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  • daisyb76 you are so right the 1st trimester is rubbish!

    I just want to get to the nice safety zone of 20 weeks!! To be honest i'd settle for the 12 week scan right now!! Why does time drag soooo mich - dont think it helps because Im at home after the doctor signed me off for a week.

    Hope all sept ladies are tickety boo today!

    ps... is anyone feeling mega emotional? Hubbie to be played a song to me that he wants played when we sign the register on our wedding day and I cried good and proper he just stood and looked a bit shell shocked?! haha poor sod!

  • Hey ladies,

    Went for my scan last night. Had to have internal as not far enough along and that was uncomfortable lol She said I was about 5 weekish which makes sense as my last AF was 13th Dec and then its about 2 weeks till connception so expected that.. The sac was there in the right place very clear and the yolk sac could be seen so good signs. My ovaries all healthy and she even showed me where the left one had -'popped'' and that's the one that I Ov'd from, so interesting. Shame I didn't see more but cgot booking in with MW on Thurs next week so will ask about my 12 week scan then and see when it's going to be, if its only a month's wait I will hang on. Pleased I went though as shows things are developing and the bleed last week was most liking when Af would have been due

    How are we all? You doing OK Victoria? I am same emotion wise, watched a film other night -Everythings Fine' Robert DeNiro, I was absolutely balling it by the end for half an hour lol

  • rt3110rt3110 Posts: 118

    I understand i have hardly had any symptoms (nausea and tiredness) but my breasts are fine not really peeing extra if you see an earlier post another lady said she was the same and went on to have a a perfectly healthy baby. Its hard to try not to worry isnt it! I got myself in a right state last week because my nausea went away and I didnt "feel" pregnant anymore.

    Try and sit tight and do your best to keep busy so you're not thinking about it.


  • rt3110rt3110 Posts: 118

    ah glad your scan went ok, finally have my booking in app but not until 16th Feb!!! i'll be 12 weeks! Then scan on 21st at 12+5 seems ages away.

    Going to tell inlaws tonight and parents tomorrow just cant keep it in any longer I know they're going to be thrilled but still feel a bit nervous telling them before the scan.

    Hope everyone is well

  • Hi all!

    Good to see everyone is ok image Daisy you're so lucky! i wish i didn't have any symptoms... i feel sick from as soon as i wake until i go to sleep and i gip several times a day! gross! hahaha. I'm sure everything will be fine and dandy Daisy, i've heard that girls tend to make their momma's have worse sickness so maybe you're carrying a little fella! image

    I have to say i don't really feel pregnant yet, just a bit crappy! i hope the scan makes it more real.

    My first booking in is on the 10th of Feb and my scan is on the 24th of Feb, i'm really pleased about the scan date as hubby is home on leave from his army training image

    Fed up of being on my own thought... blaming it on preg hormones! lol

  • sweetjouksweetjouk Posts: 792
    I am so emotional its ridiculous. Anything can set me off. Sometimes nothing! And its not just tears rolling down face sort of thing - its proper racking sobs.


    I still feel SO poorly all the bloody time. It's like being ill with a stomach bug for weeks on end! but then I don't feel like I have licence to take any time off because it's pregnancy related and I should just man up (prob not best choice of words hehe)

    Gah. Had my booking in appt last friday and nearly passed out when they took my blood! I was so embarrased, normally even though I don't like blood tests, I'm fine having them. It didn't help that my nausea was really bad that afternoon, but coupled with the amount of blood they were taking, I went all woozy and nearly vomm'd on the trainee midwife - poor girl!

    Still no scan date through though... really want to know when we can see the little fella.

    Once I see him / her, I think I'll feel more like this non stop sickness is worthwhile!

  • sweetjouksweetjouk Posts: 792
    Oh and by the midwife's EED she reckons I'm actually now 8wks 2 days (today) which puts my EED at 6th September... Will see what they say at my dating scan though - I think it will be later

  • Hi ladies

    Well, I've started to feel nauseous from late afternoon onwards each day. The thought of food makes me feel queasy, but I just have to make and eat some, and haven't chucked up...yet.

    Got scan date through - 25th February so four weeks tomorrow!! Can't wait to see poppyseed - although feeling more and more like maybe I've made it up! Anyone else feel like this?

    8 weeks tomorrow....come on first tri!
  • Hey girls,

    This forum is so re-assurring, especially as I've yet to have my pregnancy confirmed by any medical professional - I've my blood tests etc next Thursday so I am hoping that I will feel more reassured after them! I still can't believe that neither the doctor or the midwife did a pregnancy test and jsut take your word from 2 pregnancy tests.

