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  • Hey,

    Thats rubbish that different places have different rules! Im ok latest monitoring was great baby is fine and heart rate is good. Im hoping that today might be the start of something Ive been up roaming the house since 4am plus Ive had a bath and Im in agony. To be honest Im well expecting to be back on here in a few hours to say that it was yet another false alarm and Im still no closer would be great though as my brother is moving to Oz this time next week and my Hubbie's family fly to Florida for 2 weeks on tuesday night so little one needs to make an appearance ASAP!! image

    Hope you're ok chick x
  • Aww, how exciting. Really hope the lack of any further posts since this morn means you're having your little one. I am totally jealous but would be great to have Oliver before your brother leaves and before hubs family go on hols. Fingers crossed for you sug.

    Nothing to report here. Same old cervical pain, and tightening across top of womb but not getting excited as we've done this before! Hehe.

    Back to waiting. Only 36 hrs for baby to come before they induce so come on baby!

    Let me know how you've got on lovely,

  • Oh sweetjo - sorry to hear things aren't turning out how you'd hoped and feeling low image sending virtual hugs. My cervix was still posterior at internal on the fri before induction next day but cos i was 2cm dilated they said i could have drip straight off? or maybe cos hind waters had gone...?

    That really sucks about OHs on the wards too - I was in floods when DH had to leave on the sunday night even though he stayed til 10pm. We paid for a private room the 2nd night so he was bit more under the radar IYSWIM.

    Really hope things progress before monday for you image

    Victoria - hope your little man doesn't keep you waiting much longer, esp with all these teasers.

    As for us, it's been a rollercoaster week. Hormones kicked in on Thurs and kept bursting into tears and worrying I wasn't feeling enough for James image didn't help that most prob overdid it on weds with trip to town for some shopping...

    Feeling better everyday though and realising the power of sleep! Better night last night after couple rough ones with constant feeding as my milk came in. BF has been steep learning curve but one week milestone reached image

    and totally in love now image
  • glad you're feeling a bit mor like yourself now misty. I hear its very normal 3 or 4 days in to get the unstoppable crying! And well done with the BF- if you can get through first week or so then you Should be ok.

    Assuming victoria may have had Oliver now? Given that we haven't heard anything else since yest morn. Hope so, been thinking of her.

    Inducement tomorrow at 8am. Feeling just anxious and scared now, excitement has very much taken the back seat! Not so worried bout actual Labour. More the sitting about on ward waiting and the potential being on my own!

    Know i need to try and get all the sleep i can tonight but struggling to switch of my panic mode which is keeping me awake!

    Hopefully next time i post it'll be to tell you i'm a mummy!

  • Eli Stanley was born last night at 8.19pm weighing 8lbs 7 and a half. He's so beautiful.. He's struggling with breastfeeding/ reflex to suck. He's mainly just licking my nipples! Not quite right! He's getting frustrated as he so desperately wants to feed but he can't work it out!

    Will tell you more once i'm home and out of hospital. So tired right now but mr licks is trying again so have to be awake!

    Much love, hope victoria has news for us soon xx
  • HezxxxHezxxx Posts: 292
    Congratulations SweetJouk,

    Lovely name and I'm sure he'll sort the feeding out soon.
  • Hi,

    Oliver Robert was born on Sunday 18th at 3:15AM weighting a whopping 8lb 11oz!

    Labour was quite quick it started properly while I was at a leaving party on Saturday night and hubbie finally talked me into going into hospital and I was 4cm at 9pm then at 1am was 7cm Midwife was sure Id have him at some point but was quite surprised when I felt the urge to push a little later. They broke my waters and within the next 2 pushes Oliver literally shot out lol!

    He is incredible and soooo gorgeous - we didnt get on with the breastfeeding so he is now on a bottle and is soooo perfect!

    Thank god for Infacol and 24 hour Tescos lol!!!!

    Hope you are all well! image
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    Congratulations ???????
  • Woohoo!!

    CONGRATS to sweetjo and victoria - gorgeous names and sounds like all is well in mummy-land image

    I hope Eli sorted out the feeding sweetjo? I know what it's like when you're in hospital and they won't feed...

    and, wow - quick labour victoria! Big boys we're all having this september image

    So pleased for you both and hope newborn cuddles are a-plenty image can't believe James is nearly 2wks old! image

    We should start a post-natal thread to share the joys and stresses of new motherhood image xx
  • Think thats a great idea! I cant believe how painful my boobs are... Im not breastfeeding and my boobs are soooo full and hard! I am so in love even the sleepless night last night still doesnt stop me adoring him! image

    Really hope every one is well!
  • Phew. We got home yesterday (can't quite believe they let me out the day after! Whoop!) and its just been mental.

