confussed :/

Hiya me and hubby have been trying for a baby since start of jan i was ovulating on 11th so took a test yday and it said i was preg 2 lines there i could see them and so could my friend...Took one this morning and it said neg :/ any help ladies? xx


  • Perks09Perks09 Posts: 765
    I would try a clearblue pregnancy test. I think they maybe a little more expensive but they are quite accurate and you can test a few days before your AF.

    You don't normally get a false positive but it is possible to get a false negative.

    It could be that the hormone levels are quite low, so maybe test again in a few days.

    Good luck xxx
  • GlitterBug09GlitterBug09 Posts: 2,894
    Test first thing with a clear blue digital, it spells it out for you so there are no stupid lines to try and interpret xx
  • supertabbysupertabby Posts: 1,125 New bride
    Like the others have said try Clear Blue Digital, rather than lines it comes up with words on a screen saying "Pregnant" or "Not Pregnant".. no messing! I did that after getting a very very faint positive line on a Sainsburys test that confused me. Turned out I was pregnant.

    As far as I'm aware you can't get a false positive, but you can get a false negative if not enough of the hormone is present/test isn't very sensitive etc. HOWEVER, if you leave a test and look at it more than 10 minutes later you can see an evaporation line.. this looks like a positive but is actually just the test aging and is NOT accurate. The positive result has to be seen by about 3 minutes to be accurate. If you didn't see anything after 3-5 minutes then left it and looked later on and saw two lines then the positive might be false.
  • No it came up before the 3-5 min it was a german test as i live in germany ive not seen any clear blue digital ones yet but ive got doctors monday for a blood test as it took me 7 weeks to find out i was preg with my daugter so they think it might be the same as every other test ive taken has said neg agian but my blood pressure is so high they were worried about it oh this is so confusing image
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