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Soooooo angry!!

I am so angry!

I went on facebook over the weekend and a friend from school had wrote on her status that she was getting pissed with some friends, thing is she is 23weeks pregnant!!!

Another friend questioned it and her reply was 'yeah it dont hurt to have a drink once in a while'

I probably shouldn't have but I have made my feelings quite clear and told her how irresponsible it is.

It just makes me so angry that there's people like this that risk there babies health yet there are decent couples who struggle to get pregnant or lose there babies. It possibly hurts more because of my recent miscarriage. What I cant understand is why she felt the need to brag about it to the whole of facebook too ?!



  • Goodness! I saw a woman in town the other day who had her toddler on a backpack and she was smoking! What is wrong with these people???
  • I agree!! have u seen the TV ad with a girl who is very pregnany laying down with an ash tray on her belly!!! smoking away!

    Its a joke when people abuse what they are given.

    Your not wrong to be upset! She should feel ashamed!

  • JHyamsJHyams Posts: 1,848
    That's terrible. I'm suffering from hayfever and would feel too guilty for taking a tablet. I saw a girl a few months ago, who was quite far gone, probably at least 7 months pregnant if not more, and she smoking like a chimney.

    Did you see the episode of One Born Every Minute with the girl with black teeth? She smoked throughout the pregnancy and her baby had yellow fingernails.

    I would have done the same as you and told her how irresponsible it is. Some people struggle to have children or can't at all, and there are these people that just take it for granted.
  • JvLwithBabyBoyJvLwithBabyBoy Posts: 2,740 New bride
    i agree, things like this make me really upset. people are just so selfish and stupid!
  • msluckygalmsluckygal Posts: 194
    I agree. I don't understand how people can be so nonchalant about such a special gift which a baby is. It really upsets me that so many responsible, loving people are denied the chance to be parents and these brainless selfish cretins keep breeding.

    Sorry if that's a bit inflamatory. image

    My best friend had 7 rounds of unsuccessful IVF and is still paying it off. If she had seen that FB post, she would have stalked her and made sure her night on the lash was one to remember!
  • Lainey_emLainey_em Posts: 167
    I think these people are just totally uneducated or in denial smoking starves the baby of oxygen and the baby drinks what you drink so stupid to go overboard
  • 'A Drink' might be fine. I wouldn't do it, haven't had more than a sip since day I found out I was pg. But the way it was written suggests she doesn;t mean she had just one. Some people are totally ridiculous. When you think of all the things can go wrong, even if you don't have a drink, then it doesn't bear thinking about.

    I was sat outside in a beer garden with my husband the other day drinking one of those non alcoholic beers, in a glass. The looks I was getting - we had to leave as I felt too judged image
  • I was going through my miscarriage and was at the hospital for scans, I stepped outside for a breath of air as everything was getting to me a bit and there stood next to me in her p.j's and slippers was a young woman who must have been at least 7 or 8 months gone- puffing away on a fag...I swear if it wasn't for the baby inside her Id have throttled her.
  • m0nkeym00m0nkeym00 Posts: 841
    It really made me so angry.

    One of her friends replied asking what my problem was and to get a grip?! Unbelievable that these people think that this is ok! Maybe women like this who risk their babies health should be done for neglect.

    Oh well, there's little I can do about it.
  • My SiL smoked throughout her pregnancy. She cut down, but she still smoked. Her baby was born 2 months premature and had really bad chest infections, was in and out of hospital for the frist 5 months of her life... what really got me though was that she swore blind my nephew was premature because she was under stress from work?!?!?!

    I really don't understnd how some people can do that with a little baby inside them.
  • mum2be2011mum2be2011 Posts: 1,172
    It's terrible and selfish. I'm lucky that I'm a non smoker so not smoking throughout pregnancy is not a problem for me. I am partial to a glass of wine though or a G & T but I haven't even considered it since finding out I'm pregnant. Some things are more important than habit and I wouldn't forgive myself if something went wrong with baby due to something I'd done.
  • unfortunately a lot of women dont realise how lucky they are or how precious a baby is until they lose one or have trouble conceiving. Saying that I had my son at 19 and didnt touch a drop of alcohol - I even steered clear of peanut butter! Which was torture because I love it image So sometimes I think people are just ignorant. And these will be the people who get through life with healthy children and no worries or cares.

    My daughter was 4 months old when she died in 2009 and I still resent the parents who write "bloody kids doing my head in" on facebook. They dont know how lucky they are. xx
  • As someone who has been trying for the past 4 years to have a baby and having had two miscarriages, I can't abide by women who do not appreciate how lucky they are to be able to fall pregnant and have such a beautiful gift that a child is. I struggle as it is when I hear women complain about their pregnancies let alone see them drinking or smoking.

    I saw a young girl who was quite heavily pregnant and smoking and it makes me so angry I could actually cry.

    Sometimes, life is so unfair.
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