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  • Hi Ladies,

    I feel like I've not been on here for ages. Work is being a nightmare at the moment and are certainly not making my life easy! It is so bad that I had decided to take my maternity leave at the first available opportunity which is the 4th July but I'm also taking my entire annual leave entitlement before hand so I actually leave work on the 25th May!! image

    The scan was fantastic - our little gremlin is perfect so far - although seems to enjoy making me really sick at about 4:30 - 5am EVERY DAY! My EDD is 19th September so bang on what I had worked out.

    Glad to see everyone is moving along nicely!

  • mistyscottmistyscott Posts: 729
    Hi all Sept mummies image

    Victoria, I can't believe you'll leave at the end of May! That's rubbish about your work being crappy though.

    Sweetjouk, hope you're feeling a bit better? Sounds like pregnancy will be a rough time for you physically. Puts my moans about heartburn into perspective...

    So, nearly 18 weeks now! Can't believe we have our 20wk scan two weeks today. We're still undecided about whether to find out the flavour...OH had said he didn't want to know (whilst I wouldn't mind) but now he's been talking to other dads who recommend finding out. So he's torn now bless him. I must admit, as bump gets bigger I'm finding it more difficult to refer to baby as 'it'....does anyone else feel like this?

    Bump is definitely growing away - stretching pains and all - and I'm obviously preggers now. It's nice, but bit concerned how huge I'll be by summer - especially if it's hot! image mind you, this is England...

    Hope all are doing well - any movements yet? Nothing here, but can hear poppyseed moving around when I use the doppler image so hopefully won't be long now. My friend is 4wks ahead of me, and has been feeling movement since 16wks...and it's her first too. No doubt I'll be complaining about getting booted instead in a few weeks... image

    Anyone glowing yet...? It's a myth! image
  • MistyScot,

    I think i have felt movements but im not sure that it isnt jst gas!! haha

    I am happy though well now the sickness has gone!!

  • xxamziexxukxxamziexxuk Posts: 355
    Happy Mothers Day all my fellow September Mummies to be!!!

    Hope your all feeling well!! Im 16 weeks this week, havnt felt any movement yet, got myself a doppler so i can listen to babies heartbeat i love it!

    I certainly dont feel like im glowing, none of my clothes fit anymore and skin is really itchy where its growing, think a shopping trip is on the cards!!

  • MrsMortonMrsMorton Posts: 62
    Hi ladies!

    Has everyone got their 20 week scans coming up soon?

    Mine is on 26th April and can't wait to see munchkin again!

    Is everyone finding out the sex? We're keeping it a secret!

    Hope everyone is well

  • mistyscottmistyscott Posts: 729
    Hi all!

    Yes, we've got our 20wk scan tomorrow image and, after a u-turn from hubby, we'll find out the sex if possible.

    Been an eventful week; had a small bleed on Tues morning which was pretty worrying, but after trip to GP and then mat day assessment unit, all was pronounced ok. Thank god for dopplers, I could check the hb straight away which helped put my mind at rest. We'd bought the bednest crib from ebay the evening before - cue worry about superstitions! image

    All fine since, but signed off work for a week as GP said I looked knackered image

    Feeling sooo much better after a few days of sleeping and generally doing nothing; really shows we need to listen to our bodies, even at this stage.

    How's the movement going for everyone?? I'm defintiely feeling little taps now, but still nothing really obvious like kicks. Any day now hopefully image
  • sweetjouksweetjouk Posts: 792
    Hey guys,

    mistyscott -Have you found out the sex? Hope everything has gone well at your 20wk scan. We have ours next Weds and I can't wait. We're not finding out sex as I think the curiousity gives you more incentive to push!

    Glad your bleed hasn't been anything to worry about - but it is scary. Keep resting up while you can.

    I seem to have a real bump now. I look more more than 19 weeks pregnant. Although I weigh a stone less than before I was pregnant! Think the morning sickness saw to that, but it seems like all my fat has realigned itself to my tummy and boobs (which are ridiculous! Is anyone else amazed by their boobs?! Mine were big anyway, but now they're insane. And what's going on with the nipples doubling in size and looking completely different! Sorry if TMI but I am quite incredulous about it! I knew the nipples are meant to get larger and darker to help baby differentiate but seriously, wasn't expecting this much!)So yes, I am definitely in the maternity wear now, and its nice to actually look pregnant rather than the 'just a bit fatter' stage which I went through!

