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baby books?

Hi ladies, just wondering can anybody recommend a good baby book to buy? I'm 8 weeks pregnant. Thanks!! X


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    I can't really help, I find I get all the info I need from my baby bump, and what to expect iphone apps, the emmas diary emails, and just hanging out on Baby Expert (sister site to this one)

    however I cannot recommend this enough for your other half!

    has made my husband in to a sympathetic understanding and patient father to be! He is now not fazed by my moods, my anxieties or my eating habits!!

    He says it is very readable, and as the only baby book I have read, I have to agree
  • dani7919dani7919 Posts: 213

    I've had a few books given to me but also bought this one:

    It is easily the best one I've looked at. It's written by a midwife and has loads of practical advice and things such as what to pack in a hospital bag, a list of things you need for baby (who knew that a blanket with holes in is better in case it rides up over baby's face?!).
  • supertabbysupertabby Posts: 1,125 New bride
    "Your Pregnancy Bible" by Dr Anne Deans is brilliant, it has everything you need to know and is really easy to read. There's also a Babycare Bible by Dr Warburton which is by same publishers and similar format etc, which is also very good. I think you can usually get a cheaper price in amazon if you buy them both at once.
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