    Monday I went in for inducement at 8am and was very grumpy. They did internal and said that while I was dilating at bottom of cervix, it funnelled inwards as it went up so was probable I'd need at least 2 pessarys. So I was given the first one and pretty much left to own devices. Nothing happening. Just mild backache and occasional stabby pains which they said were normal but NOT contractions. I had about 3 mild contractions and that was it. So at 3pm when they came back to look at me again, I thoroughly expected I'd be given another pessary and told to wait another 6 hrs! So did the MW. She put monitor on me and said that I was having very weak contractions but not often enough and certainly not enough to suggest labour. (it's true, they weren't as bad as ones I had the previous week!)

    So before doing internal she went to get pessary from the fridge as she said there was no point in inspecting and then coming back to administer. So she had a look and said, 'Hmm, I think we might be able to break your waters actually.'

    She was surprised too! So we were taken off to a delivery room and they broke my waters at about 3.45pm. While she was doing it she told me the plan was to set up an IV of hormones to get contractions going because otherwise we'd be labouring forever.

    So as they were putting in the candula thingy in my hand I suddenly started getting really BAD pain in my fanny! I didn't think it was contractions at first cos I thought they'd be higher up and further on tummy. But literally, in about 7 mins from waters being broken, I was getting minute long contractions every 2 - 3 mins and they were bad. So they didn't bother giving me the hormones in the end!

    They had to put me on gas and air, but aside from making me feel woozy, it didn't do masses. My hips and pelvis were bad by this point and I was worried my hip was going to dislocate (due to my problems with my joints) so I asked for epidural as I said that this labour was going to be quick so if we were going to have one, let's do it now. MW did not believe me and said plenty of time, but they did get an anaesthetist quite quick. By time he was talking me through it, think MW did start to think 'Actually, she does seem to be contracting thick and fast' so she checked and I was 6cm. Still, time for epidural.

    Got needle in fine but... epidural didn't touch me. They said a couple of months ago that it was a possibility given my medical condition, that I would be resistant to some anaesthetics. But they got the senior consultant anaesthetist down and he tried some other things. Didn't work either! He gave me 5 times the usual dose for epidural and half the amount for a C section. And I could still move my legs like normal which he couldn't believe! So there were no pain relief options really.

    And before very long we were pushing! Pushing lasted about 45 mins and last 20mins was like hitting brick wall. Wouldn't stretch to accommodate but the local anaesthetic they kept injecting and injecting so that they could do an episiotomy just didn't work. Again tried massive dosage! In the end the consultant OB came in and said that I would either just have to have the episiotomy without pain relief or I may end up having C section so obviously had the cut. Felt VERY odd and was very painful. But I wish they'd done it earlier as literally as soon as they cut, he shot out. Wish they'd done it 20 mins earlier but I had no idea that that was the problem! So in all, from start of contractions to Eli arriving it was 4 hrs and 40 mins. But felt like much longer!

    Eli was born at 8.19pm and is so gorgeous. He has masses of black curly hair and the longest eyelashes ever. It was very much worth the trauma. I went into shock afterwards and had adrenaline shakes for about 30 mins!

    And most shockingly, having been in a grump all of the morning, I was so polite during labour. Hubby was amazed. I didn't swear once (NOT like me!) and apologised for causing trouble, noise etc, and thanked everyone as they came and went! Clearly having no pain relief kept me sober enough to remember my manners!! image

    Luckily I didn't tear as well, so only the episiotomy cut to stitch up (which again was fun without pain relief.) But I did have massive blood loss during labour and they were a bit worried about that. So I really thought I had no chance of leaving hospital any time soon.

    And although first night Eli struggled with feeding, he improved enough during the day for MW to think we could go home so on Tues at 5pm, they waved us off!

    I've barely slept at all since Monday morning to be honest as Eli doesn't like to sleep on his own - he likes to sleep ON me and I'm terrified of smothering him. And if he's not on me, he is crying and restless. So I'm sleep deprived and headache ridden but he's so lovely, I'm sure I can cope with it for now! Hoping we have a better night tonight. Hubby has been amazing throughout and does whatever he can, but even if he takes him off so I can sleep, I can still hear him grizzling and can't sleep!

    I also think BF a steep learning curve. He's not in a pattern yet and I'm still not sure if it's all going ok - community MW came out today and said he seemed fine (he was feeding whilst she was here) so just have to hope she's right. Hoping proper milk comes in tomorrow as I think then I'll feel more like he's getting what he needs. I don't think it's so obvious when it's just the colostrum.

    His timing is all over shop too - they've told me that if he hasn't demanded to be fed then I should be trying to get him to feed every 4 hrs but if he won't take it, it sometimes means there is a gap of 6 hours or so between feeds. Then he feeds every hour for a while! I don't know. Sure he'd tell me if there was a problem but it bothers me.

    He's had a major meltdown crying fit this evening over a 3 hr period with little bits of feeding inbetween (5 mins or so) but then going back to crying. Think he's settled down a bit now but I'm concerned his tummy may be hurting which is why he's trying to feed but then giving up and crying. So infacol it may be tomorrow. MW coming back so will ask her what she thinks.

