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  • Well i got a pack with forms and that then another letter, standard thing from local midwifes saying welcome please call to makle booking appointment so I did and got 3rd Feb, apparently its around the 9th week mark for most ppl then I will get my scan separete and blood tests after that. This one is for all the medical history and urine samples etc etc

  • Well ladies i've started with all day sickness never mind morning sickness! image

    Its getting hard to hide it from my colleagues when i keep rushing to the toilet! lol

    Has anyone else started with it yet?

  • It's so annoying how you seemingly have to wait for the docs/mw to fax your referral and then wait for them to post you your appointment which will be guaranteed on an inconvenient date... We live in the 21st century, why they can't just access a system at your initial appointment that allows them to book you in at a time that is convenient for you I'll never know. Its all such a waste.

    Annoyingly I decided to change hospitals and i got a letter from the original hospital that gave me my booking appointment, and told me to call immediately to book my scan... So I could have known straight away when it was if I stayed put

    I'm the sort of person that likes to know what's going on and when so all the waiting for dates is killing me! I just wanna know how long I have to wait to tell people! Sods law will of course dictate that my scan will end up being at 13 weeks now! That will teach me to be so indecisive... !
  • ms34ms34 Posts: 37
    mrs morton - i know tha feeling well - i have all day sickness but havent been sick. Have been sitting in meetings thinking - any minute now i will have to run for the bin in the corner or to the toilet at which point it will be game over.....

    I bought anti sickness wrist bands today - they did nothing. Thinking about eating makes me feel even more sick however when i finally do manage to eat i feel a little better.. vicious circle but i am trying very hard not to moan - luckily the only person i can man to is my mum and if you cannot moan to your mum who can you moan to!!!!

    Mrs M - i dont even think my docs has referred me to a midwife yet..... i called the doctors today and the receptionist said i should call the hospital direct? meanwhile i have had all my bloodtests last week. seems like i am the opposite way round to most people. I would just like to know that things are progressing as they should be but without appointments i have no idea.......! moan over....!! image
  • Mrs Morton and ms34- how many weeks are you?

    I'm just over six, feeling mildly sicky but nothing major yet... Hope it's not a sign that it's going to build to unmanageable proportions over the coming weeks. Im fully prepared to just tell my boss if things get to hard to handle and I need to work at home more.

    For me, it's the tiredness at the moment. But I'm usually quite a tired person so it may just be that time of the year!
  • ms34ms34 Posts: 37
    i 'think' i am 8 weeks on thurs but stupidly forgot to write down dates in my diary so it could be a day or two out..? how many weeks are you mrs m?

    I really didnt want to tell work before it was absolutely nec. as they are not good with pregnancy - before you know it i will be the resident tea maker which will annoy me. Also i am not able to work from home which is a shame. Today was a bad day though actually said out loud i felt so sick.. someone asked if i was pregnant... never know what to say so asked if i had put on weight because i was tying to be healthy - soon shut her up but i am sure they all suspect as i got married in October and at 34 and years older am years older than them!

    I do feel tired as in am quite ready to go to bed now and walking up the stairs is an effort but the sickness is the worst thing. Fingers crossed you have escaped the sickness.. image xx
  • I will be 7 weeks on Friday so a bit behind you. When did the sickness kick in for you?

    Had a friend who couldn't eat anything but wotsits and wine gums for the first 20 weeks as everything else made her sick. So no matter what degree of morning sickness I get, can never complain as it will surely never be as bad as that.

    I think my work will be reasonably understanding and should hopefully mean they lay off me a bit and keep the stress levels at a reasonable level.

    My stock answer to the are you pregnant question is 'I wish' that usually gets them off your back! At least with jan you have an excuse not to go boozing, which is good!
  • MM we are exactly the same date! - My doctor wont see me said my cb test was enough to confirm pregnacy and the receptionist made my midwife appointment for me over the phone!! Hmmm now feet abit left out!!!

    Is any one else starving all of the time?!

    Congrats to Mistyscott glad things are all sorted!

  • Hi Mrs M 2009, i'm 6w and 4d preggers image

    My sickness started at the beginning of this week, i've found that eating little and often really helps though image

    If i let myself get too hungry and then eat i have about ten minutes until i rush to the loo lol

    I also have mega sore boobs lol i'm still waiting for a call from the midwife, i was told at the Dr's that she would call me at around 8 weeks to sort out the first appointment and scan. I can't wait to the little tadpole dancing in my belly!

    How is everyone else?

  • ms34ms34 Posts: 37
    sickness started from about 6+3 in fact not long after i remember saying to my docor that i didnt feel sick at all...... serves me right!!! at the beginning i found i was STARVING the whole time - literally would feel like i had to eat! now i am ok. eat little and often.

    ps tip for all those feeling sick,,, i read somewhere that eating the min you get out of bed or even eating in bed before you get up makes the sickness a little better. tried it this morning with some grapes and today has been a lot better.... maybe some of you could try and see if it helps?

    boobs are killing me although every period i use to get sore boobs anyway ..

    mrs morton also waiting for mw to call and to book in the 12 week scan - wish it would hurry up already!!!!!

    everyone feeling ok today i hope.. xx
  • ms34ms34 Posts: 37
    hi all hope everyone is feeling good today.

    i started feeling sick rom about 6+3 funnily enough just after my docs appointment when i said to her - i dont feel sick at all... serves me right...

    i read a tip for morning sickness and tried it this morning - they say you should eat something as soon as you wake up even maybe before you get out of bed..... it seems to have helped a bit - i have felt a lot less sick today....

    i used to feel starving the whole time as in really really hungry not peckish but now i am a lot better and eat little and often, mainly craving bread......

