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  • Hey girlies,

    Huge congratulations to you all - hope everything continues to be as happy and wonderful for you all!

    Lovely to read that so many you having the same feelings & symptoms as I am - I still find it hard to believe at times as the only real symptom I am experiencing is incredibly tender boobs and today I felt really nauseous.

    After 1 month of trying my husband and I found out that I was pregnant about a week or so ago & I am due on 10th Sept (my husband & sister's birthday) - I never imagined that it would happen so quickly and am still so shocked by it all. It feels amazing but also I'm quite worried about what could happen - I find myself thinking about our baby and planning about what we need to get but then I have to reign myself in!

    I have also been worried as I did not expect it to happen so quickly and definitely probably drank too much for me (normally I only drink a glass or two at the weekend or when with friends) and ate some foods (particularly cheese & seafood) not recommended over Christmas (we were away staying with family and friends in the UAE) - I saw the doctor last week and apart from taking my blood pressure and asking about my general health he did not do any other tests (I was quite shocked that another test wasn't done so when I got home I took another test to be sure. The doctor did try and reassure me that all would be okay despite drinking and eating over the Christmas period but I do still worry!

    Anyway, enjoy your pregnancies and keep safe! I've my first appointment with the midwife next week so hopefully it will reassure me a bit!

  • Mistyscott- happy birthday! Wow, such a lot going on for you at the moment. Hope everything works out, as it's so light it could be related to cystitis, but prob worth getting checked out to be sure. plus get some medication to sort out cystitis if that's what it is.

    Bkflamer- snap, same due date and got lucky in the first month!
  • Mistyscott- happy birthday! Wow, such a lot going on for you at the moment. Hope everything works out, as it's so light it could be related to cystitis, but prob worth getting checked out to be sure. plus get some medication to sort out cystitis if that's what it is.

    Bkflamer- snap, same due date and got lucky in the first month!
  • sweetjouksweetjouk Posts: 792
    I am joining the pack. Found out we were pregnant on the 3rd January but been offline for a bit since then. GP worked out my dates roughly, we reckon I'm due the 9th or 10th Sept.

    Bucking the trend, I can't believe how pregnant I feel already! I was sure I was pregnant before testing because I felt so ill with acid indigestion (I usually suffer from this but not quite so bad as now) and the most painful boobs in the world. Since then, I have ALREADY had to buy a new bra because they don't fit anymore! Come on! I'm only 6 wks pregnant! And now a 40 FF and counting....

    I feel sick ALL THE TIME! I'm not actually being sick but feel like I could be any moment. I also can't sleep between midnight and 3am bizarely (predominantly with acid indigestion pain). I also keep crying for no bloody reason whatsoever (I think part of this may be because I feel so so sick as well) but its highly embarrassing. I keep praying I don't set off on one at work as I'd like to keep it secret as long as possible!

    I have my booking in appt with the midwife next Friday - it sounds early I think (8 weeks) but we'll see. I have some pre-existing medical conditions so I think they're trying to keep a closer eye on me.

    I've had to come off most of my other medication for my conditions which hasn't been fun as I'm starting to get a flare up of those problems.

    BUT all of this pales into insignificance when I think of how exciting and how lucky I am to be having a baby!

    Fingers crossed. When I was 18 (10 yrs ago) hubby and I had a miscarriage at 10 wks. it was an unplanned pregnancy but we were still quite shell shocked and really upset by it. As such, we know so much can happen between now and due date but we've made a decision to BE excited and just enjoy it (the feeling sick etc LOL!) because panicking about it won't help. Although I totally sympathise and am sure I will have panic station days!

    So excited to be able to share and join in the expecting with everyone on here.

    How you feeling today Mistyscott? Try not to worry (really hard I know)- I know people who've bled all through their pregnancy and gone on to have healthy children. Keep an eye on it and go docs if you're worried. Many hugs

  • ms34ms34 Posts: 37
    hello to BKFlamer and sweetjouk and everyone else.

    this site is blocked at work annoyingly so i have to wait until i come home to reply. Mistyscott - how are you today? all ok i hope.

    So i am going for my blood tests tomorrow morning - feel sick thinking about it as last time had some done i fainted but luckily hubbie is coming with me. Someone mentioned this will confirm how far along i am as at the moment i am going on memory of my last period. I think this week friday is 7 weeks but cannot be sure. Still havent heard from a midwife is that normal?

    Like sweetjouk i feel sick most of the day - havent been sick as yet but def feel it. The only time i dont seems to be when i am eating and at the moment cheese is a great one for stopping the sickness. (not great for the weight gain though). The doctor told me i should be eating three yoghurts a day as i dont drink milk - well the thought of a yoghurt!!!! ugh

    Has anyone bought any books yet and if so which ones? i am tempted to not at the moment... wish these 12 weeks would pass quickly!!!!!!!!!

    love to all x x x x
  • Hey All,

    Well I just got a BFP on Tues, image

    Think I conceived around 27th Dec so only just coming up for 3 weeks but worked out shd be due around 19thish Sept.. haven't been to docs yet, going to wait til end next week... no rush!

