Can anyone recommend a pram?


I'm expecting my 1st baby on the 26th June and I've started to look at prams. I'd like something that converts from a pram to a pushchair. I was looking at the Silver Cross 3D pram system but the reviews are really mixed. So I'm really unsure on what to go for. Can anyone recommend a pram?


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    I can't recommend one, as I'm 16+1 with my first as well. But I've decided to get the Quinny Buzz 3. I'm getting one that has 3 types of carrier... car seat, pram and push chair. It's quite pricey at £600 for all of these options, and the car seat base and foot muff are extra. But my MIL is kindly giving us £400 towards it, and I need a good push chair that is compact when folded because I drive a mini!

    I've heard that the silver cross is good too.

    But try before you buy! Go to a shop, even if you're buying online, and practice putting it up and down, check the breaks, take the measurements to make sure it fits into the boot of your car, as well as reading reviews to make sure that it is reliable and doesn't break.

    Good luck. I'll probably be buying mine in the next month or so

  • Babystyle oyster. Has carrycot, stroller seat Nd fits maxi cosi too. Stroller seat is forward and rear facing.

    It's lightweight and fits in my boot (I have a seat Ibiza).

    I've heard bad things about silver cross prams so I didn't even bother looking at them butthat was a year ago x
  • I'm not looking at these yet (want to though!) but my brother and my friend both got the Mamas & Papas Sola. You can also buy a carrycot attachment for it, but with the car seat and the flat-lying pushchair seat, neither of them have missed the cot part.

    It comes in loads of different colours and is £260 for the pushchair, raincover and frame - it fits the maxi cosi car seat (and others) which is about £100 usually.

    I'm pretty sure it's the one we'll get in a few months image
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    Louise - you need to try them out yourself and what you feel most comfortable with. I was going to go for the silvercross but when I tested it was too bulky for me. I ended up getting the bugaboo bee - purely for size, light weight and easy to use.
  • We have got the Graco Symbio and although haven't taken it out yet it is really easy to put together and fold up and nice and light to push.
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    I'm definitely a fan of Mamas and Papas, but then my h2b does work for them in one of their factory shops. Its worth checking out on their website for their factory shops as they have great savings on their rrp. H2b has known customers ring from various parts of the UK (including scotland & wales) and hire a van & travel to where he works and they've still saved money after hire of van & petrol!!
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    I think the pram is quite a personal thing as what suits you depends on so many different factors, height, lifestyle and how you intend to use it, car etc.

    We spent ages trying different prams and pushchairs and have ordered the Mams and Papas Sola as it seemed to suit our needs best and also came out top in the most recent Which survey!Though im guessing that we wont really know whether we made the right choice until the baby is here and we are using it!

    Our second choice was the iCandy Peach but we had concerns over its size and I have really small hands (depite being really tall) and struggled to push the release mechanism to get the pram part off! Very nice looking pram though!!
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    I was having a look at the baby oyster last night. It looks quite good and is about £100 cheaper than the Quinny. I'll have a good look when I go shopping though, rather than on internet.

    I've heard mixed reviews about M&P. My BIL brought most of his stuff from there and ended up taking it back, and went through about 3 prams because the brakes kept snapping
  • Hi Im looking at the Jane rider with the matrix cot which also doubles into a car seat. Its great light and reasonably priced at around £589 from Oxford Prams which has a website.

    The cot can be used as a normal car seat and also can go along the back seat as a cot which is recommended for a long car journey.

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    I had one and the stitching gave way on the seat before baby had even been in it. Sent it back for repair and they managed to lose it. They gave me a replacement and the one they gave me had been recalled a few months before due to a fault with the folding mechanism, they should never have given me it. It nearly folded up with my baby in it. Had to take a screwdriver to it in the street to get it to stay up. In the end I exchanged it for a Britax System

    Then I heard in the news last week that the Halo has now been recalled due to a fault with the folding mechanism

    Buy something else....please!!!

