your're expecting the website and you get updates on everything.

    So so please has made my day

  • Hey thnaks RT am so happy image

    Feeling a bit nauseated last night and today, hope thats not the start of it!! Time seems to be going so slowly lol

  • MagicMerlin and MattsMrsB - CONGRATULATIONS !!!!

    FANTASTIC !!!!

    great to see some lovely news !
  • Hi

    Suz32 I am also 33 years old - will be 34 in august

    latest update - My AF arrived on saturday - Boo image

    However is any one else suffering with really bad period pain and cramping mine seems to be getting worse, literally struggling to get out of bed and I feel very faint and bloated like i never felt before

    Not sure if it all seems worse because I really don't want it to happen and its therefore making at all seem worse than it is ? am i going crazy?

    So Hubbys latest SA test arrived and he has to take it in next tuesday am and I am going to doc's tonight to book appointment for results will hoepfully be on 25 Jan

    To those on the 2 WW its a terrible time - fingers crossed

    Lots of baby dust to all of you

    and congrats fro those who have a BFP !
  • suz32suz32 Posts: 54
    MM am so happy for you is lovely to have news

    Well AF has finally gone so can get around to some serious BDing. i went to the DR's cos my AF was so bad and he said that it was either ectopic pregnancy (not been tested all is fine), my body getting used to being off of the pill (but he said unlikely as have been off since June but different people react diff etc) or and he said this is more likely that the incident I had last month, last AF then serious cramps then serious bleeding for a day (amongst other things) was a miscarridge and that that AF wasnt a real one so this is my body adapting to that. Said isnt a prob and to keep trying and not to break in trying.

    Feel a little positive by that as if it was that at least there is potential that I can fall and it just wasnt viable huh sigh.

    Monitor arrived on tues but you have to start using it on the first day of your AF so have missed it for this month so will start next month. Not going to test or anything this month just relax and BD every other day...hopefully that will do the trick and although will have wasted the money on the monitor tee hee.

    RT I wont find out if this is my month until at least the 26th which is when i am due but fingers crossed. how is it all going?

    Twinkles fingers crossed for you on the 25th Let us know x hope your cramps get better. My doctor said if nothing by April to come back and start testing so at least he is on board with that. Am feeling more positive than i was it will be if not my month then soon I just feel it image

    On top of that have got agents coming round to value the flat on tuesday so will seriously be looking to move...not sure if I am scared by everything that is going on or excited....mostly excited.

    Plus am on a major diet have acknowledged am overweight (obese if I listen to the drs) so am going to lose the weight figured it cant hurt with TTC and will make me feel better

    come on girls baby dust to you all x
  • Oh Suz what a shame, so sorry to hear.. but like you say at least you know that you can get pregnant.. you have only been trying the same amount of time as me and when I think about it its not that long at all!

    I think the reason we were lucky last month was because I was so busy at work I didn't think about the ''baby making'' as much, relaxed and it happened.

    baby dust to all you ladies

  • Hey girlies,

    Well 8 tests later and 2 clear blue digital Yep we are pregnant clear blue says 1-2 weeks which i believe is 3-4 weeks! Very happy girl now!!! image

    Great news, we must be exactly the same, I worked out I conceived on 27th Dec so its only 3 weeks but will be 5 by doc's count, I've got my first appointment Monday image We can be pregnancy buddies image

    How are you feeling? any pains? I got more spotting this morning but it stopped after 2 mins

  • Awesome,

    I feel mega sick and boobs are hurting but apart from that Im great - spoke to the Doctors today and they said as long as I have done a pregnancy test and got a positive theey were happy to refer me straight to the Midwife so I see her on 1st Feb! I told work today (had to because of the job I do) had really positive time, asked my boss not to mention it to anyone for a while.

    I want to tell everyone! Pleased I have a pregnacy buddy I have no idea what ive got to do!!!!

  • Oh yay Congratulations Magicmerlin and Mattsmrs2b. It's nice to hear good news.

    I keep hearing that it helps the one month you just relax but as I never stop stressing that's a slight problem!! Only just got rid of January's AV (12 days she stayed this time- flipping cheek!). Having a 28-32 day cycle my doc has advised BD from days 12 to 22. Result- one happy hubby image
  • Hey Victoria,

    I have no idea what to expect, was feeling sick yest but today nothing. I am hungry all the time, I woke up at 3am this morning starving like I hadn't eaten the whole day or evening! Mainly just tired at the mo, got Doc mon night so hopefully I will find out more.

