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  • mrsdaisymrsdaisy Posts: 98
    came on heer cause need to remind myself i am not only one feeling like this but ttc month 9 for us too ...feeling also like it won't happen and that I may have to face that I can never have kids. Makes me feel gutted everytime I see someone who is pregnant or hear friends baby news. I am so happy for them everyone desrves chance to be a parent ..well ok maybe not everyone . Although that's another thing it does make you crossdoesn't it when you see bad parents think dothey kow how lucky theya re ..wehn some people cant have kids. two of my friends tried for years and now one pregnant and one just had her baby so that's great and I know some people just take longer . But so hard am sick of pretending not to want kids when people keep asking ..'when are you two gona have some babies then ? ' just very fed up !!! but work is stressful so maybe that's part of my reason/ only read first ten of these pots but you ladies am with you ...I feel fed up two. But then think of my friends how are single and are longing to be married, am lucky I have a great guy. hope you all get your baby news very soon
  • purpletulippurpletulip Posts: 679 New bride
    Me too.. May will be our 4th month TTC, feels like ages already but not too long I suppose! I was on the pill for 20 years & so far i've ranged from 29-42 days. I'm on CD 6 today so plan on doing lots of BD over the next couple of weeks! I'm 37 & Hubby 40 so if nothing happens in a couple of months think i'll be visiting the docs. Also, I started a low carb diet last week & i've just read online that a low carb diet increases your fertility!! So, fingers crossed for May! Good luck to everyone.
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    Since coming off the pill in December my cycles have ranged from 24 to 32 days, it is day 25 now and I have stomach cramps this evening, so I may well be out this month, as it isn't 10 days since OV going by CM
  • NowMrsENowMrsE Posts: 79
    Well girlies my AF arrive yesterday so I'm out for this month and gutted cos I was one day late! Waiting for the doc to call me with my blood test results to check nothing wrong there and hubby I giving his sample in on fri so he's able to get it to the hosp.

    Plus I've bought a CB Ov monitor to see if that helps - I'm willing to try anything!

    Good luck to you all xxxx
  • mrsdaisymrsdaisy Posts: 98
    gutted for you mrsE . I hope your postive soon. It's so awful just hoping each month. Though am trying hard not to think to much and stay off her it is always in our mind , no matter how much you try and keep busy
  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039
    Girls, I went to check if tubes are blocked today, and all healthy. So now I know that no cysts, no polyps, no blocked fallopian tubes. Just waiting for Hubby's test again. And if all good, well will be TTC again. Month 10 or so for us. glad I had been referred quickly. By the time we reach 1 year, we will have had everything checked hopefully and in the next few weeks I will start Clomid hopefully!! I am keeping my fingers crossed but will be BD as much as possible every few days from this weekend!!

  • mrsdaisymrsdaisy Posts: 98
    Glad all ok . Know I sounds niave but worried about tests if anything is wrong. How invasive are they ? I am to scared to even have a smear.I know that sounds mad when I want a baby and chld birth is the messiest thing ever altho my mum had four kids but never had a smear or internal. The birth bit terrfies me but we so want a family. SO I am hoping once it's in there it's got to come out image But what types of tests do they do?
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    Mrsdaisy smear tests aren't too bad, and they are so important to have especially if you are TTC it is good to be up to date. The nurses that do them are all lovely and understanding. It used to be a Dr, but not usually the nurse.
  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039
    Smear test are not bad at all. they put something to keep you open, it is not painful at all and that take a sample of your cervix cells with a little spatula. It is very quick and not painful. I have always had a nurse do them.

    The other tests are just as easy. The internal scan was painless too and the x-ray with the dye was maybe a bit more uncomfortable, but I told some painkillers and it was over in about 20 seconds.
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    Day 32, which is the same length as my longest cycle so far and no AF. I did do a test first thing yesterday and BFN, hmmmm. I hate this each month
  • mrsdaisymrsdaisy Posts: 98
    i am right with you ceb pickle hadnt had af yet but felt pain in work today and I thought ..oh well looks like am going to be out thi month but we'll see . It is hard but got to try nto to think of it and enjoy being baby free for now ..helps that I ve got class full of 3-4 at the moment . All I wana do it just relax when get home ..think I def want lots of quality time off at home when have my own .don't know how other teachers do it !!
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    now day 35 and still no AF, had cramps a bit. I have an online shop coming later and put in a double test pack. So if no AF in the morning I will test
  • nannynoknicksnannynoknicks Posts: 673
    Hi Ladies,

    A massive congratulstions to the lucky ladies and their lovely news.

    I'm just waiting to see if AF will arrive this weekend, hopefully not of course.

    It's month 12 for us altogether although month 2 trying aain after a break for a few months to plan our wedding but thats in 3 weeks now and I'd love to find out pregnant before our big day. imageimage

    The only thing we've done differently this month was I bought some conception gel in a huff and we've usede that. it seems to have great reviews so fingers crossed.

    Some cramps but otherwise nothing though. We shall see. image

    Good luck to all you ladies ttc


  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    I got my BFP, I did find this month was the only month since coming off the pill where I didn't take notice of when possibly OV and we just BD every few days, it was only when the computer flashed at me that AF was due that I even realised
  • Krystle050610Krystle050610 Posts: 147

    I can not believe it, got my BFP on friday, so excited.

    Had to go to the doctors for blood tests a few hours after i found out tho due to having chicken pox the other week. so joping everything comes back ok with that.

    Congratulations to all those lucky ladies whos wishes came true this month, and Good luck to all you ladies who are having fun trying.

  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    Congrats to you. Fingers crossed everything ok with the chicken pocks
  • Krystle050610Krystle050610 Posts: 147
    thank you, just have to wait and see what the results say this week, they said i might need an injection and an examination just as a precaution so i don't get them again.

    have you done any of the calculators for a rough due date?

  • PJFyffePJFyffe Posts: 142
    Congratulations Krystle! Hope everything is ok with the chicken pox!

  • Krystle050610Krystle050610 Posts: 147
    Thanks PJFyfe
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    Yes I did. I think on the babycentre, or Bounty unsure which, but going on last period date of 22 April it puts me around the end of January.
  • nannynoknicksnannynoknicks Posts: 673
    hi Ladies,

    Congratulations to the ladies who got their BFP.

    I'm out for this month so onto june for me. Hoping this won't take much longer. image

    fingers crossed for us all.

  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039
    congrats to those ladies who got BFP!!!!!!
  • mrsdaisymrsdaisy Posts: 98
    congrats to ladies who hve . Just gota hope we'll al be celebrating soon. I am in tears now as just got Af. feel so rubbish. So worried theer is something wrong with me and I know theer are people alot worse off and some who can't conceive and others who have taken lot longer than 8 months. My two friend waited 5 and ten years even . But i don't want to wait .. I am so ready now !!! hate this feeling image
  • Krystle050610Krystle050610 Posts: 147
    Cebpickle, im just 3 days off of you, the first day of my last period was the 25th of april and the calculators say 30th of January.
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