    Dawn x
  • There was an article today in The Metro about a womens child who got her finger stuck in a Silver Cross pram. She was warning buyers of the fault. It could have just been a one off incident though.

    We purchased a Mountain Buggy. Haven't collected it yet, but loved it in the shop. It has very good reviews.
  • quinny buzz 3 its a travel system so everything you could need, thats what we are going for and to be honest there was no comparison to other makes as some of them looked really cheaply made despite their price tag
  • oh good luck mini driver jhyams! lol i drive a mini but we are getting different car as it will just be too small even if i put 2 seats down in the back the baby chair would have to go in front so just looking at gettin bigger one cause that would drive me crazy! I know somene who has the quinny buzz 3 thats why i decided on that one as her little boy is 1yr now and still uses the pram all the time no need for another buggy!
  • The Silvercross had a bad review in the paper today actually - apparently a baby got its little hand stuck in part of the pram.

    We purchased a Mountain Buggy Swift - love it!
  • Thanks for all the replies. Think I'm going to have a good look at the Quinny Buzz 4 and the Baby Style Oyster.

    So any advice on these 2 prams would be much appreciated.


  • Hi, I spent ages deciding on my pram when i was pregnant with my first daughter. Originally I wanted a silvercross, but my husband had heard bad reviews so i went with the mummas and puppas pramette. I was really happy with my choice in the end and still am image. I liked it because you can go from pram to buggy in about a minute and don't need any extra parts, so you can do it the street etc really easy. I found this was great when chloe was old enough to be in the buggy and wanted to look around, but if we wennt out i could convert it so she could sleep in the pram part in comfort (although now she is bigger she sleeps in the buggy really well anyway). It is also great because now i am pregnant with my next one, I can pick and choose who I use the buggy/pram for and switch easily.

    However although this was good for me, it wouldn't always be the best buggy for SIL has the mothercare my4 choice and wouldn't be parted with it, as she use the car seat and frame, and i didn't need that.

    What i'm trying to say is, that everyones needs are different and different buggys siut different people. I found what really helped me was to write a list of things i wanted in my buggy and then chose the buggy which had most of the things on the list. I also borrowed friends buggys for a couple of hours to see how easy they were to collapse, did they fit in my boot, how they were to steer ect. which I found really helpful.

    I also took my friend with me buggy shopping as she has children and could give me great advice on what she found helpful/akward etc.

    Sorry for the long post, but buggy's are so expensive these days it definately is worth taking the time to chose the best one for you.

    Good luck shopping x
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    I'm going to add another post as I have changed my mind!

    I went shopping today and was adamant that the Quinny Buzz was the pushchair for me because it can fit into the boot of my mini.

    But I was shocked at the steering. I had a go on the footpath and I felt like I was constantly having to lean over to one side to stop it from tipping over... and this was quite a smooth footpath with no pot holes! So 3 wheelers are definately not for me.

    The guy in the shop (from Baby Baby, Shirley in Solihull if you live near) was so helpful and didn't push me into wanting something more expensive, in fact was steering me into the direction of cheaper pushchairs.

    I had a look at the Bugaboo (we're not fussed about price, plus mil is giving us £400 towards it), but whilst it is really compact when folded, I found that it was too complicated to change from rear to parent facing and I didn't like the way the carry cot was so low.

    The Babystyle Oyster is definately the one I'll go for when I go back to the shop in April (after mil has given us the money and I'll be 6 months then). It should fit in my boot, but will check and for £500 you get a carrycot, good shopping basket, foot muff, car seat (either maxi cosi or britax cus the babystyle seems flimsy) as well as the main push chair base. The back wheels come off with 1 button, making it even easier to store, and its relatively light compared to some pushchairs.

    But when you do get one, make sure you see if it fits in your boot (the M&P Sola wouldn't fit), and try assembling it etc. Its like a car... you need to road test it!

    Have fun xx
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