Help! Anyone felt like this?!

Hello ladies,

Warning, this might be a bit long and complicated (!) but just wondering if anyone else has had symptoms like this and what happened?

I've been off my pill for 3 months - had a first cycle of 35 days, then 30 days and all seemed fine. About a week after ovulation (I think), I've been feeling nauseous/dizzy for a day or two every few days, and wondered if I might actually be pregnant and showing really early signs. Last Monday (28 days after last AF) I started to get cramps, and so thought maybe not, and that AF was on her way. BUT... no AF has arrived! I've been feeling naseous and just a really unsettled/churny/gurgly stomach since then, although took a test this morning (first response) and it was negative (I think I'm about 16-18 dpo). I'm now at 32 days since last AF (so it could just be a long cycle), but I'm confused about the earlier cramps (really felt like my time of the month!), and why I'm feeling sick?

Has anyone else had cramps but still been pregnant, or had irregular cycles since coming off the pill? Any thoughts would be appreciated!


  • mum2be2011mum2be2011 Posts: 1,172
    I had a lot of strange symptoms when I came off the pill so maybe its to do with that? I would give it another week and test again if still no period? x
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