Did anyone's m/s get worse in second trimester?

Hi had my scan last Friday and all is well (phew!) but my sickness seems to have got worse. I didn't have loads of sickness in the first trimester - just queasiness and feeling ill at certain smells. Now I seem to be actually throwing up with it and feeling sick in the night. Thought it was supposed to get better. and when does this supposed 'glowing' period start cos i feel shattered and rubbish. Anyone else have this? Hope it doesn't mean something is wrong?



  • mistyscottmistyscott Posts: 729

    sorry to hear you're feeling poo still. Contrary to popular belief, it's around 16wks when the placenta fully takes over and ms tails off; quite a lot of people experience a reduction by 12wks, but to have it til 16wks is not unusual.

    Hope it goes for you soon x
  • MrsH2128MrsH2128 Posts: 566
    hi, my m/s was in overdrive during the first few weeks of my second trimester, sick after breakfast and my evening meal but it eased considerably by week 15/16 and came to a complete stop. I know that m/s is awful and feeling sick constantly/loss of appetite is the worst but once it stopped I was able to enjoy my pregnancy finally. Persevere, it will get better. I also found that red meat made me feel worse so I cut that out for a while.

    Re the glowing period, can't say that I have experienced that yet (I am 22 weeks), during the m/s period I looked and felt awful but that has thankfully passed. I guess we glow when we are talking/thinking about our precious babies inside us, I certainly can't hide my smile.

    Hope it eases soon for you. x
  • mrsleggomrsleggo Posts: 807
    My morning sickness lasted until week 26, unfortunatley by week 32 the indigestion started and I was back to throwing up. The only problem with throwing up in the later stages of pregnancy is that when you retch you wet yourself. I used to sit on the loo with a bucket in my lap to avoid wet floors.

    Dawn x
  • MrsH2128MrsH2128 Posts: 566
    Mrs Leggo, I can sympathise with that, I used to pass small amounts of urine when I would throw up during my early pregnancy m/s, mainly in the morning. Certainly not the most enjoyable times of pregnancy.
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