af late - negative tests

well my af is now 6 days late. im usually regular so its a bit of a surprise. Done a number of tests but all say negative. Have had a few 'twinges' and sharp pains in my boobies! but they are not too sore, mainly at night my nipples are. Have nausea in the morning and middle of the night. Just dont know what to think. I thought id 'feel' pregnant if i was but i dont. Oh and last thing i cry a lot.

The worst thing is i keep symptom spotting, can ya tell! Cant help it really.

Just wondering if anyone else had been through the same.


  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786

    Some people are positive but the tests don't show this initially. So you get a false negative. When in the day have you tested? Make sure first thing
  • like the lady above said try another test its possible to have a false negative-i did with my daughter twice i was testing too early. I was 2 weeks late when I tested again with positive. Also brand of test makes a difference clear blue showed up as positive bith times (I have 2 kids). Tested with my son on a cheapo test & it showed positive but hardly noticeable so got the clearblue digital.
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    Hey honey I didn't get a positive test til I was over a week late, so wait a while and re-test image that was on 2 clearblue tests too so what a waste of money for me!! I knew I was pregnant as I could tell as i'd been there before (miscarried though), so it was such a frustrating time! The boob pain is definitely a sign! And bloating and tirednessimage ha ha lovely! xxx
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    well af arrived today 10 days late. I'm pleased that something has happened but would have rather had a positiv test. So I'm gonna leave the site. Im so thilled for everyone who is having a baby but it does really hurt at the same time. Good luck to everyone xx
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