the end is near......i hope!

im due 6th feb..(39+1) and im at my wits end.this is baby number 3 and i have had the worse pregnancy ever...had sicknes right up till 6 month...then told i have very bad spd...have 2 support belts..crutches..pain killers but nothing seems to help.asked mw if they would start me off early but she said no.having alot of contractions that just stop after a few hours.its been such a long time since my youngest was born..(oldest is 10..youngest 6) cant remember it being this much hard work! image


  • NowMrsMNowMrsM Posts: 536
    Wishing you a lot of luck... And feeling your pain- I'm 40+2 now and anxiously awaiting our LOs arrival!

    Was convinced- by family history- that i wouldn't go over and now am

    Blinking frustrated!

    Labour dust to you!

  • MrsH2128MrsH2128 Posts: 566
    Good luck, hope LO comes soon for you! xx
  • Aaa no it sounds promising though with all the contractions you're having, its bad the midwife won't start you off early with all the pain you're in....I actually thought they did that?!

    I thought I would be early too (I was 2 weeks early, sister and mum both 1 week early) but I was 11 days overdue!! It's the worst time waiting I know but I really hope your baby arrives very soon. It'll all be with it!x
  • poppet12poppet12 Posts: 357
    I am 5 days over due and as each day go by I keep looking for signs and nothing.

    I have my sweep booked tomo and will ask if I can be induced sooner rather than later. I had a feeling I would be late but thought it would be a couple of days only. I am trying for it not to get me down but it is difficult.

    Some people I have spoken are surprise that they have not induced me as I have Group Strep B infection.

    For now I keep telling myself, this time next week baby will be here.

    Here's hoping it will not be much longer for us all.
  • aug2010brideaug2010bride Posts: 1,448
    i thought they would have started me off but i think each hospital is different... i hope we all have our bundles of joy soon..its just getting over that last hurdle...image

    with my first i had her on my due second i was 9 days over...and from about 35 weeks my mw was telling me i was going to go early..
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