    Mistyscott, I seem to be experiencing similar experiences to you in regards to the nausea - its so frustrating and just makes me feel rubbish. I've also been getting increasingly exhausted - a day at school surrounded by my 30 ickle darlings have me vegging on the sofa in the evenings! I also somehow convinced me this morning that it was Saturday morning & I did not need to get up!

    Hope everyone else is well and enjoying the interesting and exciting experiences pregnancy brings!

  • ms34ms34 Posts: 37
    hi all

    majiccmerlin and mattsmrs2b hope you are both ok...

    sweetjouk - we are exactly the same day! well i thought i was 9 weeks but i had an early scan she measured and said i was now 8+2.

    have had a proper nightmare of late - had blood tests they detected a urine infection - antibiotics.... that was fine but then the antibiotics gave me other 'issues' i have been feeling very sorry for myself although i keep thinking that anything is worth it for the end result!

    have been trying t explain how i feel and its just ill... hard to explain - sick feeling through most f the day now tummy feels very bloated. can anyone else notice a bump yet?? i dont know if mine is bloating or what....

    so far have not heard from a midwife or about thw 12 week scan - just really wish i had a date in place so i had a date to work towards.... does anyone else feel the same? cannot wait to feel a bit more relaxed. i can honestly say i do not remember 12 weeks taking so long to get through!!!!!! ever!!!!!! mrs morton what good timing that hubbie can come with you - i bet you both must be really pleased

    hope everyone is feeling ok x x x x x x
  • Hey all,

    I agree with everyone who feels like they're making up a pregnancy in their head at the minute. Its so strange that so much is going on inside you but outwardly everything apears the same as normal..its very almost wish you could have a scan every week just to prove it to yourself that something is there and growing away!!!

    I have a bump on my tummy..its properly swollen out but from what I read its from water retention and apparantly your waist gets thicker quicker if its your second pregnancy too so I guess this is hat it is. To be fair my tummy swells iI have a big meal too so no change there except I look like a bit of a porker and my jeans are uncomfortable now. Im only 5weeks so goodness knows what I'll be like. Last time I put on about 3stone..I kid you not!!! This time Im determined to try and stay healthy and resist eating whatever I fancy just because Im pregnant. Honestly it was so distressing having to lose so much weight last time!
  • grr...feeling a teeny bit deflated today - and just wish these 4 weeks would hurry up so I can have scan and reassure myself it's all real!

    I'm doing a postgraduate course (as some of you know) and we're all far, one is 7 months pregnant and a few weeks ago another announced her pregnancy - and now another one has announced hers too!

    I'm very happy for them all, but it just compounds my frustration - if that makes sense? Also, the course director is not going to be amused by the time I get to having 'that' conversation!

    I know I'm being silly and it's special for me and hubby - and our families when they find out - but can't help feeling a bit jealous. Probably hormones...seem to be responsible for everything else at the moment! image
  • ms34ms34 Posts: 37
    i know the feeling- i am also going through that 'is it real stage....'. wondering what is going on in there and is everything ok... its def a worrying time. I now find myself being totally over emotional about everything...

    isnt it funny how it does seem like everyone you know seems to be announcing it at the moment and we have to sit there and be quiet.... i know you shouldnt wish your life away but i so wish that the next 4 weeks fly past... we are meant to relax and not get stressed but i have found myself feeling more and more stressed of late - ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    i think i am going to have a rest and watch some mindless tv in order to relax myself!

    hope everyone is feeling good today x
  • hey all

    How are we doing? I am feeling OK, same as all of you, fed up waiting for the 12 week scan!! I have my booking in appointment next Thurs so something to look forward to so will ask about scan then. Cause I have asked for a diff hospital my doctor referred me and I another booking in appoitnmenet come through so now trying to get that cancelled!

    I just wish the 1 weeks would come so I could tell everyone, some at work know, close friends like and others are guessing and being weire cause I havent told them (heard this form a friend!) what is wrong with ppl!!?!

  • Hi peeps.

    Well, I'm so- so....

    Just been to the loo and had some brown spotting in my underwear (sorry if TMI but lets face it, I think we are all past that aren't we?).. Trying not to panic, because even though I'm having a few twinges here and there, I am not in any particular pain. Will see how all pans out over the weekend and then will get the early scan on Monday if things carry on like this. image

    Hope everyone else is well.