    Mrs Morton my boobs are also killing me - wondering whether to buy some special bras or wait a while....

    how is everyone else?

  • Hey girlies,

    Hope you are all still well and loving the fact that you are pregnant!!

    It's so reassuring to read that other people are feeling as I am - I am also surprised about the differences in doctors and midwife appointments - I've an appointment with the midwife tomorrow and I have no idea what to expect - I think that I am 6 nearly 7 weeks but I keep confusing myself & am shattered daily!!!

    Morning sickness is starting I feel as felt incredibly nauseous at different points today - I've been on a first aid course and almost had to dash out of the room just before my exam - not a strong look!

    Finding despite my best efforts to eat healthy that it is falling by the wayside, as are my attempts to go to the gym - I'm hoping I'll be more organised and feel reassured that all's ok after my appointment tomorrow - been bit put off going to the gym as the fitness manager told me not to go to the gym until my 2nd trimester but seems to contradict with things I've read! Be grateful if any one has been given any other advice - I want to try and maintain my fitness through this pregnancy!

    Anyway, keep well everyone!

  • Hey MattsMrs

    I think I conceived on 27th Dec, same for you? I was really pleased with my doc he say congrats and gave me good advice, No's for the EPU etc. Got my flu jab booked in for monday too which I am pleased about.

    Like you I am hungry all of the time, I eat and then hungry again at the moment I am eating hula hoops ready salted, two bags yest and one down today already!! lol

    I am getting excited now, am feeling good except exhausted so cant wait for that feeling to go! But no sickness yet (fingers crossed) but bad headache yest!


    RT, forgot to say I boguht the What to expect book and its great, thanks for that image

  • Hey everyone! Just wanted to pop in and say hi! Just got a positive result there today..whoop! Judging by the fact its such early days for me, I don't want to get too excited..but its so hard not too!!! image
  • Hi MM yep must be around the same day lol!

    Been in hospital tonight with suspected eptopic pregnacy had some really bad pains today. Back home now after examinations and have a scan booked for tomo. Not quite sure what to expect for the next 24 hours really as I may have to have blood tests 48hours time to make sure my hcg levels are rising. image

    Hope everyone is well image
  • sweetjouksweetjouk Posts: 792
    Fingers crossed for you MattsMrs - hope you go on ok today

  • Hi MattsMrs

    Are you OK? Hope all goes or did go well today!

    I am off work, i had small light bleed this morning, pink on tissue but it panicked me. I thnk I am so over tired it just the last straw, I was in a state at work so came home about 10. I called the EPU as th doc told me I should if I bleed and they told me I need doctor's referral!?! Bloody NHS!

    So came home as thoguht best to relax, stressing won't help and have booked early scan for Wed evening, only £70 at local private clinic so at least I will know if or if not OK and wont have another 6 week wait for scan!

  • Hi Grils,

    Just come back from Hosptial now, they cant confirm that it isnt an ecptopic pregnacy as Im far to early gone for them to see anything - they think i might only actually be 4wks and 3days - all they can see is a 6mm sack with fluid in. My HCG levels are very high apparently but I have to go back sat night to make sure they are doubling at a normal rate.

    MM hope you're ok - has the spotting gone or is it everytime you go to the loo?

    Hope your ok.

  • Hi Victoria,

    Did they not say where the sack appeared to be? God isnt it crazy how all of this works!?

    I am OK, it was just this morning when I went to the loo but it was more than I had couple weeks ago when I got BFP and think with the tiredness it panicked me! Feel so daft but when its your first its hard to know what is ''normal''!!

    I booekd early scan for Wed night on private so hope they can see something just to let me know what is going on.

  • rt3110rt3110 Posts: 118
    Matts Mrs I'm sorry to hear what your going through but sounds positive surely if they can see the sac etc its not in the tube???

    I'm now 8+3 weeks and apart from being tired my symptoms have gone, it scares the hell out of me and I have been extremely emotional about it, I want my nausea back it makes me feel pregnant! we are also considering a private scan, but my issue is I could still go on to mc so I dont want false hope. I think we have decided to try and hang out till 12 weeks

  • Hey rt310,

    just wanted to say to you that the same thing happened to me with my first baby..I had real nausea etc and then suddenly it just stopped and it worried me for some time but I had a gorgeous and healthy baby boy at the end of it all! Also it sounds like youre still tired and really emotional which is a sure pregancy symptom. Try not to worry..I know easier said than done!

