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Hey ladies, hoping you can help me.

I am off to a dinner tomorrow night at someone house where I know from previous experience the general expectation is drinking - a lot.

However I wont be able to as I am carrying a little secret.

I really don't want anyone to guess as its early days but I usually drink so they will be totally sus if i don't have good reason.

I don't drive so that ones out. I have to go as its and important occasion.

Any ideas on how I get away with not drinking.


  • urinary tract infection so youre taking antibiotics? you dont have to fake any symptoms.
  • danizkdanizk Posts: 38
    Yep, that's what I would say. You are on antibiotics. Or you could say that you have a dodgy tummy and drank too much the night before.

  • dmwilsdmwils Posts: 1,265
    might try night before one, this is gonna be tough...I am a terrible liar...can't keep a straight face.image
  • It being January, you could just say that you're not drinking this month. There are loads of my friends who simply do not drink in January.
  • NowMrsMNowMrsM Posts: 536
    It depends how well you know these people... And how far they'd pry! I tended to go with either 'dodgy prawn sandwich for lunch and still not feeling right'... If you go anywhere near the subject of bowels people tend to leave well alone! That also means if you're feeling a bit queasy or they dish up something that turns your stomach or something you can't eat when pregnant then you've already set up a good excuse!

    If you're not a good liar then you can always text host in advance and set the scene.. Then the hardest bit is done before you arrive! image

    Pregnancy has made me sneaky!image x x
  • deleted4deleted4 Posts: 1,248
    I would probably steer clear of the antibiotic excuse...but like saying the dog ate your homework image

    I'd agree with NowMrsM

  • dmwilsdmwils Posts: 1,265
    thanks guys, will practice on the hubby see what i manage best with, thinking ethier january diet/detox or dicky tummy.
  • poppet12poppet12 Posts: 357
    I'd go with dippy tummy - say it has not been right the last few days and that it probably did not help that you drank the night before so learning from your lesson and avoiding it tonight. Remember to keep going to the loo though to keep the pretence up.

    Good luck!
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