    In terms of movement, I'm only feeling big somersault movements in response to loud noises! First time I thought I felt this was when I sneezed around week 16/17 and last week I definitely felt it when hubby started talking to babs in what can only be described as a brian blessed style boom! I did explaint to him that there is only a small layer of fat seperating babs ears from his voice and he didn't need to talk quite so loud. But it scared babs so much he did a somersault! This week I'm starting to feel little taps (I think! I do wonder if I'm making it up sometimes) but no definite kicks etc just yet.

    My spine is still causing problems, as it turned out I was off work a month but worked on getting my tolerance for sitting a bit better so I've been allowed back to work on half my usual hours by docs. I have lots of contraptions to put round my lower back and pelvis to help support it and I have lots of docs watching me! They've told me to be prepared that my spine could suddenly get worse, in which case they'd sign me off until due date and basically put me on bed rest til then! I really hope that doesn't happen as I'd end up on half sick pay and can't afford it. So keeping fingers crossed I can last it out at least another couple of months.

    Is anyone else suffering from pregnancy related rhinitis? I am and it sucks. Keep getting sinus infections and feeling stuffy and blocked up in my nose. Apparently it'll go away once the baby is born but until then I just have to put up with it! Good job babs is well - it's just me that's the problem!

    It will all be worth it though.

    Finding the idea of baby shopping really daunting - I just don't know what we'll actually NEED in comparision to what all the books and stores tell you you NEED but actually you only use once and then give up on!

    Hope everyone else is ticking along nicely and getting lovely bumps!

  • mistyscottmistyscott Posts: 729
    It's a boy image

    All went well and looking very healthy - albeit lying on his head so stressed the sonographer out slightly trying to get the measurements image

    Oh, yes, I know rhinitis well; annoying isn't it? My OH gives me funny looks when I sniff, so I have to tell him I have blown my nose and it makes no difference image

    Bring on the shopping! Good luck to all for 20wk scans - oh, and I have an anterior placenta (as I suspected) so reason for not feeling much. Bit disappointing as could be good few weeks before proper movement now.

    Main thing is, he's healthy x
  • Hi Ladies,

    Congratulations Misty thats great news! Everyone keeps telling me that is what Im having!

    It's so nice to hear everyone is well, it seems to be going soooo quick its quite scary really!

    OK random question does anyone know when you can fly until? the hubbie to be and I are thinking of booking a mini break in June??

  • Hi all,

    Anyone still around from this thread still around?? Hope all is well.

  • mistyscottmistyscott Posts: 729
    hi there!

    I'm still here image

    Went baby clothes shopping today....dragged OH with me too image

    Primark and Sainsburys have got some great cheap sleepsuits and bodysuits.

    I'm getting bigger by the day, and feeling quite a bit of movement now. Daddy has also felt some kicks, but not since a week or so. Had another episode of spotting and midwife agrees I may just have to get used to it due to ectropion cervix. Still worrying but as long as no severe pain with it, I'm trying to take it in my stride.

    22wks tomorrow! Can't believe we're well over half way. We're both starting to get a little freaked that we'll have a baby in 4 months image

    How's everyones preparations going? We got the bednest off ebay; quite pricey but worth it hopefully.

    Onwards and outwards ladies image

  • mistyscottmistyscott Posts: 729
    Ooh, Victoria, if you haven't found out yet, you can fly up until 28 weeks without a docs certificate (I think) and then up until 34 weeks with one....check with individual airlines though.

    A holiday....that'd be lovely but unfortunately not possible with my training and leaving early for maternity image

  • emma605emma605 Posts: 6
    hiya also here!
  • emma605emma605 Posts: 6
    whoops pressed send before thinking...!

    23 weeks on friday... still seems ages away though doesnt it...

    ihavent bought anything yet - very superstitious for some rason. we did go and have a look at prams which left me sooo confused... i have no idea which one is the best for me...

    Also feeling movement bow which is lovely and hubbie has felt kicks too.. i also feel like i am getting bigger by the day...! how much weight have you all put on?


    btw- a holiday how lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hi all,

    We're having a boy! after a recent stay in hospital, I have fractured pelvis after falling down stairs we have had 3 scans to make sure baby is ok! Which Im very happy to sasy everything is - I have been reffered to the Labour Ward because they cant see all the chambers of the heart and also my little mans lips - has anyone else had any problems like this?

