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  • Congratulations NikNiks. That's lovely x
  • dbowmanukdbowmanuk Posts: 112
    Hi girls,

    Me and Hubby are on our 3rd month TTC. I know its early days but i've got no patience want it to happen now! Is it just me or does the whole female population seem to be preggers everywhere I go there's baby bumps image Wishing everyone lots of babydust for a lucky May xx
  • MarquiseMissyMarquiseMissy Posts: 437
    Congrats Niknak.

    I'm delighted to report that I got my BFP too yesterday! Month 5 of trying. I simply could not believe it. My cycles were all over the place ranging from 28 to 35 days so on month 2 I got the clearblue fertility monitor which we found took the stress off a little as we knew when I was ovulating.

    The only thing we did differently this month was that neither of us were working. We were on a 3.5 week honeymoon and I totally chilled out. I still did the ovulation tests and I secretly hoped for a honeymoon baby but we concentrated on chilling on the beach. After the dreaded two week wait I had no signs and I certainly didn't FEEL pregnant. Except, if I think hard about it, I have been really sensitive to smells. I asked Hubby if he thought the washing smelt lovely. He said he had noticed it did too so I put that symptom to bed. The soles of my feet have been really itchy too but that's prob my flip flops.

    Anyway, I decided not to test early this month as I hated going through the mourning process and then having to go through it again when AF arrived. So I waited. Night before my sister sent me a txt that really pissed me off. I got really emotional about it. I wondered why I was totally overreacting and pit it down to pmt. I'd also been getting a couple of cramps and had half come to the conclusion that AF was on her way. Next morning, I did the test on the day AF was due. I was really confused to see pregnant pop up but the little egg timer was still going so I knew the test hadn't stopped yet. I showed Hubby and it was the longest minute waiting to see whether a 'not' joined the pregnant or a '2-3 weeks' joined it. I broke down in ecstatic tears when it was 2-3. We had a belated honeymoon 7 months after our wedding and we've been waiting for our little one to come along too. Lovely month!

    Anyway, I know how disheartening it can be when TTC and people get their BFP. I was so upset worried and stressed that it wasn't happening for us. I'm 34 and thought I had left it too late. I just want to say don't give up hope! Be patient. It will happen! Stress is an unbelievably evil thing that affects us so much more than we think. I know it's hard but try to relax. When you get your BFP you will feel ready and excited for the journey ahead because you want it so much.

    Baby dust to everyone. Xxxx
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    Congrats to you Marquis Missy my cycles are now all over the place last one was 35 days now ranges fromm 24 to 35 so I might need to get the monitor just to check I am actually ovulating. Is it expensive?
  • NikNiksNikNiks Posts: 736
    Congratulations to you MarquiseMissy too, lovely news xx
  • MarquiseMissyMarquiseMissy Posts: 437
    Thanks cebpickle and niknik. The monitors are about £100 plus you have to get the test sticks too which are about £20 which lasts you two months. Amazon Market them at about £60 and you can

    Sometimes get them on eBay secondhand for about £40. The test sticks are cheaper online too.Don't worry, you can reset them to measure your cycles! I valued mine as I wasn't sure I was ovulating. Didn't trust myself to read the cheap tesco sticks. It put my mind at rest and took the pressure off too. Good luck! X
  • NowMrsENowMrsE Posts: 79
    Well looks like April has been a good month for BFP just hope I get mine soon!

    Had my blood tests and now waiting for the results.

    Does anyone know if you have regular cycles it's worthwhile buying a monitor cos up to now I've used CBov sticks an according to them I've Ov every month so not sure if the monitor would tell me much more?

    It's all very confusing! x image
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    Hi if the sticks are showing you are ovulating then I don't see what more the monitor would show you, as it is more to help identify when you are OV which you have worked out
  • NicolaCNicolaC Posts: 85
    Congrats to the BFP!! Its encouraging knowing that I might get there one day. AF is due on Saturday/Sunday this week although I don't feel any different. If it doesn't happen then I need to have my blood tests to confirm I am ovulating etc etc. I am praying that AF doesn't come!!

    Good Luck all! X x x x
  • MrsSandisonMrsSandison Posts: 458
    Me and hubby have wanted kids for years. we have now jointly decided to TTC. very exciting. but we are both quietly worried as both our mothers have had several miscarriages between them. but also twins run in hubbys family!

    I love MIL to pieces but she has been putting a downer on things and has not helped! PLUS, she's been drawing similarities about us saying when she was in her early 20's (what I am now) she was slim, then she got big and she has been making out I WILL go the same way!

    Anyway me and husband have only just got married, we have both said that we would love to get pregnant but if it doesn't happen straight away there is still plenty of time for it to happen!

    Fingers crossed anyway!

    Good luck to the rest of you TTC! x
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    Niknik5 fingers crossed for you
  • NowMrsENowMrsE Posts: 79
    NikNik I'm exactly the same as you due on his weekend but going away with girlies for our annual weekend fly fri and back on sun but little worried if I am pregnant I shouldn't be flying in first 3 months! So fingers and toes crossed that I I am all is well

    Let me know how you get on. Have to say my boos feel really heavy and I'm bloated but get that with period so think AF may be on her way! image
  • MarquiseMissyMarquiseMissy Posts: 437
    I agree ladies. If the OV sticks work for you, the digital monitor doesnt do a lot more than that. Except..... it does let you know a few days before you OV. It says you have high fertility for a few days, then you OV, then it is high fertility for one day after. I dont know if it is true, so dont quote me on this, but lots of people say that if you bd a few days before OV, you are more lkely to have a girl. However, if you bd at OV, you are more likely to have a boy. Again, dont shoot me if Im wrong but if you are playing that game, you might find the monitor helpful. To be honest, I have learnt a lot with my TTC journey. I started out desperate for a girl. I even thought I would be disapointed if I found out it was a boy. After trying for 5 months, I am not fussy at all now. I just want to hold a precious bundle of joy - boy or girl. good luck everyone.
  • MrsDVMrsDV Posts: 322
    Congrats to all the BFPs this month - that's great news!

