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Hey ladies,

Might seem a bit early but my last 2 cycles after coming off pill in Sept have been 7 weeks apart so seeing as AF is just leaving now my next OV won't be til 7th Jan so thought I may as well get this started image

Babydust to all

Month 2 of real ttc for us



  • MiaLeaceyMiaLeacey Posts: 1,184
    I think we've just about decided we're gonna start trying ttc in January. It was going to be April but we decided last night why wait?! so we've brought it forward. It's exciting. And terrifying! Good luck! x
  • LD1978LD1978 Posts: 99
    Ill join you in this club too!! Been on the pill since 16 (am now 32) and off on a cruise 4th Feb. Just debating whether to start after this last pack of pills (period will be 4th Jan) or take one more pack. Whatever way it will be either beginning or end of Jan.

    Scary - but exciting!!
  • MissLodyMissLody Posts: 120
    hello ladies!

    Am new to this "TTC" thing: last pill of the pack is tonight.

    We are thinking of using condoms until my first period (although with Christmas/new Year, we might forget!lol)and then see if it happens.

    We are getting married in April. Fingers crossed, it will be a busy 2011!

    Good luck to you ladies image
  • Good luck ladies, my last AF is now over so the ttc commences yet again lol hope my cycle is shorter this time!

  • tina00uktina00uk Posts: 197
    hi girls i jumpin over from dec ttc af came 2day 6/7 month ttc good luck x
  • ceelouceelou Posts: 437
    Eeeek can't believe I am posting!!! After a long chat and excitement, today we have decided to start TTC!!! I have 6 days in my pill pack to go and that's it, we are leaving it to nature! Appreciate it may be a while with th epill in my system but the month has finally arrived! image

    Hugs to all

  • Hi ladies i'm in this club too now, I am so excited! Af leaving now but can't start until around the 16th so I may miss ovulating time but you never know might hit it lucky in some way.
  • hi ladies i'm in jan too now. not sure what is happening AF came on time last month and lasted my usual 5days but this time when it was due, it was pink at first then brown, 3days later it came on heavy for 2days then back to brown so i'm stuck on how to work out OV this month. when do i take it from? really hoping lucky this month, good luck girls hope u can help me x
  • hey MrsHappy I would take that from the first bleed personally as mine somestimes comes then slows down but I count first day... we are getting to the bding from today, been a bit tired and fed up this last week and ordered some ov sticks as my cycles are so long so hoping they work for us this month image

  • well after not coming on here for 2 months I am back and still trying !!!

    Infact we going to docs tonight for results of his semen analysis that was done 2 weeks ago

    hubby is beside himself that its not good news

    I had ovulation blood test done in november that came back normal - as i brought some OV sticks and never got a positive result until straight after the test was done !

    spooky really but it put my mind at ease knwoing i was ovulating !

    we are on to Month 9 now of TTC and its kind of sent me a little around the bend so i have tried not to think about it too much for a good 8 weeks not that its done me any good so not pregnant ! image

    Any one else been trying now for some time ????
  • I have worked out using an online ovulation calculator that I should be ov'ing around the 6th and the next time will be from the 27th of January so will miss my next ovulating period but January may happen (my bday is 25th so I have double excuse for a night away at a cozy hotel!). I'm not sure what you ladies think about the calculators? I understand that they aren't guaranteed to be accurate but hopefully it'll be a pretty good guide.
  • suz32suz32 Posts: 54
    Well ladies AF arrived yesterday so am moving over to January sigh x

    Fingers crossed the new year will bring us all something wonderful x

    Twinkles how did the test results go? was thinking of you x

    hope everyone had a lovely Christmas
  • thejlcthejlc Posts: 69
    hi ladies just moved over from ttc december. been trying for 6 months now and really starting to get me down. everyone i know seems to be pregnant and i'm jealous. each time i get a BFN my heart sinks. fingers crossed image

  • millscm1millscm1 Posts: 308
    Hi girls

    This is our 9th month of TTC image Really getting us down especially as we know we can get pregnant (I suffered a MC in Jul 09), and it only took 2 months to concieve last time! We stupidly thought it would be easy again, but not so much!!

    But, I know it will happen when its supposed to and if the baby is healthy and survives this time, then thats all I worry abour!