  • sweetjouksweetjouk Posts: 792
    Oh my gosh Victoria - are you ok? That's terrible. Sending lots of hugs your way. Is this going to mean you have to stay in bed a lot?

    So glad the baby is ok, poor you chick. Keep us posted on how you're doing

  • MrsMortonMrsMorton Posts: 62
    Just wanted to say i hope you're ok Victoria, that must have been so frightening! Glad the little one is ok and now is the perfect time to get everyone to wait on you while you recover! image

    Also in terms of the heart chambers i had my 20 week scan about 2 weeks ago and because bubs was lying on its front its spine was casting a shadow on its heart so she couldn't check the chambers.

    I'm going back next tuesday so she can check the chambers are ok.

    Its nothing to worry about and probably because baby was in an awkward position.

    Also congrats on having a boy! image

  • mistyscottmistyscott Posts: 729
    Hi all

    I guess we've all settled into pregnancy now as this thread has gone pretty quiet.... image

    Victoria, hope you're recovering well after your fall. Can't believe I'm 26wks on Monday! Nearly third tri - and into double figures til EDD tomorrow!!

    Getting properly big now and starting to feel the effects with heaviness and breathlessness - anyone else? SPD seems to be getting a bit worse too image will mention it to midwife at 28wk appt and see what she says.

    We got our first cloth nappies in the post today image so exciting! and soooo cute image the tiny fluffy nappies image

    10wks til I go off on mat leave - yey! Finally handed in my dissertation too, so I can see the finish line a little more clearly now. Turns out we won't be buying a house anytime soon as my DH wants to set up his own business when he's made redundant at the end Aug. Completely support him with this as we'll be relying on his salary once my mat pay runs out in March time. So the hunt for the perfect rental house in Norwich will be on from July onwards image Oh, and we currently live a 4hr drive from Norwich so it won't be the easiest search!

    How's everyone going with getting things ready? I can't seem to stop buying cute baby clothes image DH has had words now... We're going to leave buying a cot for a while as he'll be in bednest for 4months or so, but still need to get play gym, bouncer, changing table etc etc. Exciting!

    Hope all Sept mummies are well image
  • sweetjouksweetjouk Posts: 792
    Hi mistyscott,

    I can't wait for maternity leave now. Finding work really hard going.

    Had a horrid week this week as I've had such bad acid indigestion that my system became completely overloaded and I was basically just throwing up pure stomach acid and not keeping any food down. GP given me some tablets to take to try and calm it down and haven't been sick since yesterday so fingers crossed. Still feel very sick though!

    And because of feeling so poorly, I suddenly realised yesterday that I hadn't felt babs moving half as much as usual. S/he's really active and has little mad hours at 8am and 10pm where he goes properly nuts and that hadn't happened since tues. So I rang midwife who promptly shifted me off to the labour ward to be monitored. Everything ok, heartbeat fine and they could see him moving but they want to do a more intricate scan next week to check his blood ciculation is functioning properly. So I'm still worried!

    While I was being monitored they put me in a delivery room because all their beds on the monitoring ward was full. For first 2 hrs it was nice having a room to myself but for the last hour I had a woman in the room next door to me in labour and she was in a lot of pain and NOT happy. It was quite distressing to only hear that section of the birth and not the happy bit at the end. I was very pleased to be sent home!

    We're actually being given a lot of stuff for the baby because both of my sister in laws have had babies in the last year so we're having a bunch of stuff off them. But yes, its so hard to resist all the cute little outfits and everything. Luckily (in some respects) I've not felt well enough to go properly shopping for weeks so I haven't had many impulse buys!

    We moved house 3 weeks ago and it was exhausting so do be careful doing it even later mistyscott - even if you don't help with lifting etc, it's a lot of stress and work.

    We're nearly unpacked. Still got some boxes in babs room but as long as we get those cleared over next 2 months I'll be happy.

    Hope everyone else is trundling along ok. (I feel super fat already - can't believe I have another 15 weeks to go in which I'll get bigger!)

  • emma605emma605 Posts: 6
    Hi All

    Victoria - hope you are recovering well!

    Sweetjouk - have you had the extra scan yet?

    MistyScott - yes totally get that heaviness feeling. in fact today feeling like a right old lump.

