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Where has the best choice of maternity clothes?

Hi ladies,

I've started looking at maternity clothes and I'm fed up already. The high street shops that do have a maternity range tends to be a couple of rails and not much choice at all. Can anyone recommend any shops (online or high street) that have a bigger range of clothes?

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  • Hi, I'm currently pregnant with my second child and know what you mean....i tried to get a pair of maternity jeans and failed!!

    New look has a good line of reasonable priced maternity clothes and my last pair of jeans and most of my maternity clothes from last time came from there (and i found the perfect jeans there yesterday, just not in my size!. Most of the bigger stores have their full range.

    Dorethy Perkins also do some nice stuff, especially work trousers and smart clothes.

    Top shop have maternity clothes, and so do marks and spencers but m&s isn't always cheap.

    I have to admit though, that although I started of buying maternity clothes (i think there was that intial novelty) I generally found that although I needed maternity jeans as they were more comfortable, I much prefered getting normal tops in a size or two bigger. I also found that when i went to weddings or special events ect, it was easier to find nicer normal clothes that were a size bigger than trying to find maternity clothes (i'm sure stores think that pregnant women don't go out, or want to look nice image ).

    My biggest piece of advice thou,would be ring store before you go, because not all stores stock maternity ranges even if that company does them (try the internet aswell for the high street shops, you can always take stuff back if it doesn't fit).

    Hope that helps, happy shopping (and happy pregnancy).

    Jo x

  • picklepickpicklepick Posts: 1,141 is amazing. I'm not even pregnant yet but I love clicking through the maternity clothes there! how sad! haha

    Next has a maternity shop online too.
  • JHyamsJHyams Posts: 1,848
    I hate maternity clothes! I find them really unfashionable and not in a wide range of sizes.

    I'm only 16+6, so not needing them just yet, but have brought some pregnancy bands for when my jeans feel too tight and got some jeans from Seraphine. I found that they were really good because they stock UK 6.

    I second Asos and Topshop and Dorothy Perkins seems to have the best stuff when I look online, but my nearest DP has just got rid of their maternity range image
  • supertabbysupertabby Posts: 1,125 New bride
    I know how you feel, I found most shops that cater for maternity only seem to have a small rail with a few boring items on.

    I ended up getting quite a bit in New Look, they have a reasonable choice and are good value for money, not all the branches carry maternity stock though. My local one has a couple of stands and a bit of wall space, so compared to other high street shops the section is quite big. They do have more choice online though.

    The biggest collection I've seen in a shop was in mamas and papas in London, but they are not cheap.

    Generally online tends to give more options, my favourite would be as they have a big selection at mostly good prices. At Xmas I found they were the best place for cheap party dresses (didn't want to spend much money on a dress I'd wear once or twice).

    I'm now 32 weeks and stocking up on nursing tops and bras.. mothercare seem to be the best here. Annoyingly though everything seemed to be sold out online but when I went in store today they had loads of the stuff I'd tried to order online... odd. They also had a decent sale on maternity clothes but I went to a big branch (Manchester.. superstore sized!) so they had a lot of stock.
  • HRoper2bHRoper2b Posts: 563
    I have got most bits from New Look but have been disspointed with the jeans.Both pairs having the stitching come undone on the actual trousers and the band!

    I have a couple of pairs of plain black work trousers and cardigans from Asda which have been fine, They were cheap and wont last a second baby but do the job! I got one really nice work skirt (for meetings!) and a party dress from Jojo Maman Bebe as they do money off first order and there are a couple of shops near us.

    Rest of my stuff has come from Mothercare as well. Where are you based Supertabby? We use the Mothercare at Broadheath in Altrincham but am now wondering if there is a bigger one in Manchester that we have yet to discover!
  • supertabbysupertabby Posts: 1,125 New bride
    HRoper2be.. the Manchester one is not in the main shopping area (eg Arndale etc). It's on a retail park in Ancoats. Not too far out if you are in the car, this link should work..

    I'd never tried the Mothercare in Manchester until yesterday though and it was like Christmas when I walked in lol! It's a big ground floor with lots of selection, and then upstairs is an Early Learning Centre.

    I'm not sure how big the Mothercare in Broadheath is.. I've driven past it and it looks a decent size so I don't know if Manchester is bigger or not. I've only been in the Stockport branch before which I now realise is tiny by comparison to Manchester. Works out well for us as we prefer not to venture into Stockport for shopping even though it's closer, we normally shop in Manchester anyway.
  • Rose45Rose45 Posts: 1

    When i first started i found it difficult to find fashionable maternity clothes let alone comfortable ones until i found Seraphine. They have some great stuff that can be worn after pregnancy. I adore their dresses especially in time for summer, no more trousers for me. 

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    Zombie thread alert!

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