    Daisy. x
  • sweetjouksweetjouk Posts: 792
    Daisy, hope its all ok. If you've not got any pain that's a good sign.

    I had a terrible night last night. I was up between 1.30am and 3.30am feeling so ill. I had REALLY bad stomach pain. I couldn't tell if it was stomach or womb pain though. In the end, I think it was stomach pain and I'd perhaps ate something which pregnant me does not like. But it was horrible sat clutching my tummy in pain for hours in the middle of the night. The big reassurance being that there were no stabbing pains and no bleeding.

    Going to ring my midwife on monday though to make sure. I'm feeling generally calmer about it and do think stomach, not womb pain. But even so. At 3am it's harder to think so rationally!

    Hope everyone ok

  • hey daisy

    Hope it turns out to be nothing! I had some last friday, light pnk a few times in the morning but no pain. I went for early scan on Wed and she said I am probably 5 weeks pregnant not 7 like doc thinks which is right really as we all know the first two weeks are no action as period etc and cant pinpoint OV so maybe the same for you?!

    Let me know how it goes

  • Sweetjouk, I know it may be a strange question but have you been going toilet ok (for number 2). Only ask cause it could maybe be constipation pains?? It's always hard to pinpoint where the pain comes from when its constipation.

    Magicmerlin. I've not really had any pain but I can sometimes feel a dull ache and strange. Twinges. I'm pretty sure of my dates and am sure I'm a little further along then docs reckon. I've been ttc for 4 years and know I usually ovulate early (days 10 & 11). image my sister managed to reassure me yesterday and said she hadn't felt anything with either of her pregnancies until she was four months. She had no symptoms at all either and like me says if she hadn't of tested, she wouldn't have believed she was pregnant!! Today, my, confidence has gone again and I think, if I'm honest with myself, even though I have my fingers crossed, deep down I feel something is wrong.

    Will let you know how it goes.
  • Hey daisy

    Hope all is OK, thnking of you. It is hard as any time something happens like a twinge it sets the worrying off! I just went to loo and had discharge which I know can increase in pregnancy and it had a light pink tinge to it, gone now but it starts me worrying, Got midwife Thurs so will monitor and as long as doesnt get to bleeding will ask about it then. I am just trying to stay off here for the week and then relax.

  • Hi Ladies,

    Hope you're all well! Has anyone else had any time off work because of their pregnancy? I've had a week off because the Doctor signed me off until my next scan which incidently is today image but work are being terrible! Ive had them on the phone every other day asking me to go back early..?

    So nice to see everyone is well! roll on September eh?!
  • Hi girlies,

    Just had my scan and seen a little heart beat, Matt and I are over the moon - my little bean is tiny but the beat is there!! I am 6 weeks today and like MM not 7 like i thought i was!

    Hope all you ladies are very well!

  • rt3110rt3110 Posts: 118
    mattsmrs thats great news so pleased for you.

    sweetjouk i had the same about a week ago woke up with terrible stomache ache but it was exactly that trapped wind (really badly) my digeston is all over the shop and am massivey bloated!!

    10 weeks tomorrow image

    and 20 days til my scan cant wait

  • I think it is a digestion pain rather than a womb pain but hey ho.

    Since then I have had a migraine to end all migraines yesterday - was awful - had to phone in sick as couldn't move. I get migraines anyway but usually I can take triptans to mask the pain and allow me to function. I so MISS my medication. Without it all I can do is lie in a dark room until its over (usually 12 hours!)

    And I am also having terrible lower back pain. Add this to my constant nausea and I definately cannot even envisage ever becomming 'glowy'! Roll on 12 weeks. Only 3 more wks til then - I so pray that I am one of the statistic who feels better after the 12 wk mark!

    Sorry for the whinge but I just feel horrendous. It's like haviing gastro enteritis for 5 weeks....
  • Oh and MattsMrs - work are trying to act illegally to get you back before your dr says so. If you go in when you're signed off, they're not insured should anything happen to you. So sorry they're being so unsympathetic. That's absolute pants.
  • ms34ms34 Posts: 37
    hi all

    mattsmrs - so pleased the scan went well - its so exciting to see isnt it. you work are terrible you shouldnt be feeling bad for being signed off work - as sweetjouk says hey are acting illegally but worse than that just horrible... ignore them!!!

    i told my line manager today - apparently management have been asking her if i am pregnant - it was even brought up in a meeting today can you believe...!!!!! didn t realise i was the topic of meeting conversation!!!! she has said she will cover for me - i trust her but she is very friendly with senior management so who knows....

    i finally have my mw appointment on friday. has everyone had theirs? not sure what to expect...

    i do know what you mean though - i hope i am one of those glowy pregnant ladies after these 12 weeks as i certainly dont feel it at the moment - i am SO bloated!!!!
  • ms34ms34 Posts: 37
    whoops pressed enter before saying hope everyone is feeling well x x x
  • Hey everyone,

    Glad you are all doing well.

