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Changing mat size


Can anyone give me any advice on the size of changing mats?

We bought a changing table and then I went out and bought a changing mat this week. The mats in the shops don't seem to be standard sizes and none of them had measurements written on. I didn't have a tape measure with me so just picked one up and hoped for the best.

Anyway, lengthwise it just fits onto the table perfectly without hanging over (the table is set out with 3 guards round one short side and two long sides, so you stand at one short end.. though we have space to stand at short or long side).

However it's a good deal narrower than the table top on the long sides. There's about 4cm of clear table top space on either side of the mat. Does this matter? Should I be looking for a wider one? I think it's the table that's quite wide rather than the mat being particularly narrow but don't know if there's wider mats I should be looking for. Both Mothercare and BabiesRUs don't put measurements on the mats so maybe the measurement isn't supposed to matter?

Can't find anything on the internet to explain. Can anyone help?


  • I've also been wondering about this...

    Our changer top is huge and the mat we have is tiny! there is ample room on all sides, but like you we cannot find measurements on the packaging of most of them so not sure what size to buy or where from!

    Some on the shops give measurements on line, so might be worth checking those out, tho not all of the change mats on the same site (mothercare for example) have the info.

    Think we're going to get the basics one from John lewis and it seems to be the only one to fit ours, its plain white and cheap but at the end of the day its only to change nappies on!
  • Hi, As long as it looks like your baby would fit on the changing mat (and to be honest i havn't found one that doesn't yet) it should be fine. It prob is the changing table that is wide however if the cosmetic look of having a gap is winding you up (which it prob would me image ) have you tried amazon? if you search wide changing mat there are a couple that are 40 or 50cm wide (i think most are around 30cm).

    Hope that helps x
  • NowMrsMNowMrsM Posts: 536
    Our changing table top (M&P) is much much bigger than our changing mat (mothercare)... I thought it was meant to be like that so you can have your bits and bobs (cotton wool/ water bowl etc) around the edge between the mat and the top... Rather than have the whole top covered by the pad itself....

    But now I've looked at it again and I want it to fill it up... image xx
  • which M&P changer do you have NowMrsM? We have the Moda and it seems huge!
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