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35 day + cycles

Hi girls,

TTC since my wedding in feb but i am quite worried about my long 35 day (at best) cycle. my LP is fine at 14 days but FP seems to be really long. statisically it is harder to get pregnant as i have fewer ovulations in a year.

Can anyone please give me advice/reassure me about this. is there anything i can take or should be doing to shorten my cycle?

any help much appreciated as always


  • kellyh08kellyh08 Posts: 54
    Hey hun didnt want to read and run. Like you Im ttc and my cycle can average from about 35 days through to 46 or 47. I spoke to doctor a year or so ago (wasnt ttc then) who just said that there are many reasons why they can vary in length. I have tried the ovulation sticks the last couple of months but dont seem to be getting a postitive result even though i have had a period so im definately not pregnant. Am off to the doctors on wednesday with a list full of questions so if i find out anything will let you know x Good luck xx
  • thanks kelly that would be really helpful. how long have you been TTC? im only on 3rd month but think any problems like this i should think about sooner as poss.

    anyone else out there? x
  • kellyh08kellyh08 Posts: 54
    3rd month for me too. I fell pregnant a couple of years ago (by accident) but I miscarried at 8 weeks so am being extra careful about everything this time around. I am trying to be very relaxed about it all but i did get excited earlier this month when my period was a couple of days late and then came crashing down to earth when i tested negative. Fingers crossed we will both have good news soon xx
  • Hiya, can't really offer advice as i'm not pregnant but i'm in the exact same boat. Came off the pill in December after 10 years and my cycles have settled at a regular 34 days. Really irritating as it gives us less chances a year but I have been told by the doc that anything up to 37/38 is considered completely normal. I haven't had a BFP yet and of course am suffering all the usual paranoia (especially about my age, 30 felt really young until starting TTC!) but wanted to reassure you that a 35 day cycle is no cause for concern. Good luck to you!! x
  • mistyscottmistyscott Posts: 729
    hi there

    I'm currently pregnant (16 wks) and for the year previous (came off pill about 2yrs ago) my cycle could vary from 27 days to 40+ days. Spoke to doc before xmas as was bit worried about it and she said I most likely wasn't ovulating on the longer months. I then fell pregnant in december (unexpectedly) and from the dates so far I must have had a 26 day cycle....go figure. I don't quite understand it!

    I thought we'd have problems, but only took once in four months (long story) - sorry for those who've been trying for a while, I know we're lucky. Just wanted to offer some hope as someone who had very irregular cycles.

    Good luck image
  • supertabbysupertabby Posts: 1,125 New bride
    I haven't heard that longer cycles mean lower quality eggs. Each month your body starts to ripen around 100-150 eggs. The first one to reach maturity is released at that time and then a hormonal release basically tells the rest of the eggs to stop bothering. Even though your cycle is longer the release is triggered by the ripening so you're not "over ripening" or anything.

    My cycles were long before I went on the pill, about 30-odd days but it varied from month to month. When I came off the pill I waited 6 weeks from withdrawal bleed to first proper period, I have no idea how long the next cycle would've been as I got pregnant then. We were very lucky to get pregnant so quickly but I wanted to share so you know it can happen even with irregular cycles.

    My GP advised us to have sex every 2-3 days all through the month, rather than monitor ovulation and concentrate on those days. This is great advice for those with irregular cycles, but also for anyone who is regular too as it takes the pressure off and avoids it feeling like a chore. And because the sperm survives for 3-7 days, then regular sex ensures there will be a "presence" when the egg is ready to appear and increases the chances of conception.
  • MiaLeaceyMiaLeacey Posts: 1,184
    I'm someone else with long cycles who got pregnant first time. Mine were ranging 27-39 days for about the last 18months since I came off the pill, but had settled at pretty much about 34. I don't think longer / irregular cycles are much to worry about. Although they do make it harder to only BD at ovulation times (or to practise the rhythm method of contraception - as I discoveredimage )

    Good luck x
  • so good to read all these stories image nice to know not only one with this.
  • debwylie83debwylie83 Posts: 499
    Don't worry I have long I had long cycles and it didn't stop us conceiving within 4 weeksimage
  • kellyh08kellyh08 Posts: 54
    Hi ladies - went to see the doctor this morning and feel so much more reassured about my long cycles. Doc says there is no reason why a longer cycle should result in lesser quality eggs the only thing which is frustrating is how eratic my peiods are. He is sending me for a blood test on day 33 (since my last period) to check hormone levels and then another blood test between day 1 and 5 of the next period (fingers crossed i wont have one)to check all ok! If anyone is feeling a little anxious or needs reassuarnce I would highly reccommend a trip to the docs - mine was great x
  • that is very reassuring kelly, your doctor sounds nice. i have heard lots of stories where people have been to the doctor and they have told them to go away for 12 months. not very helpful if you are worried! hope the blood tests go well. think will keep trying for a bit, hubby doesnt want to go to doctor until at least june so will have a few more months at it x
  • Hi Hun

    I dont know what some of your abbreviation like FP mean - BUT i have a 37-40 day cycle and today i found out that im pregnant (i did three tests of different brands to make sure!)

