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  • had my scan yesterday, found a strong heartbeat and baby moving around however i was a week out and my dates so got another scan on 17th march which will be my 12 week scan image, when i see our little bean on the screen and they told me there was a heartbeat i balled my eyes out as the last time i had a scan i was told that our baby had stopped growing and i then went onto miscarry. hows everyones pregnancys goin i get morning sickness between 2-3 times a day. xx
  • Hey girlies,

    Can't believe how quickly the time is passing - this past week has flown by - work has been hectic so my evenings I've been falling asleep v early - I think parents evening jsut pushed me over the edge, although I've been awake since 5 this mornign as I went to bed so early last night!

    Daisy, I am so sorry to hear your news - my thoughts with you and your family.

    Can't believe I am 11 weeks already - counting down the days to my scan - roll on 3rd march. My hubbie and I are still waiting for this date before we tell everyone - getting increasingly difficult at work as I think my head has told or implied it to the other staff who do not know. He also told me that another member of staff is also pregnant - its nice to know someone else at work is in the same situation and experiencing similar things.

    It's half term this week so looking forward to relaxing a bit - my mum is coming over and she wants to go looking for prams as she has kindly offered to buy it for us - I do feel its too early but will be fun!

    While away in London last weekend, I succumbed to getting measured for a new bra as my boobs have definitely grown - I've gone up at least 2 cup sizes already (in one place they measured me to be 3 cup sizes larger - not convinced!). I found some pretty maternity bras so no too bad - some were awful but my hubbie treated me to some of the more gorgeous ones, which are a little be more expensive and are more comfy!

    Anyway, hope you are all well and have lovely weekends. Starting to feel better re nausea etc but still exhausted!

    Take care


  • Hey Ladies,

    I havent been sick this moorning! YAY!! image

    Which considering recently I have been sick up to 3 - 4 times a morning is amazing!! Im 10 weeks gone now so hopefully this means Im coming out of it!!

    Im still knackered by about 8 o'clock but have ound eating little and often helps everything including giving me a bit of energy. I have 84 days till I get married so Im off wedding dress shopping today - hoping a nice flowy monsoon or debenhams dress might make a bump pretty!!

    Hope you all have an amazing weekend!
  • Hi all,

    Ms34 - how have you gone on this morning? Was thinking of you - hope you've gone on well and have a healthy baby in there.

    I have my scan at 8.30 on Weds and I am just like you now - absolutely terrified. I have been excited right up until last night and now I've started worrying!

    Tomorrow marks 12 wks! Can't believe that I've done a third of the pregnancy! And like you Bkflamer - we are waiting til the 12 wk scan to tell everyone. Told close family for support and work because I was too ill not to, but haven't told friends etc or my grandparents. Just hoping that on Weds all is ok and I can start telling EVERYONE!

    Well my nausea is dying down, and is at least not so ferocious so that's good. But I have excruciating sciatic nerve problem which is making it difficult to move. I also have a rotten sinus infection at the moment which is making me feel really poorly so I'm off work at the moment. There seem to be so many bugs about at the moment - hope everyone is managing to avoid them.

    Are you feeling a bit better now Victoria? I think getting on the positive is a good plan. I have managed it right up until now and I definitely think it helps. When it comes down to it =- we can't do anymore than we are already doing, so worrying about what 'could' happen is just unproductive (VERY hard to follow this advice tho - if you can do it 75% of the time, I think that's great!)

    Speak soon

  • ms34ms34 Posts: 37
    hi all

    well my hubby banned me from going on the internet for the last few days but i am back- i started freaking myself out with what ifs and reading info i seriously did not need to read- anyway - had the scan this morning and thank goodness all is ok., the little one was moving around all over the place!! the scan lady (scanner? what do you call them??) said baby was very active,,, got loads of pictures and heard the heartbeat, saw the kidneys, heart, saw the hands, feet, toes it was amazing!!!! i cannot wait for you all to have yours.... my EED is 3rd September. It makes it feel so much more real!!

    sweetjouk good luck for weds. It is so amazing honestly such a special moment after these long 12 weeks... hope you feel better soon!

    mattsmrs - how did dress shopping go? did you find anything gorgeous?

    bkflamer - so jealous you have half term - make sure you relax!!!!!!!!

    hope everyone is well

  • Hi Ms34,

    That's brilliant news. I think that you are the first of the gang to have a 12 wk scan. Yay for it being so positive.

