Folic acid - side effects?

(Right, apologies as this may be a really realy daft question, but here goes!)

Has anyone experienced side effects from taking Folic Acid? And if so what have they been?

I have been taking Folic Acid for about a fortnight now. The last few days I have had bad stomach ache and bloating, and I feel a bit queasy and dizzy.

At first I thought I had a hangover as I had a big night on Tuesday, but I didn't drink enough for a hangover to last 3 days!

I suffer from IBS so then I thought it was an IBS flare up, but again these don't usually last so long for me.

It could be a bug (for Christmas - great!) but it did occur to me that perhaps it could be a reaction to the FA so I thought I'd ask if anyone else had experienced the same?



  • Ive been taking them for about a month and i have felt sick and dizzy for the last 2 or 3 weeks so your not the only one!
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    I will be starting to take folic acid in the new year as we are going to start trying for a baby in late feb!! will let u know if i experience any!!

    Merry Christmas

  • hi

    i struggled with them to start with and was recommended to take one every other day til you feel normal again then increase to one tablet a day

    that worked for me

    hope this helps
  • Hi there,

    I started taking them on Tuesday and by lunch time I was very dizzy, almost falling over at one point! I remembered seeing this thread back in December so I searched for it and noticed that you also felt dizziness. How strange! Might just start taking them every other day then!

    I'm also taking b6 and evening primrose oil (for pmt- not ttc until June!). Does anyone know if this is ok?
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    could you be PG?! image
  • I bloody hope not!!! Not yet anyway, I'll never fit in my wedding dress! Seriously though, there is no chance, lets just say, me and h2b aren't the most 'regular' of people lol!!
  • Elpheba, me and my hubby arent the most regular... once a week if lucky (or could be once every couple weeks) i came off the pill after nearly 10yrs of being on different types in January, have pcos so thought it would takes ages... i conceived in August... didnt find out till november, as had morning sickness....

    i promise u, it only takes one time.

    i only took folic acid for 2 weeks (cant swallow tablets, so had to crush the annoying things) erm but the only side afect i had from them, is constipation... which is a known side affect.
  • constipation??? Oh no, I wonder if it really is worth taking them this early on?!

    Nessie, I can guarentee you I'm definately no pg!! H2b knows to wear his wellies when he goes paddling!
  • Hi

    I have bloated since taking folic acid- I didn't have a pot belly till I started taking them, but I do have IBS too. I wonder if they may be connected. I haven't had any of the other symptoms though. A friend of mine (who is now pregnant - hurrah) had the same problem as well. It seems to affect a few people. Isn't it odd- and very annoying. x
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    Have you been taking a pregnancy supplement to get your folic acid or just it on it's own?

    I found that Pregnacare actually made my morning sickness worse- I changed from just taking plain Tesco folic acid to this when I got my BFP... When I tried the Sanatogen Mother to Be it was much better.... Am nearly 37 weeks now and to this day the thought of the Pregnacare again makes me queasy!

    Hope this is helpful to someone else! And good luck to all! xx
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    Thanks ladies for the replies!

    I stopped taking them over Christmas and felt better and now I'm trying them again and have been back on them for a week but no ill effects as yet thank goodness (although it took a fortnight last time.)

    I was thinking every other day might be a plan so it's good to hear that advice, thank you.

    I wonder if it somehow disagrees with people who have IBS already? Who knows? The things we have to put up with?!

    (and I am definitely not pg!)
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    I started taking folic acid this week and i too have felt dizzy and feel physically drained! i have also quit smoking to so not sure if these symptoms are due to this. how long have you all been trying for a baby and are you all already married xx
  • I'm not married yet. Not until May. We're not ttc yet either, just started the folic early too prepare myself!
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    Just wondering what time of the day do you take your folic acid or pregnacare. it is recommended to take them on a full stomach, so it might be better if you take them in the evening on a fuller stomach than just the breakfast? I take my tablets in the evening and do not have any side effects, but I know that at the beginning i was taking them in the morning, and I struggled.
  • Thanks mubee for that tip. I take mine when I wake up- Even worse I skip brekkie- I'll switch to evening from tomorrow xx
  • MiaLeaceyMiaLeacey Posts: 1,184
    Oo that's really good advice mubee. I take them first thing but I'll try that.

    We're not ttc yet. Been married 2 months and were hoping to try in the New Year ie. now. A couple of thngs have happened in the mean time that have put us back for now but fingers crossed for next month! x
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    Well, weirdly enough, after about a fortnight again back on the FA every day, I started feeling dizzy again. I switched to every other day but the dizziness is getting worse and worse, to the point where I haven't gone to work today as I feel comletely disconnected from my body. Methinks I will have to see the GP, but I'm stopping them again for now. This is so weird! Is it just me? What am I going to do? Aaahh!
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    Mia_Leacey I get dizzy with them too! I thought it was just me... I'm always off balance so I thought it was just that, but lately it seems to be getting worse!
  • MiaLeaceyMiaLeacey Posts: 1,184
    Well, I've made a docs appointment for Saturday morning (why are Docs so difficult to get appointments with?!) so I'll let you know what he says about the folic acid.

    (Hopefully I'll get my rubella blood test results then too so we'll know if we can actually start ttc yet!)
  • MiaLeaceyMiaLeacey Posts: 1,184
    Hey everyone,

    Well, seen GP this morning and he is sure it's not FA. He thinks it's some debris from a previous (very bad) ear infection I had a few years ago irritating my inner ear. ??!!??

    I do wonder if GPs know what they're on about sometimes!? But he was very nice and said get back on the FA and get on with BDing! So fingers crossed image xxx
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