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depression over body changes:(

Hey, just thought i would put this forum out there and see how many feel the same. Is is just me or do u at times feel depressed over body changes during pregnancy and worry how big your going to get and how your going to lose the weight etcimage

Dont get me wrong i dont feel like this everyday but sometimes i just feel like im going to be soo self coinscience particullarly after the birth and what if i cant lose the weight and my hubby doesnt look at me the same, i think this has been brought on more since the talk of sex has been mentioned and the fact but your pregnant has been said so now i cant even imagine being naked. Again dont get me wrong im 4 months and we have had a sex life during this period so i know he is not like ok your pregnant we cant have sex type of guy, but as im sure you ladies out there can appreciate the fact that just cause your pregnant doesnt mean you have lost the urge lol.

Anyway babling a bit now, prob just the hormones working overtime todayimage but if you are having similar experiences please do tell image
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