    I am so excited, we are telling in laws tomorrow cause know they will be over the moon. My parents know as they live with us(we bought ther house off them last summer) so hard not to tell them. It's pretty great as my children will grow up in the house I grew up in image

    I am sooo excited, trying not too just in case but cant help it.

    Any more good news this month? baby dust to all

  • kattia001kattia001 Posts: 772
    No good news from here but congrats to both of you!!! It would be lovely to have someone at the same stage of you throughout your pregnancy!!

    I still havent had AF come to visit yet and i stopped taking my pill on 27th December. Lots of cramps and symptoms but nothing! One thing i have which i never had before when AF has been is VERY sore boobies!! Lol!

    How is everyone otherwise?

    loves and baby spinkles!!

    x x x x
  • BFN image
  • MrsKIrwinMrsKIrwin Posts: 400
    Ive had a really strange af this month. Like MM I noticed a little pink blood on mon thought it was af and that was it but then absolutely nothing. Then three days later there was a little brown blood (too much info i know lol) then on the fifth day i started bleeding but not enough to mark a towel but still enough and today the same. It is the weirdest af I've ever had. It didnt help that on wed i was in a and e for heart palpitations that were horrible and something i'd never had before. I now have to see a cardiologist. So i have no idea whats going on. I thought maybe i was pregnant but certainly not after all that lol. Making an appointment for docs on mon so hopefully he can sort me out!!
  • cazfaycazfay Posts: 643

    I just wanted to say hello and I am REALLY glad I found this threat image

    We've been trying since July, although not taking it too seriously.. just 'seeing what happens' But it's a new year, we've been married 6 months and we REALL want to get pregnant soon. I posted earlier in the week about cutting down on caffeine, alcohol etc and we are doing the baby dance (love the phrase read it on here!) every 2-3 days.

    Good luck to all the Jan TTC and hope we all have some BFP's soon image

  • Hi Cazfay,

    we got married in December and have just started trying this month..though think we decided after my ovulation so have probably just being practising! hehe! I think the key might be to stay as relaxed as possible and things just work out in the end! I already have a little boy and we weren't trying at all for was more a case of getting carried away with things once and there we go! hehe! Sorry if TMI!

    I thnk it will take us longer this time because we are actually trying to plan for always seems to work out like that doesn't it?!?

    Fingers crossed that January is a lucky month for us all and continued good luck to those who have already had their BFP! image
  • NicolaCNicolaC Posts: 85
    Hi All,

    So this morning I had a little bleed (only when wiped) but AF is not due until Sunday of this week coming. Today is days 10/11 after ovulation, could this be an implation bleed? I dont want to get my hopes up too much!!! image xxx
  • MrsIAllen

    i know exactly how you feel !

    chin up and baby dust to you

    good luck for this month


    Niknik - fingers crossed for you !

    I am off to a see a psychic on thursday !

    See what she has to say !I had a reading done about 9 years ago and it did say i would have 2 children ! hmm
  • paratyparaty Posts: 50
    Hi miss Lody, I am so glad someone else is ttc before there wedding! We have started ttc this month and we also get married in April I am so excited and nervous for both. Do you not worry if you get pregnant you will feel sick or tired on the day? X
  • SianianSianian Posts: 195
    Hello everyone!

    Hope you are all getting on well with your respective 'projects', lol! This is our first month of TTC and I am feeling ridiculously and foolishly optimistic for the simple reason that we will be going away for my birthday this weekend and it happens to be OV date too!! Way to set yourself up for disappointment, lol!

    It feels like we've been waiting to seriously try for aaaaages so it would be absolutely fab if it didn't take another aaaage for it to actually happen!image I'm sure it'll take a while though.

    Nice to join this thread and hope you're all having fun practising!


    PS. Marquise Missy - I think you have come over from the VB/VSC thread - same as me!! Funnily enough my friend conceived at VB during our wedding (well not literally DURING the wedding!), which I loved!! The baby is due in April - how cute! image
  • Hi Sianan - yes, you married the same week as me. I was in VSC. We were thinking of you when the heavens opened on your day. I'm sure you were far too busy thinking about how fantastic Lucianos food was to let it worry you though! Saw the testimonial and your photos were still amazing. Such an amazing place - loved every second! I'm just about getting over the wedding now - kept crying for a while when I looked at the photos as I wanted to do it all over again! Must get around to sending my testimonial!

