How much weight did you gain?

Crazy question I know but it must be the waiting game playing on me - I am 39 weeks, 3 days - so 5 more days before due date if all goes to plan.

Anyway, I was at the gym today and thought I'd weigh myself as my midwife only ever weighed me at the start of the pregnancy.

I am 4ft 11 inches, petite frame and from my calculation I have gained 1.13 stones (7.2kg) - so bearing in mind that could be fluid, uterus etc - so am now wondering how much the baby will weigh?


  • JHyamsJHyams Posts: 1,848
    I'm only 15+5, so have only gained about 2kg, which I thought was quite good considering I have massively reduced how much high impact exercise I do and have eaten junk food! But I've heard that the average woman puts on about 2 stone during pregnancy, so I doubt you'll have a big baby with that weight gain.

    Good luck with the last stage of your pregnancy and post pics one the little one has been born

  • Hey

    I put on just over 2 stone and my baby was 8lb 7oz!! I lost a stone straight away with having baby, placenta, fluid etc then about half a stone during the couple if weeks after (prob uterus going back to right size plus not getting chance to eat!). The rest has just come off gradually I've not tried don't do diets haha I still have about 5lb to get to ore pregnancy weight but I like having more curves I jus need to tone up!

    I dot think weight gain will say how much baby weighs cos some people put on 4 stone and have 6/7lb babies.

    Not long now hope baby doesn't keep you waiting like mine did and don't worry about the birth it's not that bad!

    Charl x
  • mrsleggomrsleggo Posts: 807
    I weighed 4lb more after i had had my baby than I did before I got pregnant....but then I lost 2 stone in the first 6 months of my pregnancy through morning sickness

    Dawn x
  • bellingtonbellington Posts: 1,662
    I put on 4 1/2 stone with my first, and 2 1/2 stone with my other 3 pregnancys. image
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