    I am feeling really nauseated now but know i won't be sick and awful taste in my mouth!!

  • hi there Magic Merlin - congrats!!! Been lurking on TTC January and saw you'd got BFP imageimage

    Thanks to all for the concern - fingers crossed all is ok, no more serious bleeding although hard to tell worrying cramps from normal ones!

    Congrats to sweetjouk too image we're due around the same date I think (9th for me)? Can't wait til tomorrow - I'll be 6 weeks!! I love your philosophy of getting excited and enjoying it...might adopt that one, as you're right, panicking doesn't help, and we'd be devastated regardless if the worst happened.

    Time to get excited then!! But I really need to get on with my dissertation as a priority... image

  • sweetjouksweetjouk Posts: 792
    Awww, Congrats MagicMerlin - we seem to have been on the same TTC threads for a while now. That's great news.

    My problem with my joints is flaring up badly today - my condition makes me prone to dislocations and subluxtions and this morning I've already had my hip sublux and my knee decided not to go with me when I moved - ouch. Clearly the fun has begun.

  • Glad to hear everything was ok MistyScott! image

    I've just got over the most horrific cold ever! If i was a man i'd say i had the flu! lol and the worst thing is you can't drug yourself up as usual in case it harms little tadpole!

    Anyway just got better an already started with the sickness! i feel sick all of the time! I'm just pleased there's no actual vomiting... yet! lol

    Congrats to sweetjuk, magic merlin and BKflamer! image I've also worked out i'm due around 10th/11th of September! YAY image

    Now just to make it to that special 12 week mark! image

  • HI thanks everyone, recognising you all image

    I am so excited, tried not too but like you say mistyscott would be devestated anyway so mgiht as well get excited, its impossible not too!!

  • Hello Ladies!

    After doing 8 tests think its time to allow myself to celebrate!! I am soo happy!

    Congrats to all
  • rt3110rt3110 Posts: 118
    Hi everyone welcome newbies!

    Went to docs and they gave me an edd of 31st August but i'm gonna stick here as we wont really know till dating scan and also the probability is that it'll be born in sept anyway!

    Although that seems a way off yet!

    Supposed to be bridesmaid for my brother August 13th but i think i might stand down otherwise they'll be rolling me down the aisle!!!

  • rt3110rt3110 Posts: 118

    sorry double post...again!
  • Am I allowed to buy something??? erm... vest or socks or babygrow!!!!

    I know I shouldn't but I really really want to!
  • Hey Mistyscott,

    I had lght bleeding on mon morning when I went to the toilet, was on the tissue that is what made me test on the tues evening as I suspected it wasn't AF. I had another tiny amount of pink on tissue Wed morna nd again this morn but I think its just where the embryo is ''settling'' in as such. I have a few light cramps but am bloated too. I have decided to be positive but I am a bit worried, I know a lot can happen in 12 weeks! Going to doc on Mon evening to tell him so hope to ask him about the light spotting then..

  • Mattsmrs- it will be a much more special shopping trip when you get the 12 week all clear! In the meantime buy a pregnancy book perhaps?

    Hubby and I just decided that we'd still be gutted if something happened, even if we didn't openly get excited about it- so just let ourselves get excited- although cautiously so of course- not told anyone yet. It's our exciting little secret! image
  • MRs M 2009 - that's the attitude we're trying to take...positive mental attitude image

    MagicMerlin - sounds like implantation bleeding that you experienced, so nothing to worry about. I had similar when I first found out (so was 4+2 I think) and it's quite common. My spotting this week is too late for implantation, but hopefully it's nothing sinister. Def gonna take the early scan at 8 weeks if it's still on offer - then we'll tell people after that if all ok image

    Mattsmrs - I'm not buying anything just yet, except pregnancy books as Mrs m suggested. What to Expect... is good

    Exciting! image
  • sweetjouksweetjouk Posts: 792
    We were really lucky that the waterstones near my mum and dad had a 'minor flood' in their pregnancy section so my Mum managed to get 3 pregnancy books, which would have cost around £75 in total full price, for around £8!

    Got the pregnancy bible for £1.99 which is usually £25 on its own - and there is genuinely barely any water damage to it - the dust jacket is a little watermarked!

    Bargainous. So far, finding the pregnancy bible the most useful. I do want What to Expect when you're expecting, but that avoided the water! So will see if I can get it off ebay cheaper! hehe

  • Great idea hadnt even thought of that! hmm that might actually stop the need to buy clothes!

    Sweetjouk - sounds like you found some bargains - its good when that happens, that'll be it now as soon as hubbie to be is home from work we'll be off to waterstones!!
  • The pregnancy bible is great, I love the pull out pages that talk about the changes week by week. I was amazed how the body of the woman changed even after 6 weeks. I'm slightly larger than her so think my bump will hide behind a layer of fat for a while!

