Testing too early and getting a negative..then doing it again later and getting a positive

Did anyone test too early and get a negative and then take a test at a later date that came out as a positive? What made you try again? Did you just know you'd done it way too early? Im fighting doing a test at the min coz I know it will be negative...just clinging on to that last shred of hope!!!


  • I tested on a Sunday the day I was due on and got a negative - almost got drunk the same day. It got to the thurs and nothing so I decided I would buy a cheap one just to check. I did one because on the thurs morning didn't feel myself. Felt faint like I was going to pass out then I got my positive! X
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    Hey honey, I am 24 weeks pregnant... I tested when my period was technically 2 days late, I'd known I was pregnant for a week! I got a negative, and another negative 2 days later... I had to wait til I was a whole week late for a positive! Tortureimage I have been pregnant before so KNEW I was... (miscarried), last time I tested when I was 3 days late and got a positive... all very strange! Oh and my negatives were on clear blue's so what a waste of pennies that was! xxx
  • Aw thanks for your replies girls, Im going to hold off anyway. Im pretty certain I aren't but it encourages me not to waist too much money on testing too early! image
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    It's often to do with the time of day you do it too. First thing in the morning when hcg levels are highest is best time.
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    Hold off Sarah until after due, and use a cheaper test too as I have heard they are more reliable. On the Sainsbury's one it gives breakdown of reliability before AF due. And it is pretty poor before actual due date
  • Will do image Im getting cramps anyway like AF is on her wicked way anyway! Boo!
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    Awwww bless you hope yo have a better month next month
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    My friend had 6 negative tests when she was actually pregnant!

    She was told it's because it takes a while for the hormone to be more present to register on the test or something so was a week after her AF was due.
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    I tested on the Monday had a negative result was really disappointed as we had been trying for 14 months. Woke up on the Wednesday morning and didn't feel right and had a test left so I thought I would do another just in case and a really faint line came up. My heart was beating so fast. I went straight to the shops and brought a clear blue digital test and it came up pregnant straight away. X
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    I tested on Monday when period due, nothing, did a first response one this evening. Nothing. I am not sure what to do as going on hols on Thursday, do I take a spare test with me plus all my stuff in case AF arrived
  • Oh cebpickle how flippin annoying. I guess thats whatyou'll have to do..cover for both eventualities! Fingers crossed for you though!
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    Thanks Sarah

    In a lot of ways I am hoping AF arrives, as it will just be easier as staying with husbands family then mine, and they would know if I wasn't drinking and eating those foods. I was just hoping it would arrive on time so almost gone when we go as husbands sister has a swimming pool.

    I will keep you posted. Can't test again before then though, I do think was only ovulating 9/10 days ago but going by cycles AF due.
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