    Still worried about tomorrow but trying to take mind off it. Hard work when I'm sat at home doing nothing except coughing! It doesn't help that the last two of my friends who were pregnant in the last 6 months both had a missed miscarriage and only found out at 12 wk scan. I know that doesn't mean it will happen to me, but it does bring home the worry!

    Fingers crossed and trying to stay positive

  • rt3110rt3110 Posts: 118
    Hi all

    ms34 we had the same scan day!! all was well with ours too soooo overwhelming, but truly amazing.

    due date is now 27th august but i still think i'll be in sept so can i hang around here??

    i havent posted in a while particularly after the sad news we've had on our thread but I'm stil around cant wait for you all to have your scans thinking of you all

  • ms34ms34 Posts: 37
    hi RT3100 - my twin - glad your scan went well!!!! its exciting isnt it.. why do you think it will be late and did you find out the sex?

    Sweetjouk - how did you scan go today? i hope it went well - i have been thinking of you all day!

    how is everyone else?

    thought the sickness has gone but nope - back with a vengance this morning after a breakfast of strawberries.... please everyone - give them a miss if you are feeling at sick.

    hope to hear from you all soon x x x x
  • ms34ms34 Posts: 37
    welcome RT3110 and congrats on the scan!!!! its so exciting isnt it! did you find out the sex? and how come you think it will be sept is it your first?

    sweetjouk - how did the scan go today? have been thinking of you all day and hope that all went ok.

    though sickness had started to go as a couple of days sick free however today i wasnt as lucky!!! - all for a good cause i know but the toilets at work are not the place to be when feeling ill and i can honestly say i will not be eating strawberries again for a long long time!!!!

    hope everyone else is ok

    lots of love to all x x x x
  • Hello guys - what a day!

    Had the scan at 8.30 and everything good - little heart beat fluttering - was fab. New due date is 9th Sept. S/he was fast asleep and no amount of coughing or moving about was waking them up!

    So we've set about telling people. Then at 3pm I started to bleed! I have had absolutely no spotting or anything up until now and so was quite worried - wasn't in my knickers though - only when I wiped. Even so, I was like, 'Hang on - only a few hours ago I was told everything ok! Gah - why now?' Rang midwife and asked if it could be to do with the fact that the sonographer had to really press hard on me to get the picture - honestly felt a bit like I had been punched in the fanny! (Sorry if TMI!) Midwife said was possible but gave me EPAU number and told me to ring out of hours docs if got worse. Seems to have eased off now so I'm not so worried - lets face it - a punch in the fanny at any time would probably cause a bit of bleeding so that's the most likely thing! So staying positive and getting on with it. If any bleeding tomorrow I'll ring EPAU but I don't think I'll need to - fingers crossed.

    It just felt like a real contradiction following the wonderful (albeit painful!) scan.

    So I'm knackered now. Just got back from trawling round relatives etc and can't wait for bed!

    Hope all ok with you ladies

  • Hi ladies

    It's so exciting that the 12week scans are starting to happen now image We've got ours tomorrow - can't wait!

    Sweetjouk, I'm due the 9th as well image

    How is everyone feeling? I've still got nausea and acid reflux but mostly doesn't start til the evening times. Also shattered (but that might be more sleeping-disorder related..) and my concentration is shot to pieces! Just started in new job and my motivation levels are shockingly bad image

    Definitely got a little bump now - although I feel like I have to defend myself against all the 'it's too early' comments. My mum said it might be a big baby - and my hubby was a 10lb baby imageimage

    Looking forward to telling extended family and friends after the scan if all goes well.

    hope all are healthy and happy (as can be in pregnancy!)

