Conceive on Wedding Night!

Just curious to know if anyone has conceived on the night of their wedding...that would be very special I think.

Not sure when or how soon we will start trying for a baby after the wedding, may just come off the pill just before and see what happens. Hope it's not too long

Congrats to all that are expecting...exciting!! image


  • mistyscottmistyscott Posts: 729
    Not the wedding night (too knackered) but we did conceive on my hen weekend image

    No, it's not the stripper's image I had a relaxing weekend away in a lodge and after all my hens went home on Sunday, my OH came to stay for the last night. We hopped in the 'hot' tub only to find we'd mucked up the temperature the night before and it was lukewarm at best! So, freezing cold after getting out (it was December) the only way of warming up was in bed image The rest is history - and giving me little nudges as I type!

    Have a fab wedding day x
  • msluckygalmsluckygal Posts: 194
    mistyscott that's beautiful!! aw congrats xx
  • MrsMortonMrsMorton Posts: 62
    I think we conceived on our wedding night/ dayimage

    It works out exactly right for ovulation etc we had a naughty snuggle during the day and then on the night. hehehe sorry if tmi!

  • lucelalucela Posts: 551
    A naughty snuggle eh...never heard of it been called that! Might say that one to the other half hehehe! image

    Aaawww mistyscott that's so cute, congrats! Do you know what your having? image

  • lucelalucela Posts: 551
    MrsMorton what about you, do you know what your having other than a baby you hope image

    Did you ever get any comments off people like you don't mess around or that was quick?

    Makes me soo broody image
  • mistyscottmistyscott Posts: 729
    20wk scan on Friday so will hopefully find out then. As for comments - loads! I organised the wedding in only 4 months so people probably think they know why it was done quickly too - although we didn't find out until NYE and there was no reason for doing it quickly (the wedding that is! baby wasn't exactly planned!) other than, we could and why wait? image
  • MrsMortonMrsMorton Posts: 62
    Nope we don't know the sex, we have our 20 week scan on 26th April but not finding out the sex as want it to be a surprise! image

    Yes plenty of comments about not hanging around! lol in fact most people thought i had got preggers before the wedding but hubby is in the army and before the wedding day i hadn't seen him for 8 weeks! so it would have been a bit worrying if preggers before wedding! lol

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