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I am just wondering if anyone has tested 4 days before your AF and got a big fat no but when AF hasn't arrived, you tested again and got BFP!!

I tested today 4 days before my AF is due but got a BFN! I only tested because I have been feeling sick, bloated and my boobs are hurting...

I will see if she arrives on Friday and if she doesn't then I will test again, but I am not too confident as I dislocated my knuckle this month on the most important week of the month for BDing.... hee hee..

So just wondering if any of your lovely ladies have experience this?? I just think my mind is playing tricks on me as we want this so much..




  • Yep...I did this. I took the first response test last sunday (AF was due on the Thurs)and it came back negative even though you can test up to 5 or 6 days before (though it clearly states it doesn't pick the hormone up from all women). Anyhow my period didn't arrive on Thursday so I took another test that day (and another that evening and the next day!!!) and it was positive..whoop!!! So maybe give it another go if AF doesn't arrive? image
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    Oh that is wonderful news!! Congrats!!!

    Did u have any other signs Hun?
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    Hi hun my AF is due Friday too. I am so tempted to do an early test, but did last month so am just going to wait this month image

    I have usual AF symptoms (but more hungry and need to pee more! sorry if TMI!) And i've read a lot on internet about women who had AF feeling but then got a BFP. Ahhh Friday feels too long away!!
  • Thankyou! image

    Other symptoms were like AF so I thought it must just be that..irritable, bit achey in my tummy, huge appetite for crap...nothing diferent from nomal really!!! hehe! Though I did have sore boobs which I never get- it was this really that spurred me on to test again because this was something for me that was different. Good Luck both of you x
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