Freaking out a bit!

Hi all

Nearly 14 weeks and think I'm starting to get a bump and tbh its freaking me out a bit - is this normal? I'm feeling weird that my body is changing especially as I am someone who is very body conscious and works hard on her figure. I can't win cos when I was flat stomach I worried cos I wondered how anything was there and now I'm weirded out a bit.

Doesn't help that my dad's reaction wasn't great. I wasn't expecting the normal reaction (he doesn't show emotion very well) but apparently he has been saying he doesn't know how we're going to do it. Makes me not want to see him cos he just makes me feel doubtful about it all - like i've been careless and stupid. The fact that I am in my late 20s, happily married, own our own house and have careers doesn't seem to mean anything. I thought grandparents to be were supposed to be full of joy or something. We aren't rolling in it but I am very careful so have savings and we are better off than a lot of people I know. Doesn't help with my pregnant emotional instability at the moment.

Sorry to rant.



  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    Don't know how you feel as not there yet. Maybe he phrased it wrong, don't avoid him though, you have pointed out you are in a good position and I am sure by the end of the pregnancy he won't be able to wait to be a grandad
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    i soooo know how you feel!! i got my bfp in early dec within a few weeks my boobs had gone from an A cup to a B and although i was thrilled with the extra boobage, it was soooo weird too. i started to expand in the belly area around 15 weeks although wasnt looking remotely pregnant yet, just enough that i noticed it and looked bloated. obviously i was quote excited but i agree, it is very strange. it kinda reminded me of puberty in a weird way. you know its supposed to happen and its all a good thing but it made me feel a little strange that my body wasnt under my own control anymore.

    i didnt look pregnant at all until about 22 weeks although my bump was growing little by little and now at 24+6 i feel huge lol. even though im well aware that im nearly in my third trimester and im happy to finally be showing properly.

    i really wouldt worry. everybody shows differently and i keep telling myself that as long as bubba is healthy it doesnt matter at all. were all bound to gain some weight too but soon enough ill have my body back (albeit maybe a bit changed from before pregnancy) and a gorgeous little boy image

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    My dad would go on all the time about having grandkids, then my sister had a little girl and he was thrilled. Then he used to go on at me about meeting someone and having kids and I was leaving it a bit late as I was mid 30's and on my own. Then I met Mark, we got engaged and then whoops we got pregnant before the wedding and my dad decided we couldn't afford a wedding and a baby....proved him wrong, had a baby, got married 3 months later and now we have bought a new car.

    Dad's are there to worry about their daughters, yours or mine won't be the first and they won't be the last!!!

    Dawn x
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    I really struggled with the change in body shape too- some people say pregnancy makes them feel radiant and glowing and the whole time I felt bloated and fat! 10 1/2 weeks on I've got a beautiful little boy, am back in all my pre pregnancy clothes and my husband says he finds me more attractive now than he ever has (despite my mummy tummy!)... It is definately worth it, but be reassured i certainly never embraced the body changes of pregnancy but love being a mummy!

    And try not to get disheartened about what other people say- I can't count the number of people who said they never thoughtnwe'd have children when we announced I was pregnant... Which was heartbreaking! But we've got a gorgeous happy little boy so we must be doing something right!

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