  • Good luck for tomorrow mistyscott. You'll have to see if your due date stays the same - they may change it after measuring bubs. They put mine back 3 days but I was sure they would - I have a longer cycle and when I would have ovulated / conceived sounds about right for the 9th (I seem to remember we got snowed in...)

    I also have a very little bump. But then at the hospital yesterday - everyone I saw who was there for their 12 wk scan did! So that's reassuring.

    I was also a 10lb baby - think I was 10 lb 9, my sister was 9lb 8. Hubby's brother and sister were 9 lbers too. So I'm not holding out for a baby under 9lb if I'm honest! Not buying ANY clothes in newborn as I doubt we'll get much wear out of anything and I'm sure people will give us some new born stuff as presents.

    The only thing I'm keeping in mind is that quite often you follow the pattern of your mother's pregnancies (my mum showed early) and the best bit is that my mum had a 3 and a half hr labour for my sister (first born) and a 5 minute labour for me. So fingers crossed I inherit the speedy birth aspect! My grandma had a quick delivery with my mum too so you never know....
  • MiaLeaceyMiaLeacey Posts: 1,184
    Good luck for the scan Jose, will be thinking of you, let us all know how you get on image

    Good luck and lots of love to all you other September ladies too. Who knows, I might be joining you in a DUE November 2010 thread sometime soon?! image

  • ms34ms34 Posts: 37
    good luck for tomorrow mistyscott - hope all goes well. I also have a little bump - does not help with my mum every day saying oh there is def a bump there isnt there...... starting to get paranoid!!!!!

    Sweetjouk - glad all ok now.

    today i had no sickness! yay!!!! long may that last image

    i also signed up to babycentre - has anyone else done that? gives you a week by week update of whats going on - tips etc.... looking forward to seeing that when i get into work - work on the other hand are less likely to be so excited......

    can yo ubeleive i had a meeting with HR who could tell me nothing about their policy! then when someone finally gave it to me its terrible and i have been there for 4 years!!! then wait for it... today part of my responsibilities were taken away from me - when i questioned it the response was - its a lot of extra admin for you..... i have been doing this 'extra admin' for 3 YEARS!!!!!!!!!! not sure if its the hormones or what but am FUMING!!!!!!

    anyway rant over

    hope all well this evening x x x x x x x
  • I know, my package is dreadful. Been working in a good position in a county council for over 3 years and my maternity package is 6 weeks at 9/10's salary, then 12 more weeks at half pay and then that's it! Just SMP which is £120ish a week. Couldn't believe how poor it was. I don't even get up to four months before I'm turfed off any company payments. I was REALLY shocked. I'm sure the package at the last council I worked at was more generous and I was only there 18 months.

    Nothing I can do about it now though!

  • Hi Ladies,

    Been too sick and knackered to come on line! The non sickness didnt last for very long image!! Nope still no dress which is worrying considering I get married in 78 days!!!

    It's so nice to hear of all this good news with the scans! My maternity package is awful as well. But at this moment Im not quite sure how long I'm going to keep my job. I'm certainly feeling more than a little insecure. I have a bump now that seems to have come from no where!! Im now out of my uniform at work and I'm thinking this isnt helping my situation at work.

    Hope you are all well.
  • hi all

    Sorry to hear about the mat package stresses; I will be talking to my course next week hopefully to find out if they'll let me qualify before going off! Should do as I'll have done all the work by then and just have placement left...

    So...we had our scan!! Was brilliant (grumpy sonographer though) and poppyseed is wriggling away in there image

    I think I'm the first to post a pic so hope no-one minds...

    NT was 1.8mm so hopefully bloods will be low-risk as well. Can't believe that is in my belly!! Surreal.

    We went straight out and put a deposit down on a pushchair as well image ; went for the M&P Glide, which is basically the Sola with a carrycot and other extras included. I'd prefer to have the carrycot for the winter months and it was all on a bundle offer so pretty good value.