    Tiredness seems to have really kicked in. 27 weeks on friday.

    what do we think,,, is time going quick or slow?

    so tired i cannot think today! thank goodness i have tomorrow off and then mw on friday for next check-up. no idea what to expect..!!

    big kisses to all x
  • sweetjouksweetjouk Posts: 792
    Emma, I know what you mean about that heavy feeling. I have gained this much weight before and been this weight before (in terms of lbs but not in terms of it all on my tummy!) and it never felt like this before!

    The only way I can describe it is like the wolf in red riding hood when they fill his tummy with stones!

    I have my scan for checking circulation on Friday. Just waiting for the days to pass now!

    Time is definitely going slow on a day to day basis (mainly when trying to concentrate on work!) but at the end of a week and I get the turnover to the next week of the baby development book, I panic about how quick it's going and will I be ready! I don't know - you can't please some people!

  • MrsMortonMrsMorton Posts: 62
    Hi everyone,

    Hope you're pregnancies are going well?

    I'm also counting down the days until Maternity Leave, Only 6 weeks to go (7 technically but i'm in Spain for one week! image)

    I had my GTT test yesterday so currently waiting on the results, fingers crossed its negative!

    Also got my Anti - D injections a week on Friday, has anyone else had these?

    Also i have to go back for a scan at 32 weeks to see if my placenta is still blocking my cervix, if it is then i'll need to have a planned Cesarean, i hope it has moved!

    I feel like my pregnancy has loads of stuff going wrong! but thats probably just the hormones talking! i'm getting upset at the slightest thing right now! image

    I'm finally buying the wee one's pram, i've decided on the Milo from Mama's and Papa's. It's really easy to assemble and take apart when putting it in the car and it comes in funky colours!

    Does anyone else feel like time is dragging but going quickly at the same time? All i can think about is meeting the little one that enjoys kicking the crap out of me! lol

  • Hi Ladies,

    I dont think ive been on here for ages.... haing just got married image we've had so much going on. I have as a result of my fall been told that i have SPD which is soooo painful.

    They cant say for sure whether the SPD is a result of the fall or whether i was going to suffer with it anyway!

    I hope you are all well and are enjoying their little ones saying hello with a kick or a punch lol! image

  • sweetjouksweetjouk Posts: 792
    Hi Victoria,

    I have actually just been diagnosed with SPD today as well. I feel like I have this massive list of things that are wrong with me (pregnancy related). It's a good job I'm so desperate for this baby as I am working very hard for it!

    GP has me on reduced hrs this week anyway because of other health problems with the sinuses and acid stomach vomit badness. But they have said that once I get back from a weeks annual leave next week, and then a weeks stay in hospital for my existing ligament condition; that I probably won't be allowed to go back to work and they're likely to sign me off for the last month that I was supposed to be working (I was going earlier for maternity anyway by using annual leave etc as doc said I'd probably find it too tough once we got to August).

    So it looks like this week will probably be my last week of working! In a way I'm relieved as I'm finding everythng such hard work at the moment, but in another way I am worried about becoming isolated (I'm not really able to drive with the SPD pain) and being stuck at home bored! You can't please me, clearly!

    Working at home this week for only a few hrs a day.

    Gah, rubbishness.

    So how was the wedding?! Was it wonderful? I want to see pics!

  • Hi Hun,

    Much like you I am very isolated now having been advised by the doctor to take my annual leave entitlement which was a month and then my maternity leave starts on the 4th July! I am waiting for a physio appointment and a support from the hospital then hopefully everything will be a tiny bit easier to live with.

    The wedding was great there was only 40 people, we got married in the registry office then back to ours where we had a couple of gazebos and shed load of food and drink. It was the best day ever and I loved every minute of it.

    I feel like our pregnancy has been a bit of a nightmare - we had to go for a second 20 week scan as they couldnt see our little man's heart properly after a consultant at the hospital did our second scan he said that he could see a problem with his heart and sent us to Alder Hey hospital which is miles away! I had to chase constantly to try and get an appoinment and at one point was told - over the phone! that if it is a certain heart condition then they recommend that you consider a termination and end the pregnancy as he could be born with a disability! this was 3 days after we got married!! we finally got the appoinment and was told by a fetal cardiac surgeon that there is nothing wrong with him at all!! this problem caused sooo much heart ache and about 4 days of crying by me and the other half but it just shows you!!

    Hope you guys are all well.

