uncontollable emotions!


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    I was the same when my sister got pregnant, she was 34 at the time and I was 32. It was a horrible time. I was single and thought my time was never going to come. And then in 2007 I met Mark and he wanted kids as much as me and 3 years later we have our little girl Nell. I'm 38 and my hubby is 36 and we managed to have a baby. Your time will come!!!

    Dawn x
  • Don't worry about your hubbys age, I was 25 and hubby 37 when we got pregnant and it happened first time. I think the age thing is only relevant to women....look at the likes of rod Stewart having kids in their 60s!!

    It's not that long away to your wedding your time will come, I was the same but had to wait a month after wedding to start trying for various reasons so I know it's hard but good things come to those who wait!!

    good luck x
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