    Hubby seems to have soothed him down a bit so we may TRY and get in bed... (maybe we'll get some sleep?!... Hehe.)

    Hope you lovelies are doing OK. I agree on post natal thread. Also, if anyone is on FB and wanted to be friends on there, then please say so, as I would love to see your pics of your little guys! Feel like I know them already from hearing about their development from week 4! Hehe.

    Speak soon girls

  • sleepless nights-a-plenty for us all then! sweetjo - james also won't sleep alone (in his very expensive bednest...) and either sleeps on me or DH. In fact DH has been amazing and had him most of last night so i could get some decent kip in between feeds (prob fed up with my grumpiness!)

    sweetjo - great that your body was obviously so ready for labour but, omg - resistant to pain relief?? image you brave thing! I remember one stitch in a non-anaesthetised part of my bits and that hurt enough, let alone the whole shebang.

    The feeding sounds normal so I'd try not to worry. After being so stressed about feeding in hospital we had a lovely community mw tell us that if he hasn't fed for 5-6hrs to maybe think about offering him one. and feeding hourly at certain times of the day is also normal unfortunately... James is now on a 2-3hourly feed in daytime and between 3-5 hrly at night. Apparently they should feed 8 times in 24hrs, usually with one longer period of sleep.

    Victoria - chilled savoy cabbage leaves are supposed to be good for engorgement but hopefully it won't last long image

    James is now getting more alert (day and night!) and has period of wakefulness after feeding which is lovely. Very restless past couple days and poss something spicy i ate...oops.

    shall i start a post-natal thread? I'm Josephine Scott on facebook if you want to find me...altho might be hard due to stalker ex and need for privacy...

    enjoy those cuddles image x
  • Hi Misty,

    Yeah start a thread or you can add me on Facebook Im Victoria Evans and have same pic that is now on here!

    Myy boobs have now gone down and I am much more comortable. Oliver is amazing im so in love, he sleeps most of the night goes down at around 10:30 and only wakes at around 2-3 am for 5oz of food then again at 6-7am so I am so lucky!

    Hope you are all well.

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    Congrats to you new September mummies, must be such a special time
  • Hi girls,

    Hope all ok. I disappeared for a while as we were readmitted to hospital because Eli lost 12% of his birth weight and I wasn't too well either. We were in for 4 nights but managed to get into a good feeding routine while there and he gained weight.

    Back home now and he's almost back entirely on the boob, although still having to express some for when he gets too tired and has to have it from a bottle. My milk didn't come in fast enough for him, bless, and he got too drained of energy to be able to suck properly on the boob. So we had to build him up on expressed milk and formula in hospital. Was gruelling as they were deliberately overfeeding him, and we had to feed him every 3 hrs whether he wanted it or not. So at night, when I was on my own, I was waking him, breastfeeding for as long as he could manage, giving him expressed milk, then formula, then expressing, then changing him. And by then, we were about 45 mins off his next feed! So if he wanted a cuddle, we got NO sleep. It was very hard. And he didn't want the food a lot of the time. But it was a means to an end, he started gaining and got his energy back to be able to suck. And in the day, hubby could help by doing the bottle feeding bit.

    All looking much better now tho.

    Had a terrifying night when I got back from hospital tho as I thought I was constipated and sat on toilet for half an hr in agony. I joked to my hubby it was like a milder form of giving birth again but to something not so nice... turns out, I wasn't so far from the truth, and it wasn't poo that was the problem! I pushed out a blood clot (from vagina, not bum!) the size of a tennis ball. It was truly horrifying, very painful and nearly sent me into shock!

    We very nearly called an ambulance but rang labour ward first and they said if my bleeding wasn't any worse afterwards then not to worry and just keep an eye on it. Must say I started to feel better afterwards so clearly needed to get rid of it, but it wasn't half scary. No-one ever said that blood clots could be like that!! I was expecting 50p sized jobs! So that was quite traumatic. No more clots since then so fingers crossed.

    How did your LO's cope with the heat yesterday? Eli really didn't know what to do with himself bless.

    Hope it cools down soon!

    Right, back to it.

    If you fancied being FB friends, (struggled with going through all the Josephine Scott's and Victoria Evans - there seems to be hundreds of them!) you may be best searching for me, if you type in Jo Sandy Eardley it should bring me up (it's still got a link to the Eardley part of my maiden name, although I only show as Jo Sandy on main pages) Just makes me easier to find as their aren't as many Jo Eardley's on there. Pic will prob be of me and baby or just baby!

    Speak soon guys

  • Wow Jo, that sounds like hard work and puts my sleepless nights to shame lol!

    Oliver has gone over to hungry baby food although the health visitor has advised against it.. but it is the ONLY thing that has stopped us having to feed him hourly! He is a big boy and obviously likes his food!

    Hope all is well with you ladies,

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