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Im freaking out at the price of nursery furniture. Why is it so expensive when its only for little ones! Ive looked at next, mothercare, mamas & papas and babies r us. Any other places I should look?


  • Ikea do nursery furniture I think...
  • MrsDMDaviesMrsDMDavies Posts: 1,794 New bride
    I think anything with 'wedding' or 'baby' in it adds a few zeros to the price tag!! Why don't you try Ikea or somewhere like that. My sis bought simple white painted wood furniture and it looked lovely, and because it wasn't specifically for babies (although it was smaller than full sized furniture) her children will be able to have it their rooms for years. She painted all the drawer handles/knobs different colours so it looks really cute!

  • LuckyValLuckyVal Posts: 221
    I almost got the cot in ikea but couldn't help feel I was giving the baby something of poorer standards.. (I'm sure they're actually fine, and its just me being silly..but I ideally wanted at least the cot to be a bit better). So I ended up getting a cot online (just shopped around until I found a cot and deal I was happy with). Then I bought the rest of the furniture in ikea. I got a wardrobe and a tall shelving unit with a baby changer in it from their hensvik range. We're changing the door knobs on the wardrobe and putting wicker baskets on the shelving unit. And because it's all white it matches the white cot that we bought separately.

    It definitely saved us a bit doing it this way. Just hoping it all looks good when we put it up!!

  • HRoper2bHRoper2b Posts: 563
    We were having this exact same consversation yesterday!

    We have seen a cot in Mamas and papas that we like that is on offer and think we have decided to get some either whiteor pine furniture (matching whichever cot we decide on) from Argos. We are moving house in a couple of months and we decided in the end that we needed to try to plan for the long term as we have a lot of decorating to be able to do over the net few years. We felt that this way we might get a litte bit more useout of it.

    its hard though a I have struggled to get out of the habit of thinking everything has to be as expensive as you get!

    We had a swift change of heart yesterday on general nursery decor! We had been looking at some really nice baby stuff but in Mamas and Papas we fell in love with a range that they were discontinuing and had 20% off! they also had all of the things that we wanted! We decided that it would see the baby through until it wa a bit older, especially as we are not finding out the sex! We now have a very very full spare room!

  • singo44singo44 Posts: 3,420
    my daughter is 20 months now and we bought her items from M&P (we have the gingerbread range) and the furniture - we bought a wardrobe and chest of draws from argos in white.

    you do get what you pay for in my opinion...nearly 2 years on and these things are still immaculate

    its a minefield!! wait for the M&P sales or go to an outlet store. next sale online also do furniture xx
  • JHyamsJHyams Posts: 1,848
    We're lucky because my bil has a daughter who is nearly 2 and he is kindly giving her most of her stuff... car seat for up to 9 month olds(used 3-4 times as they didn't have a car when she was that age), moses basket, baby walker and her cot. Of course, we'll get new sheets, blankets and mattresses.

    So you could have a look at second hand furniture and anything that needs to be hygienic (like mattresses, bath, changing mat etc.) buy new and shop around.

    I have got a chest of drawers that I have managed to empty by buying an underbed drawer. So I'm going to ask my grandpa (who is an amazing carpenter) to make it into a changing table by putting 4 bits of wood on the top. So maybe you could do a bit of DIY handywork.

    We're also lucky in that we have built in wardrobes in all of the bedrooms in our house and we had a lot of vouchers for John lewis given to us for our wedding 7 months ago that we saved specifically for when we start a family image

    Just shop around and I'm sure you'll find some inexpensive items.

    Good luck x
  • poppet12poppet12 Posts: 357
    Unfortunately you will need to spend a min of £500 for a cot bed, changing unit and single wardrobe - we got ours from Tesco Direct - East Colby collection. Quality was OK in terms of putting it together. We had limited space so we had to go with the size of the furniture. £500 for a few years is a good investment.

    I think we could have done it cheaper by buying it in IKEA and their quality is probably the best for the price they offer it but they did not do size wardrobe we wanted.

    It is worth shopping around and the one furniture really worth investing is the cotbed and mattress.

    Good luck.
  • mrsleggomrsleggo Posts: 807
    we got a wardrobe from Argos and cot was a hand me down from my sister. The rest was furniture we already had.

    Couldn't justify spending loads on wardrobes from M&P

    Dawn x
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