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This is my first post on here, but i have nosied around for a couple of months. So a bit about and my husband have been ttc for 4 months and im so impatient i want it to happen which its not but were still going! My last af was on the 31st march which lasted 6 days, im due onthe 28th of this month, i seem to of settled into a 28 day cycle which is good! so im writing on here for some help...

We havnt gone down the ov stick route yet we wanted to just let it happen, for the 1st six months anyway! So i havnt really got a clue when we are ov'ing were just bding every other day, after me and my husband bd last, there was some blood, sorry if too much info, im about 10 days away from the next af so im pretty sure its not inplantation bleeding, does anyone know what this might be, i have also been getting really bad crampy pains for the last two months for the last two weeks of my cycle, not had them this month so far..touch wood!!

Sorry for long first rant, thanks for any advice


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    To tell if you are ovulating also watch out for cervical mucus, as it appears on the approach to OV time. No idea about the cramps though, as I am experiencing the same this week, bad cramps since Thursday
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    As cebpickle says, usually you have more cervical mucus around the time of ovulation for a few days - i think i have had this (although not TTC just yet but recently came off pill for other reasons!)

    As for the bleeding, was it bright red? Perhaps you could have torn a little bit? How much was there? With bleeding after sex, you should always go and see your GP to be on the safe side. I had this and it was an ectropian (an erosion on your cervix), which is not harmful at all, just one of those things, but at least i know when it happens occasionally thats what it is. So it could be that you have one of those? As for the cramps, I am not sure what that could be, maybe that you are ovulating, if it around mid cycle?
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    I can only give you advice based on what worked for me. From the end of your period to day 20 of your cycle (about 2 weeks) have sex every day. Put a pillow under your bum after and resist the urge to clean up after. Make sure you are taking your prenatal vitamins and folic acid too xxx
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