Me and hubby have decided that we will be trying for a baby.a few weeks before new years eve he told me that he did want to try for one which was a massive shock as he said he didnt want to try till after he'd been on tour.so ive come off my injection now and are hopeing that i will fall pregnant soon i took a ovulation test on the 11th and it said i was already ovulating is this normal after coming off the injection so quickly ?


sasha x


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    Hi sasha,

    I came off the injection last December having been told that it would take at least 12 months for everyting to get back to normal!

    Periods came back in march and settled into a routine of every 14 days! Slightly annoying but resisted all attempts by the doctor to try to use pills to regulate them as wanted everything just to be natural!

    More to see what was going on I tried using ovulation sticks and taking my temperature but never once got a positive ovulation result!

    I visited the doctor and she said that given my 14 days cycles it was unlikley that I was ovulating as there was not time and to give it another month to see what happened.

    As I 'couldnt get pregant' we stopped using contraception that was June and I am now 24 weeks pregnant!!

    I dont know whether I was very lucky but all I found was stories of people being on the injection not being able to get pregnant for ages, but clearly its not always the case!

    Good luck and keep us updated!

  • yeah ive heard that aswell that its not good for yoor body at all.I looked up loads of stuff but some stuff says one thing and the other says somethink different so im not to sure.Ive not seen a doctor yet as ive only just moved to germany so am in the process of getting registered here.but it just got me that the ovulation test said it was possitive but then you read it can take at least 12 months some were sayin that it can come back straight away for some people and then some times 6-12 months But thank you for the reply ill be taking a test next week then will be 2 weeks since taking the ov test xx
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