    Mattsmrs2b: Im really hoping everything works out ok for you..fingers, toes and everything crossed for you, take care.
  • rt3110rt3110 Posts: 118
    Thanks McBambino, thats just what I needed to hear as I've read everywhere its bad when your symptoms stop!

    I have now stopped googling everything otherwise it could be a very anxious wait!!!

    Thanks again

    roll on 12 week scan I cant wait!

  • Hey ladies, how are we all doing!

    Rt, know what you mean about google, think you can know too much, Looking forward to early scan wed, I have beens o up and down with emotions I just needed to have it to get me through the next 6 weeks or I'll be a right wreck!!

  • hi ladies my EDD is 19th september i too will b a first time mom and we cnt b any more excited xxx hope everyones pregnancies are goin well.
  • Hi everyone

    Congrats to the new joiners image

    How's everybody doing?

    Mattsmrs, sorry to hear what you've been going through - I know how it feels - but sounds hopeful? How did the re-test go?

    Newsflash - I've started to feel nauseous! image quite glad in a way, but the thought of food makes me feel queasy (but keeping it down at the moment). So lovely to have hubby home at the weekends as he's being amazing with fetching me whatever I fancy eating image

    Now hit the 7 weeks mark and feeling I'm starting to settle into being pregnant; good job as this bun-baking takes AGES!! Only 5 more weeks until the magic 12 week mark, and so relieved we've had an early scan to reassure me a little.

    I too need to stop looking at scare stories about MMC - I even kept off the forums for a couple of days and I noticed this helped me to calm I may try to ration my forum-ing for a few weeks.

    I'm also quite enjoying it being me and Mr S's little secret (very little at the moment!) and now the initial euphoria/panic has tapered off, I can imagine I might keep it secret until it's a bit more obvious, even beyond the 12 week scan image

    Is anyone else finding it hard to sleep with heavy boobs? image I'm waking up most days with a cricked neck! Not sure why though...

    Hope all are having happy healthy bun-baking image
  • Hey ladies!

    mrswebster2be1 we have EDD of the same date image HOw are you feeling?

    Like misty my nausea started yest dead on the 6 week mark. Went for my flu jab this morning and am feeling a bit better than I did on Friday! So glad am going for the scan on wed evening to keep me going, got my first MW on 3rd so only next Thurs, time seems to be moving along!

  • Hi ladies, after being admitted Friday night with more pains i have just been let out and have got home. They scanned again and had to do an internal one - omg thats evil! They have said that there isnt much more they can do but on the positive side my blood levels are more than doubling every 24 hours.

    Hope everyone is well! x
  • rt3110rt3110 Posts: 118
    Hey everyone!

    Nausea is back! Not sure why I wished it back finding it hard to eat anything healthy or with any flavour! Crackers with butter or jacket potatoes with butter are a win, as are chips!!! Basically all carbs are in!!!

    9 weeks tomorrow still no app with midwife going to call the hospital tomorrow as I tried today but they all finish at 4.30!!! I wish! Telling work tomorrow as I have to be in early then I have meetings all day. Struggling to come up with a reason not to work all the hours in the world so I will tell them so they understand why I dont wish to work until 8pm then travel an hour and half home!!!

    Havent been offered flu jab even though i'm high risk as i'm asthmatic starting to think no one cares!! (or my new doctor is rubbish!)

    Oooooh MM let us know how scan goes its exciting!

    We're going to tell our parents tomorrow which is exciting cant keep it i anymore i've stopped talking to my parents (we usually speak everyday) because I cant bare not telling them!!!

    Matts Mrs how are you feeling? stay positive hun I'm sure its hard but if your levels are still on the up thats great!!

    Lots of Love everyone

  • I'm thinking that it must be positive the sack apparently was very high but could be right considering the dates. I have another scan on Monday when the doctor is hoping they should see alot more as its about 10 days since the last one.

    Morning sickness has started and taken root! The sickness tablets the hospital gave me while i was in are fab! I am very emotional today no idea why! haha!!

    Hope eveyone is well - mm good luck with the scan it is awesome! image
  • Hi everyone,

    Not been on for a while as trying not to come on too often until I know everything is ok.

    Coming up 7 weeks pregnant and the only symptom I had (sore boobs) has gone (Unless I press them). I cant begin to tell you how anxious I have become and have been badgering everyone about their early symptoms as I find it strange that I haven't had anything. Felt a bit nauseaous on saturday afternoon after lunch for about an hour and that has been it. Not particularly tired, not peeing anymore than normal, nothing. I don't feel at all pregnant and now with my boobs not hurting Ive convinced myself something is wrong. We have been trying to fall for our first for 4 years and had one miscarriage exactly two years ago to the day. I called the EPU and she said i was welcome to come in at any point for a scan if it helped ease my mind but that she would wait until next week before coming in. Everyone keeps telling me to not stress and relax but it's so hard isn't it??

    Got all my appointments come through already. The booking in one is on 22nd Feb, the next is on the 1st of March for blood tests and then the scan is on the 8th of March. Seems aaaages away yet!!

    Anyway, enough waffling on, how is everyone else doing?

    The first trimester really sucks doesn't it?! image
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