    OV day today - day 17 of a 28 day cycle. Last month I used the Tesco OV strips and thought they weren't working/ I wasn't reading them properly as they weren't saying I was ovulating. Turns out if I ov'd on day 17 last month, it would have been after I ran out and I was snowed in so couldn't get anymore. Also, it coincided with staying at my parents house when we didn't BD as often - so there's hope yet! Just to make sure though, I spent £100 on a clearblue digital monitor to make sure I had accurate results and I was starting to get worried when it wasn't saying I was even high fertility let or loan peak fertility. Then, wham bam thank you mam 0V. YEY! Fingers tightly crossed for tonight image Hubby was due to be on a course 300 miles away from yesterday to Thursday so I was delighted when he cancelled it so he didn't miss my OV. image Can you imagine having to wait a whole month simply due to a stupid work course?

    Good luck everyone - Due AF a week on Saturday so I will update with (hopefully) a BFP result. xx
  • Hi ladies, loads of congrats to those of you who have had a BFP this month, that's lovely news! image

    Well, I'm out this month after AF rearing her ugly head this morning (I've known she was on her way for the last few days as I always get a bit of spotting just before it starts). So, onto month 5 for us! I'm gutted, to be honest... really was hoping this was going to be our month as we've been bd'ing nearly every day!! Plus, I started doing ovulation strips and found that I actually ovulated nearly a week later than I thought, so I knew this time that timing wasn't an issue.

    I'm actually seeing my doctor later because AF seems to have 'reorganised' herself the last couple of months and is now arriving 4/5 days later than a few months ago. I'm not sure if it's related to coming off the pill last summer and my body still trying to sort itself out, or if my cycles are just irregular. Also going to mention the spotting before my period. This happens every month and I have read that this can be linked to a luteal phase defect (anyone else have one of these?), so if it is that I'd like to get it nipped in the bud sooner rather than later. I know 5 months of trying really isn't long, but I've been ready to be a mum for the last five years so every month it doesn't happen feels like a kick in the stomach. I'm sure it'll happen soon... trying to stay positive!

    Loads of luck to you all and hope more of you get good news this month image xx
  • Hey everyone, just wanted to pop in and say I got a positive today! whoop! early days don't want to get overly hyped yet..very difficult though! It was our first month trying big suprise..and I thought we'd missed my ovulation too! image
  • kattia001kattia001 Posts: 772
    OMG i have never wanted AF to visit so much!!! Still not arrived!!! I dont feel we can start properly until she does although i know some doctors will tell you to carry on regardless.....hmmmmmmmm...

    Congrats to all the yummy-to-be-mummys!! Hopefull i will be posting BFP at some point in the not too distnat future!!!

    More loves and baby sprinkles!!!!

    x x x x
  • Hey Suz

    How are you? OK I hope.

  • deleted4deleted4 Posts: 1,248
    Well...I'm still driving myself mad with symptom spotting, AF not due until the 30th!!

    For the past week I've had a really persistent headache and the last couple of days I've had an occasional cramp, then today (9dpo) I've had a bit of brown/red discharge when I wipe (sorry TMI) Do you think it could be implantation??! If not I don't know what's going on!

  • Hi MrsTallulahbell image

    Hmm, sounds like it could be implantation bleeding to me, especially as you've been having cramps too. Are your AFs generally on time? If it's unusual for you to get spotting like this, it may very well be implantation bleeding... fingers crossed for you!

    If you feel the same by the end of the week, you could take a test to see, as it should show up on the early response ones by then.

    Let us know how you get on! xx
  • deleted4deleted4 Posts: 1,248
    I NEVER get any spotting, and since coming off the pill in November it's been 28 days every time...I'm going to see how the next couple of days go, I'm trying so hard not to get my hopes up!!

  • Sounds promising... although I know what you mean about not getting hopes up! You should be able to test and get an accurate result in a few days, so, as hard as it is to wait, maybe see what happens then test at the end of the week.

    Here's hoping you get a BFP!! image xx
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