    I'm about 7 weeks and 4 days and still have no symptoms whatsoever!!! My boobs sometimes feel a bit more sensitive but really nothing major and most evenings after my bath, I will tend to not wear a bra and am fairly comfortable. I know most people think I should feel really grateful but I'd rather have all the symptoms which will at least remind me I'm pregnant cause half the time, I can almost forget!!

    Been feeling really tired the last two days but that's only because I'm not sleeping at all well and for the last two or so weeks am waking up halfway through the night and then struggling to fall back to sleep. Last night, I also had a really bad migraine. I took a paracetamol and took myself off to bed at 9 and for the first time in ages managed to sleep reasonably well (though I did wake twice, and once I woke myself up in fits of laughter from a dream I was having!).

    Have also had browny pink cervical discharge (sorry, tmi) but I've not been overly worried as I know it can be normal. Got docs in the morning for the results of my urine sample to see if I have got a bladder infection then I don't have the booking in appointment until the 22nd. We do have an appointment at the fertility clinic on the 15th which we will go to and get a scan before we go so we know what to tell them. I want to get it done, but to be honest, am pretty scared.

    Glad your scan went well Mattsmrs and you got to see the heartbeat. Must have been such a relief to see all is ok image

    Like the other ladies have said, I would ignore work and take the full week you have been signed off. You have been signed off for a reason. They are not taking your best interests at heart, just their own, and you and your baby are more important so put the phone off the hook and put your feet up!!

    Sweetjouk, hope you are feeling better today!!

    Oops, sorry for the long post!! image
  • Hello ladies

    I have bad news, had a feeling something was wrong when I woke up mon morning as had some pink discharge on sunday, then at about 9 at work i started bleeding a little on the pantyliner, a hour later it was flowing.

    I spent all Mon pm at the hospital, blood tests, internal exams and was finally referred to Gynae, I knew I was losing the pregnancy but husband was trying to be positive but I knew from the blood and the other stuff that was coming out, I was devastated. At about 6pm I saw a gynae doctor who was lovely, she did an internal exam (another one!) and confirmed my cervix was open and so a pregnancy could not survive, I was 7 weeks. I went back yesterday for a scan and thankfully I have fully miscarried naturally so no operation needed but it was awful. I feel so empty and numb and seeing all the preg ladies waiting for their scans was soul destroying, I feel I've let everyone down and hubbie is absolutely devastated like me. I'm off work now as can't face going back, luckily had mon and tues off next week anyway so hopefully by Wed i may be in a better place mentally.

    I;ve decided to leave this site, when I was TTC those 2 months being on here and obsessing didn't help and I can see that now. When we were lucky enough to conceive on the 2nd month it was because I was too busy to thnk about it. All the plans we had are gone and I feel so crap I just cant believe it! I wish you all the best for your pregnancies, maybe I'll be back if and when I conceive again. I don't know how people go through this more than once, I cant explain how it feels to those who haven't experienced it but it takes a part of you away.

    All the best, Laura

  • Magic Merlin - I'm not usually a contributor to this thread as I'm not expecting, but I do like to keep track of how all you ladies are doing. I'm so so sorry to hear your news. I don't know whether you will be back to read this, but on the off-chance you do I just wanted to say I'm so sorry, and I know everybody here will be thinking of you and wishing you and your husband all the very best. I do know what you mean about this site and how it can turn you into a bit of an obsessive. I have been cutting down on using it myself. I do think it's great to have somewhere to vent and 'talk' things through with others in the same situation, but doing too much of that maybe isn't a good thing.

    Thinking of you. Look after yourself and your hubby and make sure you take all the time off work that you need.

    Kate xx
  • Hello Kate

    Thank you so much for the kind words, I am off work at the moment, sometimes I am fine but then I will just start crying, even now I am watching the tv and just looking on here but it is in the back of my mind constantly, I wouldnt be able to concerntrate at work, hoping to return next week. LIke I say I may be back if we conceive again but I agree I thnk I can see now that I was too obsessed about it all from the start, this time round I am just going to take time to enjoy it and let nature do its thing.

    All the best for you

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