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Jan/ Feb Mummies!

Hi lovely Ladies!

How are you all getting on?

Our lil guy is not so little anymore- was 13lb11 at last weight check- 9 weeks old! We made the decision for me to stop expressing after his first set of jabs as it was taking hours every day and Noah was missing out on valuble playtime... We decided overall play would probably be of more benefit long term than a few oz of breast milk and I feel happy with the decision now!

He's smiling loads- a really happy little chap! And we feel so blessed that hes in our lives!



  • Hey hun!

    Connie was 12 weeks old yesterday and weighed 9lb 6oz! I know this is tiny but she has put on almost 4lb since birth so I'm really pleased.

    I'm still breast feeding and we seem to have settled into a routine now although she is teething at the moment which is upsetting her a bit. And she has slept through the night pretty much every day for the last week.

    I love her so much it's incredible. She is so happy and smiley and everybody comments on how alert she is. I have to make sure I force her to take her regular naps though as she is a menace when she is tired!

    Sarah x x

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