    We couldn't resist and also bought some little vest tops - in pastel stripes as we're not finding out the sex (I wouldn't mind but hubby doesn't want to, so I'm respecting that).


    Sorry to hear you're still feeling rubbish Mattsmrs; I'm still pretty sicky in the evenings but hopefully that'll pass.

    Ooh, I also got put forward (backward?) 4 days so new EDD is 5th Sept - which means I start 2nd tri on Monday now!!

    can you tell I'm excited....? image

    good luck for all other scans! xx
  • ms34ms34 Posts: 37
    ahh fab pics mistyscott... you are very technologically advanced - i see you have the thingy at the bottom too - i can just about post messages!!

    it is so surreal to imagine that our little ones are so small when you see them on the screen!

    Sorry to hear that some of us are still having sickness... there is a chance mine is starting to ease off - you never now though.

    i havent bought anything yet - hubbie is superstitious so as yet we wont buy anything.

    Has anyone starting buying maternity clothes yet? i am still wearing my normal clothes although some days they feel a bit uncomfortable, usually later on in the day.... Mattsmrs - have you tried Monsoon? they have some beautiful dresses.... you could look on line if not feeling up to going out.

    sweetjouk - my package is for 3 months only before going to the gov. money...!

    anyway - really trying to go for a swim today but its almost lunchtime and i have yet to move anywhere!!!

    speak to you all later

    lots of love x x x x
  • OH MY GOD! Those scan pictures are awesome! Our scan is on the 9th and Im sooooo excited. We have bought a few baby grows - my sister's friend had loads of baby stuff that she had bought for her little one and the baby had never worn - for example she still had monsoon dresses with £45 tickets on it!! So I had all the nutural colour stuff. I've found our pram Im going for the Jane Rider with Matrix carry cot. The carry cot turns into a car seat and also can be plugged into the back of the car as the carry cot which is great for long trips and I have family all over the country!

    I'm in maternity clothes already and have a bump, people at work noticed the bump before I did!! I'm scared that it could mean two as twins in the family dont miss a generation!!! Although everyone keeps telling me it's a boy!! image

    Hope all you yummy mummys are well this weekend!
  • BKFlamerBKFlamer Posts: 37
    Hey hunnies,

    gosh a lot has been happening since I last came on - not sure where last week went & can't believe I am back to school already. I had a lovely week with my mum visiting and then my best friend but seemed to pay with it at weekend with hideous nausea and bloating and extreme tiredness.

    Such lovely news to hear and see about your scans - I am wishing the days to pass as my scan is finally on Thursday afternoon - had really bizarre and disturbing dreams about it last night - I think the closer it is getting the more I am thinking about it. I have a friend who has been having bleeding/spotting for the past 3 weeks so she finally went for a scan yesterday (can't beleive the doctors did not send her earlier) but thankfully all was great with her ickle one and she was told she is 11 + 3. Not sure if all that has contributed to my bizarre dreams!

    Hope you are all feeling so much better this week and no nasty mornign sickness etc.

    Best get to work but wanted to say its been lovely cathcign up on happy news. Sweetjouk hope all's ok with you

  • sweetjouksweetjouk Posts: 792
    Hello girls!

    Aww, you'll be fine Bkflamer - I'm pretty sure that its just normal to get worried and have dreams etc about it a few days before. pretty much everyone I know said they were excited until a few days before, then they got nervous and worried. Hope it all goes well. Let us know.

    My bleeding has stopped (YAY) it wasn't too bad - just the overly bashing sonographer I think!

    I'm excited about MattsMrs scan now in case it is twins! I had a massive panic about this a few days before scan as we have some in the family so understand! How are you feeling now?

    My nausea is nowhere near as bad now, I am finding it more difficult to know what I want to eat though! Fingers crossed you start coming out the other side soon.