    We have only been trying for little over a month so obviously a long cycle does not man alot. Justmake sure you know your ''peak time'' and go for it!!

    GOOD LUCK image
  • wow thats amazing news!!! plus v.encouraging image FP means follicular phase-the time from AF to Ov. x
  • Do be encouraged as ive always had a 37 - 40 day cycle and thats without having ever been on the pill.

    so keep at it and keep us up to date image

    Now that im pregnant im happy of course but a sack of nerves - just hoping it will all go okay! image
  • hey ladies

    Im in the same boat! I am on the baby expert forum and in the TTC forum there is a thread called agnus castus which has some infor about how it can help! I havent used it yet but plan to next month and it is buy one get one for a penny in holland and barrat at the moment!

    Since coming off the pill in Sept 2010 by cycles have been from 39-44 days so I am hoping to get these cycles a bit shorter!!

  • I just wrote a reply and it got deleted!! What is was saying was that my cycles since coming off the pill in September 2010 have been 39-44 days. I am on teh baby expert forum and there is a therad in TTC called agnus castus. I have bought some to use next cycle and it is buy one get one for a penny in holland and barratt! Come to baby expert u can use the same login and there are loads of lovely ladies to give u advice

  • LD1978LD1978 Posts: 99
    Hey all,

    This is reassuring to read as I came off the pill in Jan and first cycle was 36 days. I am now on CD22 and no sign of ovulation so starting to stress and worry that the pill has messed me up and Im not ovulating.

    I dont have much cervical mucus (sorry if tmi) so am thinking Im not going to ovulate image I must admit my first af off the pill was only 3 days so perhaps I didnt ovulate then either.

    May have to give the agnus castus a go aswell!! Its so frustrating not knowing what is happening with your body! Hubby reckons will take time for my body to adjust after being on pill for 16 years so I hope hes right!
  • agnus castus may well be worth a try, let us know how you get on broodychops. LD1978, i feel the same as you and think the pill really messes with your hormones and i have been off the pill since sept and still having cycles all over the place but was so long since i had natural periods (12 years!) that i cant even remember what they were like although i think had long cycle then too.

    I have been reading recently about 'split peaks' which basically means our FP is long because we are not building up hormones quick enough to release an egg so follicle gives up and then a new one matures which takes another few days. if hormone levels still not high enough no egg is released again and carried on until you do. basically only ovulate the last time of this but how would anyone know when this is?! all follicular attempts come with EWCM so hard to know. lots of extra bding and my husband is feeling under pressure as many 'target' dates lol!

    apparently you can see the peaks on a BBT chart but have only just started charting so not sure what this would look like.

    anyone else heard of this?

  • LD1978LD1978 Posts: 99
    Hey Mrs Belevdon - I was 16 when I went on the pill so like you havent a clue what they were like!!

    Ive been doing my BBT chart and havent seen any split peaks, only peaks once after alcohol and sleeping in. My temp did rise today slightly so Im hoping and praying that it means I've ovulated and will stay a high temp from now. If it goes back down again then I dont know what I'll think!! I am on day 23 though so not sure if thats too late to be ovulating and even if its not whether my lining will be any good!! God its a minefield!

    I guess its all pill related and they do say its normal so I just need to be patient!! xx
  • sarakraussarakraus Posts: 342
    I have a 33-36 day cycle and got pregnant on the first month of trying! Now 27 weeks pregnant and all is well. good luck x
  • LD1978LD1978 Posts: 99
    Ooh Sarakraus thats good to know!! I hope Im as lucky (although am thinking not due to the lack of CM!)
  • How is everyone getting on? AF at the moment, v. depressing and out for next month too as hubby is away on business at crucial time image anyone else making their husbands take sperm tablets?! mine is on wellman conception although i have to monitor to make sure he takes them! x
  • kellyh08kellyh08 Posts: 54
    I had my results back from my blood tests and it turns out that im not or havent ovulated at day 33 from my last af. I was very upset, jumping to conclusions and assuming the worst, but doctor says because my periods are irregular it could have been a day or two too early! I have to do a second lot of bloods 1-5 days of my next af which will test for hormone levels etc and if they come back negative the fun starts of trying to establish why im not OV!

    Its a catch 22 situaton as its very depressing and stressful but thats the 1 thing that can hinder ttc! x
  • Hi,

    I just wanted to say that I have just got my BFP after a 42 day cycle. I didn't ovulate until day 30 but it doesn't seem to have been a problem for me. My cycles have been longer since I had an early miscarrige a few months ago.

    I have been charting my temperature (BBT)this cycle and this is the only way I knew I was ovulating so late. I had a clear temp rise at day 30. I also used OPK's so the two together seemed to work very well for me.

    Hope you get that BFP very soon x
  • hey ladies just a quick update! I was supposed to be trying out the agnus castus for us but i found out 2 weeks ago that i had got my BFP!! So can definatey say that long cycles do not mean u cant conceive!

  • lol congrats broodychops thats brill! xxx
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