    Think positive thoughts, and heres hoping for a new year BFP image

    I am due on around the 11th mark, everything crossed but our legs.............LOL

    Claire x
  • well just had a phone call from the hospital and they can give me some injections to help with my back pain. Trouble is Ill be sedated and under x ray so no chance of getting pregnant this month. Oh well
  • hi suz32

    It really wasn't good news at all

    however I am trying to be positive for the both of us

    basically 86% are none swimmers !

    and only 2 % have excellent mobility and of those only 1% are classed as normal

    but doc has suggested a second analysis and not to worry till we get the results of this next test

    hubby is gutted, I am still positive as i keep telling him it only takes 1 !!!!

    so it might be the IVF route for us

    oh well

    baby dust to every one thou

  • suz32suz32 Posts: 54
    OH Twinkles I am so sorry although like you said it only takes 1 so chin up. There is still hope xxxx

    I hope your hubby is ok he must feel terrible. At least there are some that are ok though so IVF stands a good chance of working.

    The next test might be a bit more positive am sending postive thoughts to you! when will the results be.

    How long had you been trying for before you saw the doctor? x

    good luck and baby dust to you xxxx
  • Hi to everybody.

    I am joining this too... I'm soooo excited. Me and Hubby discussed it last night and decided we were both ready to TTC.

    I have been sneakly been reading all your posts for some time though and I have been wanting to TTC for ages!

    Any advice for starting out?

    Good luck ladies... xx
  • suz32suz32 Posts: 54
    Welcome purple rain x

    good luck and baby dust to you let us know how you get on xxx

    Come on 2011 bring us good news x
  • Hi Purplerain,

    advice for starting is dont think about it, know its hard but just bd and leave it at that for a few months..dont count days or cycles as it causes stress that is the problem I am having.. just enjoy and hope it happens quickly for you

    Happy New Year to Everyone... here's hoping 2011 is our year!

  • Hello everyone

    I'd like to join this thread as my husband and I are planning to start trying for a baby this month. My period is due around 7th January so not too long to wait now! I feel excited and apprehensive but definitely feel ready to take this step and have been broody for a long time but being sensible waiting for the right(ish) time.

    I'm happy to be able to share the ups and downs of this journey with you guys.

    Good luck one and all, L x
  • suz32suz32 Posts: 54
    MM That is such good advice I wish someone had said it to me 3 months ago lol x

    How is it going? x
  • kattia001kattia001 Posts: 772
    Hey Ladies! I would also like to join this thread if thats ok!!?? We decided a couple od weeks ago to start TTC and i stopped taking my pill (cerezette) on the 27th.No sign of AF yet tho but i am feeling bloated and crappy!!!! x x x
  • Hi Ladies,

    Id like to join as well - 4 months of ttc image

    It seems like a life time but its no time at all really is it?!

    Good luck to all...
  • Joobs09Joobs09 Posts: 214
    Hi all

    me and hubby trying to leave it to just see what happens but I am so impatient and always think the worst image Came off cerazette two weeks ago and feel absolutely rubbish at the moment - hopefully af will come soon! I've ordered ovulation sticks as although people say leave to chance my periods are so irregular I would never be able to work out when I am ovulating.

    Good luck to all!

    BTW we got married in August and are 28 but people seem to be implying this is too young to settle down with children. Does anyone else have the 'you've got plently of time you should wait a few years'? Just curious as I don't feel this way.


  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039
    we are TTC too, got married in July and have been trying for about 4 months. Nothing yet, I do ov test everymonth, do have a period, cycle slightly irregular, we will go to the doc soon to have basic tests, jsut to make sure all is in order. I am 35, so do not want to wait too long in case there is a problem.

    good luck to all of you. x
  • NowMrsShNowMrsSh Posts: 262
    Hi everyone, I'd like to join this thread too. Got married back in October and both myself and hubby have been mega broody for ages, so after this month's period (which is hopefully due any day now!) it will be all systems go...!! Excited but scared too!!! x
  • Hi Joobs, loads of older people keep saying that to me but they all had a few kids by the time they were in their thirties. Mil in particular. I'm 25 but more than ready!
  • NicolaCNicolaC Posts: 85
    Hi Ladies

    Happy New Year to all.

    This is our 11th month of TTC so am hoping that it happens soon as I am feeling really low about it all. Plus over the past 5 weeks 6 people have told me they are expecting!! image

    We have been to the docs and they took some samples from me which all came back clear, and took some bloods. Hubby had to hand in a sperm sample today and we go back to the docs on the 20th Jan..fingers crossed we get the all clear and it just takes time. x
  • I'm joining all you ladies on this thread and hoping Jan will be an exciting month for us all!!!! Fingers crossed
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