    With regard to maternity clothes - I have bought some bundles of stuff from ebay in anticipation - and some of them I can wear now without them looking silly, even though I barely have a bump. Finding I can fit into my normal clothes in most instances although some trousers aren't as comfy as they once were! I just searched on ebay for maternity bundle and then ticked the sizes I was looking for. People selling basically their entire maternity wardrobes in one go. I got one bundle which had 6 tops, 1 dress, 1 pair of (BRAND NEW) next work over bump trousers and 1 pair of joggers for £28 inc postage. Postage costs quite high on them as they're heavy bundles but worth a look if you don't mind second hand. Most of the stuff I've got looks new - she's probably only worn them a few times! And I would have paid £20 something for the next trousers on their own so I'm pleased. Got another bundle due to arrive soon which cost £17 inc postage and has 5 tops and a pair of next cordroy trousers in it.

    I'm very tired this week as hubby is abroad from this sunday gone until next Tues for work. He's really been looking after me and I'm very much noticing his not being here (and I really miss him - struggling to sleep on my own! Saddo!) So its ready meals and a messy house for me this week!

    Hope everyone is ok - much love

  • MrsMortonMrsMorton Posts: 62
    Hi everyone,

    Its nice to read how everyone is getting on image

    I hit 12 weeks on monday and my sickness and nausea has pretty much gone! Had my scan on the 24th and saw the little munchkin, they were fast asleep though! lol either that or very comfy as no matter how much the sonographer prodded them they wouldn't move hahaha! but saw its little heart beating away!

    As i've got a high BMI i've to see the obstetrician on friday, will let you know what they tell me! lol probably that i'm fat which i already know!! lol

    Hope everyone that has scans to come enjoys them, there's nothing like seeing your babs on that screen! image

  • mistyscottmistyscott Posts: 729
    Hi ladies

    Second trimester!!!! imageimage Can't believe it.

    Unfortunately still getting pretty grim evening sickness; come 5.30pm I get gassy/sicky burps and feel sick for the rest of the evening. Lovely. Hopefully will pass in a few days though...

    Can't believe my 16wk appt is in 3 weeks! Eek, that means my dissertation hand-in is getting closer too....

    Is anyone else staying yellow? As in not finding out the gender? I wouldn't mind knowing but OH doesn't want to, so I'm happy to go along with him given how hard it can be for dads to feel involved in pregnancy. He's already talking to/kissing bump (poppyseed) regularly though image

    Can't wait for the tiredness to lift a bit as well.

    Hope all the scans are going well - so exciting!

  • ms34ms34 Posts: 37
    hi everyone - lovely to hear how you have all been getting on!!

    very funny because i have been counting down the days each week to get to the next week when my mum suddenly said i was 14 weeks to which i replied no its 13 this week... can you believe she was right - quickest way to jump a week i can tell you!!! was vey happy about that!!

    still being sick although not as bad as it was and still very tired. i am sure in a couple of weeks of two that will get better and better.

    Good idea about ebay for clothes. i am also still wearing normal clothes however i am finding that they are getting a bit uncomfortable.

    I had a look on asos but i dont think i am ready for those yet so just bought some maternity leggings from new look - they are so helpful in there!

    well off to the gym now - first time all week...

    hope all you ladies and bumps are well

    lots of love

  • BKFlamerBKFlamer Posts: 37
    Hey girlies,

    Hope you all have had fabbie weekends!

    I've been meaning to message since Thursday but my computer got a nasty virus and been away for w/e so only just been able to get back on the internet.

    Our scan on Thursday was amazing and all seems to be progressing well with our little one - 71.9mm in length and apparently according to the sonographer a bit of a poser!! We were 45 mins late going in and I'd drank quite a lot of water so was close to bursting! My due date has been brought forward by a few days so now due 6th September and I am now 13 weeks 5days. One thing found quite amazing was we had to pay £6 for the photo and it was not even on proper photo paper! Just need to wait now to receive blood test results - apparently should have them in a couple of weeks. I did find it daunting when the sonographer was first looking and I could not see the screen and then when she measuring the NT and saying the measurement as no idea what it meant - she was really lovely though!

    It's been lovely finally being able to tell our friends the news - I did find it tricky telling one of my colleagues at work who suffered a miscarriage last year - she seemed really pleased but I know she will find it hard.

