Bleeding at 19wks

Hi all

I'm 19+1 and today had red blood when I wiped - and more on a pantliner since. Seen GP and he signed me off for week and said to call if any more bleeding - so waiting on another callback now (discovered pantliner blood when got home). Also had crampy pains at bottom of bump since last night....but thankfully we have a doppler and can hear poppyseed's hb and movement (and doc listened too).

20wk scan booked for Friday but guess they won't do that if get scanned earlier?

Has anyone experienced this?? Trying not to worry but it's so hard image


  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786

    My best friend had a bleed at the same sort of time, she was found to have a low lying placenta, but she was fine just had to take things easy through the pregnancy and now has an 8 week old daughter. Hope things go well with the scan
  • mistyscottmistyscott Posts: 729
    Thanks. Back from day assessment unit and all seems ok. Just gotta rest up for a week and fingers crossed it's just 'one of those things'. Hard not to read into every little twinge though - and there are a lot of those!

    Scan on Friday so that'll be good to see poppyseed again image
  • mrsleggomrsleggo Posts: 807
    I had bleeding 3 times throughtout my pregnancy and now have a very lively 11.5 month old. It is worrying at the time but try not to and get plenty of rest

    Dawn x
  • PeasnCarrotsPeasnCarrots Posts: 1,831
    My friend bled with both pregnancys and had 2 healthy babys born around due date. I know its easy for me to say but please dont panic xxxx
  • shelldoddsshelldodds Posts: 2,679
    Hey sweetie I had a bleed at 13 weeks, the morning after my scan so very shocked. Everything was fine with no explanation for it, I'm sure you'll be ok... it's terrifying though, rest up look after yourself xxx
  • mistyscottmistyscott Posts: 729
    Thanks for all the well wishes; I'm feeling a lot better after a few days of loads sleeping and taking it easy. No more bleeding (touch wood) and we have the 20wk scan tomorrow afternoon image can't wait to see poppyseed - and hopefully find out the sex imageimage
  • PeasnCarrotsPeasnCarrots Posts: 1,831
    Glad the bleeding stopped (touch wood!)

    Good luck with your scan tomorrow, exciting times xxx
  • MiaLeaceyMiaLeacey Posts: 1,184
    Yay so glad you're feeling better! image

    Ooooo so exciting about your scan. (Although can't believe you get your 20 week scan before we get our 12! Hmph!)

    And omg, you're gonna find out the sex? Thought you weren't going to? Even more exciting!

    We'll catch up properly next week image xxx
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