    Just a few more days to wait before me and T start "TTC"... although I'm not allowed to call it that, according to T we are "not not trying to conceive"... Is NNTTC a commonly-used phrase on this here interweb thingy? image
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    I know so many people that have had problems I just want a baby, don't mind on the gender. I am not sure on the at what point in the month you BD decides on the gender as the gender is decided by the sperm. I also know someone who has tried this a few times and every time they have tried to opt for a boy his wife has had a miscarriage, they have a baby daughter so who knows if she just can't carry boys
  • MrsWessonMrsWesson Posts: 167
    hey all

    Congrats to those with BFP

    Me and hubby have been TTC since september, i'm only 22 so thought i'd happen easy ...big mistake there image

    My cycles since i came off the pill have been everywhere i've only had 3 AF in 7 months but they say it takes 6months for pill to leave system and i've only had one since we past 6 month mark so hopefully we'll get somewhere now

    And everyone saying why is everyone else pregnant i know exactly what you mean 2 weeks after i started TTC my friend at work annouced she was pregnant(she gave birth yday) my other friend started trying the same time as me (although we didnt know each other was trying) and shes due next month another colleague at work is due in the next week, my best friend has fallen pregnant not even wanting to be and had an abortion and my mums best friend is also pregnant due in july ...... its madness. My other best friend is starting to TTC next month as well, she came of her pill 3 months ago and her cycles are regular so i'm thinking shes going to get there before me too and have warned my hubby i'll be totally gutted but hey ho i'm sure we'll get there in the end and its a ridiculously high percentage of people my age get pregnant with the first 12 months and only about 7% need any assistance so just keep having fun trying image

    If my cycles go back to normal then i should AF around monday next week but i wont test for 2 weeks after that because of how scatty my cycles have been
  • MrsWessonMrsWesson Posts: 167
    oo yes i'm due to test only a couple of days before my birthday as well if AF doesnt arrive so maybe i'll get what i want for my birthday since i didnt get what i wanted for christmas lol
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    Mrs Wesson

    Have you spoken to the Dr about the periods? And why you had so few of them?
  • MrsWessonMrsWesson Posts: 167
    Yeah but she said could have just been because at the time it had only been 5 months since i stopped taking the pill or i could need to lose a bit of weight so i joined slimming world and lost 1stone 2lbs(and still losing) and am going to see what happens this month and if i'm not either pregnant or AF at the right sorta time then i'll be heading back to docs

    So i have two challenges now i want to either be pregnant or size ten by July lol
  • Krystle050610Krystle050610 Posts: 147
    hey everyone,

    just wanted to say congratulations to all the mummies and daddies to be whos wishes came true in the last couple of weeks. Bet ur all over the moon.

    Good luck to everyone else, and hopefully we hear some more good news in the couple of weeks to come.

  • NicolaCNicolaC Posts: 85
    Well I am sorry to say that AF arrived today..a couple of days early. I am devastated AGAIN!!

    I will now move over to June and month 16 for us image

    Good Luck all. xxx
  • NikNiksNikNiks Posts: 736
    Ah NikNik5, am sorry about that, will be keeping my fingers crossed for you for June, try to keep positive, am sure you will get there.

    LOTS and LOTS of Baby dust to you

  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039
    NikNiks, I was going to say congratulations but then read your last post. Are you sure? did you not see a BFP and doc confirmed too that you are preggy? are you sure it is AF and not just a bit of normal bleeding? good luck!!
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    There are too Nikniks, one is Niknik5, who got AF, the other is Nikniks who got BFP, sorry if got this the wrong way around
  • MrsGallacherMrsGallacher Posts: 862
    Hey ladies TTC but some advice needed please came off my pill on 11th March had my withdrawal bleed 14th-17th so thought thats it time for my cycle to get back to normal then had period from 24th march to 28th march which i thought was weird having it so close to withdrawal bleed but then had another period from 4th April to 8th April.

    If my cycle had returned to its normal 28 day cycle i would have been due last monday which i though i was going to come on as has slight cramps for most of the week then nothing.took a pregnancy test last Thurs which was a BFN do you think this is just my body getting back to normal after the pill? xXx
  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039
    NikNik5 - so sorry maybe next month!

    NikNik -congratulations! such brilliant news!

    I am moving to TTC May too as just got AF again, it has been almost a year of trying. The good thing is that we have been referred to a consultant gyna at the fertility clinic and so far, the ultra vaginal scan shows that all is normal on ovaries etc and next thursday, I am going for another test to see if the tubes are blocked or not. If all is OK, then the gynae says she will put me on clomid. so I am still hopeful. I am 35 now.

  • Fingers crossed for you mubee x
  • MrsKIrwinMrsKIrwin Posts: 400
    OMG We've just got our BFP!!! I had really given up with it and this month I told my husband that I'm not doing any tests, or checking for any symptoms and I realised that I am two days late. So i did a test but havent had many symptoms and there is was a BFP. I did have a little bleed which must have been implantation but it really was nothing. I am in total shock and slightly starting to panic. Hopefully I can come back on this site for some support coz i think i might need it.
  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039
    congratulations Mrs KIrwin, wonderful news! makes me wonder if not trying really works!
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    congrats Mrs KIrwin, that is great news
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