    Anyway, really hope you are all well and your ickle bumps are behaving!

  • xxamziexxukxxamziexxuk Posts: 355
    Hi Ladies!!

    I have been reading your posts for a few weeks now but decided i would wait until i had been for my scan until i posted.

    I too was a December 2010 bride so i may have spoke to a couple of you before.

    Been for my scan today it was amazing im 11 weeks and 5 days pregnant so due 22 September.

    Told our friends and colleagues today and family who didnt already know.

    So far i have been blessed with no sickness only lower back pain and tiredness.

    Hope your all well, look forward to speaking to you all over the next couple of months


  • xxamziexxukxxamziexxuk Posts: 355
    Hi Everyone,

    I have been keeping a eye on the thread over the last couple of weeks but decided to wait until after my scan until i posted.

    I think i have spoke to a couple of you before as i too was a December 2010 bride!

    Had my scan yesterday everything was great due 22nd September.

    So far i have been blessed with no sickness just a painful back and tiredness.

    All our family and friends know the exciting news now.

    Hope everyone is feeling well,


  • sweetjouksweetjouk Posts: 792
    Hi all,

    How are we?

    MattsMrs - how did the scan go? We haven't heard from you yet?

    Hope everything is ok.

    I've had a crazy few weeks. Thought the 'sciatica' the gp told me I had was getting worse but kept pushing on until last weds when I got totally stuck and couldn't move. In excruciating pain, and I'm used to daily pain issues with my connective tissue disorder; it was so bad that hubby had to take me to hospital who were useless. Just told me to take co-codamol and see my gp the next day!

    When I saw the gp he said that I didn't have sciatica - it was a spine problem and I had to see physio and see what my OB says when I see them on Mon 21st March. So I've been signed off work and told to alternate every two hours between sitting and lying flat. I'm still in a lot of pain and haven't been able to get on computer for over a week as it hurts to sit here! Trying to be 'on and off' quickly! Going a bit nuts on my own lying down though!

    Finally saw a physio today and they've said that my back is not coping well with the progesterone relaxing things and because my hips have already moved down too (due to connective tissue problem I have) they're pulling at my back too which all makes for a bad time!

    They've given me a back corset and a giant tubigrip thing to try and support my pelvis and lower back but have also told me to just keep up with the lying down regime for now too! GAH!

    I know it's what's best for me but finding it hard and I am concerned at how early my body is struggling! Worried that I will end up on half sick pay if I can't get back to work as well.

    So I'm not the happiest bunny. On another note though, the tubigrip and back corset do make me look much more obviously pregnant - seem to accentuate the *little* bumpage that is there - sure it shouldn't be this big for 15 weeks!

    So now waiting for OB appt on Monday. right back to lying down.

    Hope you guys are getting on ok and not quite so eventfully as me!

    Speak soon ladies

  • ChardonnayChardonnay Posts: 1,761
    mistyscott- just saw this thread- CONGRATULATIONS! Wow does that mean you'll finish the course and get the mat leave entitlement? very good work if so! Really pleased for you. We're going to try from October (sooner if I get my way!) so will be watching your progress with interest!

    WW xx
  • mistyscottmistyscott Posts: 729
    Hi there WW - nice to hear from you image

    Thank you, yes it is rather good timing; hard for people to believe we didn't plan it probably image

    I will be able to finish and qualify before going off on mat leave but the course are being funny about the amount of time I will supposedly 'owe' them up until my contract runs out?? I'm confused by it all but talking to HR next week to clarify things.

    It is making dissertation-writing somewhat of a challenge image and my first draft is due next Friday image - but I WILL get it done, there's no choice (although I did cry to my hubby the other day, "I don't want to be a doctor, I just want to be a mummy!" image He responded by saying I will be a 'doctor mummy'. Bless. From what we're hearing, jobs are a bit thin on the ground anyway, so hopefully things will have improved in a couple of years time when I get going image

    October??! Ah, why wait?

    Take care xx
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