    The birth pictures traumatised hubby and i and we are staying away from the back of the book which is all about complications!

    I also have a book called 'pregnancy for modern girl's which is a paperback that kinda tells you the stuff that the medical books don't. It's quite well written and funny in places.

    Mistyscott - hope everything goes ok in your 8 week scan. Not envious of the bleeding but will nice to get an ok a bit earlier on. Did you have a good birthday? Hubby treated you I hope?!

    Is anyone missing the alcohol? I'm kinda missing a Friday night drink! Hubby celebrated our news with a bottle of champagne the other day- I drank Appletiser out of a champagne flute!! image
  • sweetjouksweetjouk Posts: 792
    My husband is a wine merchant and I was never that fussed about drinking - I could only drink a little and was never that bothered - I usually didn't mind being the designated driver. But I must say, the other day I REALLY fancied a drink. How ridiculous when I go months without drinking usually?!

    I tell you what I miss more though - being able to have medium rare steak, pate, goats cheese... I nearly cried when I read I couldn't have parma ham!

  • Yeah, im not a big drinker but miss it more now I can't have it!

    I'm the same about the rare steak, if I had known i'd have had a goodbye steak before we started trying! I told hubby he's not allowed to eat steak in my presence, but he quite rightly pointed out that I've been desperate to have a baby for so long so I should stop moaning!

    Grrr... I hate it when he's right!!
  • sweetjouksweetjouk Posts: 792
    I know - I would trade all the steak in the world for a baby. But I had thought it was pretty much blue cheese and tuna I was to steer clear of - didn't realise the list was so extensive!

  • Hi ladies - I'll post this is main bit too, but...

    I'd appreciate any advice/knowledge - I started spotting on Tuesday, just pinkish watery blood when I wiped a couple of times. Duty GP tested urine and potentially a UTI (felt like cystitis too), gave me meds which I took and course finished yesterday. I spotted again, more light brownish this time in a pantliner on Thursday, just the once. Then last night, during the 4am wee I had pinkish blood when I wiped again, and again the morning.

    My main question is about the level of pain I would need to be experiencing to have cause for concern?? I feel twinges and muscle pains quite a lot since pregnant, and know this is normal. So what sort of pain would accompany bleeding if it were the beginning of a miscarriage? And would it be before the blood came out or during??

    I'm a bit clueless on all this; I called EPAU near me, but no answer and GP is closed. Waiting for callback from NHS Direct but could be a long wait apparently - however, if on the website assessment I indicate pain and bleeding, it tells me to call out-of-hours GP straight away....I really don't know what to do, and whether I should be worried or not?

    Sorry for the long email x

    PS. I'm 6+1
  • The out if hours GP is paid to be on call so i think you should probably just give them a call to put your mind at rest. If they think you need to, then they could send you to the early preg unit at your hospital.

    There's no point worrying if you can speak to someone to put your mind at rest or send you for a scan.

    Take care of yourself, hugs x
  • ms34ms34 Posts: 37
    mistscott how are you? did you call the out of hours GP?
  • HI there

    I spoke with NHS direct and they said to rest up and see the GP on Monday; if it got worse (red/pain) then to call out of hours.

    I've had some brown-tinged discharge today but just don't know what to think anymore to be honest.

    Made appt to see doc tomorrow morning - some random male one, but didn't want to wait until Weds for midwife.

    I've had enough of this rollercoaster! Fingers crossed as usual...

  • Hi MistyScot,

    Probably best to rest up, hope you're ok thinking of you though.

    Let us all know tomo, how you get you.

    Thinking of you.
  • well went to doc's last night for first appointment. EDD is 19.09.11 woohoo! image

    Got loads of forms and my first midwife appointment is on 3rf Feb, am getting nervous now as there could be 5 blood tests!! I take funny turns with b/tests, faint, sometimes have a fit so not looking forward to that at all!! Got Emma's diary which is actually qutie a good read image

  • rt3110rt3110 Posts: 118
    wow mm your doc is organised i have to wait for a letter from my midwife/hospital for my booking in app.

    i feel the same about blood tests as i literally have no veins i find it quite traumatising but will have to be brave!

    Have been checking the post obsessively to see if the letter has come but because my booking in might be at the same time as 1st scan i could be waiting a while!! plus my best friend said her scan wasnt until 13 weeks so i still have 5 weeks to go! Arrggghhh! The wait is killing me desperateto tell my parents but dont want to tell other halfs until we have reassurance at the scan because they hv so much other stuff on their plate i'm not sure how they would take it if something bad happened. So have agreed to wait.

    Just bought some pregnancy exercise dvds as i'm not in great shape no and i dont want to be the size of a hippo.

    My friend put on 5.5 stone image I only want to put on 2 max!

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