  • sweetjouksweetjouk Posts: 792
    Oh what a nightmare. That is so frightening. Why do they say things like this before confirming if there is problem or not? Sure that kind of stress is NOT good for you!

    So pleased he's ok and that you had a good wedding.

  • cheers hun, I have made a complaint against them as I wouldnt want anyone else to be put into that situation. Just shows you that they actually dont think! I got so upset my Dad called on my behalf at one point and the midwife said "well thats the trouble with pregnant women they get a bit over emotional and hear what they want!" I went mad! But hey ho its down now and I am just enjoying my little man kicking!! image
  • Anyone thought of any names as yet and how are you getting on decorating your nursery?

    Matt and I have decided on Oliver for our little man and we've got a safari nursery that is just waiting for me to put the wall stickers up that Ive bought! I am so excited he keep finding me in there talking to my bump!
  • mistyscottmistyscott Posts: 729
    Hi ladies!

    Blimey Victoria, you've been having an eventful time! Glad all ok and congrats on the wedding too image

    I'm in the SPD club too - but not as bad as some of you have it. Hopefully won't get worse as has been grumbling along at same level since about 15wks.

    Had 28wk appt today and while mw was measuring me a bit of my belly went all hard so I asked "is that his bum or head?" - only to be told it was a Braxton Hick (due to mw being a bit rough trying to deduce how he was lying). Well blow me down with a feather, I had no idea that's what they felt like and in that case have been having them for weeks! image I'd always thought it was him poking a body part out - mainly cos I expected BH to be all over bump, not just one bit. Now sat here and have felt a couple more! Proper pregnant stuff image

    Re names, we've chosen a couple but can't agree on many - sods law we had loads of girl names... As for the nursery, we'll be moving pretty much as soon as he's born, so won't get things overly ready in this house - and he'll be in the bednest by our bed for first few months too. Just gonna get a cheap chest of drawers and change table from Ikea and bought a Poang chair second hand for breastfeeding. Other than that, we've got most of the clothes we need and have started building our cloth nappy stash. They are sooo cute image

    Oliver is a gorgeous name Victoria - unfortunately it's also my bro's name so we can't have it.

    Just over 7 weeks til I finish work - woohoo!! Still got so much work to do for my doctorate (should be writing an essay now....and not on Y&YW!!) but in 4-5wks it'll all be done. I also feel this pregnancy is going quick....but also dragging.

    Third tri ladies!! Oh, and baby's head down image

  • sweetjouksweetjouk Posts: 792
    Wow, all go with you Josie! I'm really surprised that BH can be isolated to certain areas - how bizarre! Hope your SPD doesn't get much worse. I hadn't realised mine was SPD at first. Been rumbling for months, I thought it was round ligament pain - it was really bad when rolling over in the night especially.

    It was only when I suddenly had problems walking and was in much more pain I bothered to get it checked and turns out SPD all along!

    We've bought a second hand breastfeeding chair / glider with stool that also glides! Very pleased with it. On the lookout now for a chest of drawers style changing station. A lot of the other bits for nursery we're inheriting from family members. Getting excited and overwhelmed by the choice in nursery theme / decoration though as that is something we're buying ourselves and not inheriting. It seems its much easier to do if you know the sex - so many of them are blue or pink! If you don't know sex (like us), you're relegated to brown and cream! I have spotted a funky number from dunelm mill though called 'sleepy owl' range and its really bright and lovely. It's currently my fave so may be going with that. Although jungle / safari theme may be the next option - I keep seeing lovely giraffe stuff and thinking I may have to get that instead.

    The nursery is currently a room full of boxes from when we moved last month! So next week hubby and I have off and we're trying to get it looking more like a little persons room than a dumping ground.

    Re: names - Oliver is lovely, my nephew is called Oliver. We keep changing our minds and obviously have a list for boys and girls! Currently my fave boys are Finn and Noah and for girls Piper, Aubrey or Quinn but I change my mind every five minutes! We're not talking about suggested names with family / friends as I don't want them talking me out of them or making their own suggestions! Everyone will have an opinion and I would much rather have a name I love, and never know that secretly my sister hates it (It would be very brave of her to have a baby put in her arms and then say, 'Noah, ugg, that's a horrible name!')

    I'm going for scan and to obstetrician for my 28 week appointment next Monday so fingers crossed my gestational diabetes test has come up negative and they're still planning on letting me have a natural birth.

    Happy nesting girls. x


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