One born every minute

Who watched episode 2? I thought they were all reasonably 'aspirational' births in that none of them made a massive fuss. I thought the husband who kept fanning his wife was very sweet and supporting too- hope my hubby was taking note!

Wasn't sure about the last couple, he didn't seem v supportive and was more interested in taking pictures than supporting and taking in the moment. I think I'd have kicked him out of the room when he was reading out the outputs of that monitoring machine... Down, down, down!


  • picklepickpicklepick Posts: 1,141
    lol i was wetting myself when he was reading out the machine stuff.... down, down, its coming back up, oh no its going down! I'd have clipped him round the head haha

    I thought the first lady looked gorgeous, i hope i look like that with my bump. so small and petite! her partner was lovely too
  • HRoper2bHRoper2b Posts: 563
    It was when the bloke suggested that it might be beneficial if he was to go home and get a good sleep!!!

    I just looked at hubby and said 'dont even think about it!!'

    Having been quite calm about the birth, I have to say that I started to panic a bit yesterday! not sure I will be watching episode 3!
  • whoopsuk1whoopsuk1 Posts: 788
    The lad fromt he first couple seemed more interested in texting on his phone at first!!! Seemed to appreciate the moment a bit more towards the end. And her sister - vomiting when they were breaking her waters!!

  • lol I really liked the middle couple with the hubby fanning his wife, thought it was really sweet when she said, I've just had a baby!

    The girl in the birthing pool looked really good, felt a bit for her sister though, you could soo tell she was gonna puke as all the colour drained from her face, I wouldn't have stayed in the room if I felt like that!

    The last couple, I wanted to bash that bloke when he suggested going home for a sleep, my hubby has been told if he dare say that to me, he won't be coming back!

    The programme is making me realise just how nervous I am getting about the birth, I don't think anything is gonan prepare me for the amount of pain its gonna cause. Trying not to think about it, but with 11 weeks till due date think I might just have to read THAT chapter in the book soon!
  • It makes me cry every week. It's so lovely to see the families forming and it's great to see the couples and how they act together. I loved the Welsh lady with the fanning husband. She was so calm! The last couple - she wasn't making any fuss either - it made me laugh when she went, ever so calmly 'ok, I think I'll have an epidural' Still TTC but will be watching all through the pregnancy if I can - keep reassuring myself that if the pain was THAT bad, no one would have a second baby!
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    Glad im not the only one that cries every week!! As soon as the baby appears I am sitting there with loads of tears running down my face, especially when the husband/bf starts crying that really gets me sobbing lol!! My fiance thinks im mad! xx
  • Yeah I always cry too! In fact I cry whenever I hear of the first birth of any of my friends and family too- always just think what an amazing life changing milestone it is for the mum and dad!

    Im quite relieved that my husband seems to 'get' what are the bad and good things the husbands should do at the birth- he was tutting loudly when the husband told his wife he'd be more use if he went for a sleep... What a git!
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    Reading posts about pain, I went to antenatal class last night and we had to work as a group on pain. We were given a bunch of painful things (stubbed toe, broken bone, tooth abcess etc) and asked to order them from least to most painful.

    It was interesting how different people perceived pain differently.. but also the only woman in our group who has already had a baby before didn't consider labour pain the worst on the list!
  • I thought this week's ewas hilarious. The guy from the first couple said he was worried the baby woudl affect his partying lifestyle!!! errr..hello!! My hubby was like ''i cant believe he just said that'' then he was holding her shoulder and texting with the other hand lol i would have thrwn that phone in the birthing pool lol

    Maxwell with the ''down, down, going up, up'' was hilarious, i thught they seemed intune, she didnt seem to mind lol

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