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Hi Another month and hello AF again. Its been 8 months and I feel like it will never happen and each month I feel a bit more upset than the last i am 35 so feel that time isn't on my side anymore , and just want to know why it won't happen. I know I am not the only one in this boat but I have started to feel really angry about it wondering why my body doesn't seem to be working properly. Everywhere I turn I seem to see pregnant women everywhere I look and I am starting to find it so hard I never thought I would feel like this I though I would take it all in my stride if it happened or not.

yet month after month take my vitamins do the ov tests and nothing.

x x


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    You're entitled to a rant. It does seem unfair I know, however it's not your friends fault. Give it another 4 months and head off to GP if still no luck. You may just need a bit of assistance.

    In the meantime, please try to relax about it a bit as this degree of stress will not help with ttc. My friend was anxious about it like you, then had a failed IVF, then concieved naturally 4 months after IVF when she had begun to get used to the idea of never carrying her own child.

    I know a lot of people who have needed a bit of medical help along the way and have been successful (the most recent born this week!). I'm sure I'll be the next one at the surgery as I've been off the pill for over 2 years and still nothing (I'm 32).

    Having said all that, maybe next month will be the one for you!! Good luck xx
  • Msluckygal

    Two years! you must be feeling so frustrated. How do you cope with the dissappointment each month? every month I keep thinking it will be this month and nothing. I feel as if I have started to put my life on hold because I keep thinking "I don't want to plan such and such in case I am pregnant by then".

    I really do hope things work for you. Good luck to you to x
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    I've had months where I have been really frustrated, and like you felt like life was on hold and couldn't plan anything, just in case! Now I just think that life goes on and you just gotta keep doing all the stuff you enjoy (including sex for fun rather than to conceieve). Book a nice relaxing holiday or an adventure weekend or something mad! It's sods law, you'll catch just before and you're all inclusive will end up being alcohol-free for you, but who cares?!!

    My best advice is to stop thinking "this month will be it". It sets you up for disppointment. Plan to do things for which pregnancy will be a real inconvenience! image And please throw away them bloomin OV sticks - they'll do you're psychological wellbeing no favours. I'd make them illegal if I were PM - they symbolise such a mechanical approach. Our bedroom time has been much more fun and loving since we've stopped "trying".

    H2B insists we don't get medical advice until after wedding in Sept ("one thing at a time" apparently!) and I keep chuckling at the prospect of me catching in August and having to spend our South African Honeymoon not drinking beautiful S/A wine!! lol. It would be a silver lined cloud!

    Now....please can I direct you to Holidaysupermarket.com!!

    Much love xx
  • Well you know what, I think your right and I have just put the bloody ov sticks in the bin. I have been considering a weekend away so think it will be a good excuse to relax. Your probably right if I book a weekend rock climbing sods law would be it happens then. lol

    Thanks for replying you have really helped. I will keep my eye out for your BFP post!!!

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    Hi, I'm 38 now and have a gorgeous 12 month old girl, I came off depo in March 2008 and we tried and tried and every month was a big disappointment when AF arrived....15 months of them. And then we decided we would plan our wedding and put off trying and bang.....BFP. Wedding had to go on hold cos baby was arriving 3 weeks before our big day. All I can say is perservere, there is still time for you yet, I had my little one when I was 37

    Dawn x
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    Hi ladies reading all of this with a lot of interest. I'm 32 and we have been trying for 9 months, since our wedding in July last year. I've done the trying to be relaxed, to the OV sticks, to cutting out caffeine from my morning latte. Every month is a emotional battle (and especially like today when my husbands good friend and his wife announced they are expecting in September- so thrilled for them, but did have a few tears too!)

    I wonder if it will ever happen, and am beginning to accept we won't have an easy ride...

    Anyway, just to say really clorraine1 you're not the only one and honestly know what you are going through.

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    Um, I don't know if this would be any help, but a friend of mine had the same experience. She came off the pill after her wedding and still hadn't fallen pregnanty after about 18months. She went to the dr and they did some tests. It turned out that although her periods were regular she actually wasn't ovulating. They gave her a hormone pill (I think) and while on holiday celebrating their second anniversary she had a BFP and now has a toddler!

    I don't want to add to anyone's stress, but if you do need to go to the dr's about conception it may be worth bearing in mind.
  • Thanks everyone it does actually really help to know i am not alone in feeling like this. x
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    Hi, it took us 14 months to conceive, we were referred to a specialist and at our first appointment I was actually pregnant but we didn't know that at the time. The funny thing was I was getting annoyed that month as AF was late and I need it to come so I could go for some test. I'm now 9 months pregnant due next week. :0)

    So please don't give up!! I know how hard it is getting a negative each month!! X
  • HI. I'm 34 and worrying about it too. Month 7's 2 week wait for us. The 2 week wait seems longer every time doesn't it? It's facebook that is annoying me. Its full of friends who I don't see, who know nothing of our plans so there is no malice, but all they do is moan. The kids are playing up, the baby won't sleep, can't wait for the school holidays to end, sick of blah blah blah. Don't these people see how lucky they are? I'm tempted to do a 6 day early test tomorrow. Hmm probably shouldn't x
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    At last this site's working again! Been wanting to reply for days!

    Clorraine1 - hope you're feeling a bit less stressed. PM me if ever you fancy a chat. I'll keep an eye out for your BFP too and also for your reports on your climbing expedition! image

    Don't expect mine too soon - I've an adventure packed hen weekend in August climbing, canoeing, horse riding and gorge-walking and a rather special honeymoon in sept so aiming for a honeymoon conception now, but as you say, it's sods law all my wonderful plans will be curtailed by a BFP! Oh well.....! xx
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