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Remember me??..:-))

Hi Ladies,

Some of you may remember me, although hopefully not as you've had beautiful little babies and moved on.

Just to fill you in.

I frequented this side of the forum last year for ooo about 6 months in total as we were ttc. Anyhow it can't have been the right time for us as we never managed to concieve.(I'd been desperate to TTC for over 10 years previously) Unfortunatley as our wedding was getting closer I ended up having to face facts and put off the ttc until closer to the wedding as we was too far into the planning to change it.

This absolutely broke my heart as I was desperate. I went and bought the clear blue monitor and for that period in my life it was all I thought of. I've seen 2 more babies born into our family in that time which wasn't easy but I managed to get through it with my understanding fella.

Anyway..again...the weddings in less than 2 months and we're back TTC. I never thought I'd phychologically make it but I did and we're back. image

I'm 35 now and the hubster to be is 37, no doubt older than most of you ladies here but we're soooo excited.

I just wanted to reacquaint myself with you all as I found this side of the wedding forum far more welcoming and accepting than the other side. I wish all you ladies all the luck in the world in TTC and look forward to getting to know you all again.

Bye for now




  • NowMrsENowMrsE Posts: 79
    Hi Nannynoknicks, welcome back to the world of TTC!! Nope I'm also 35 and my husband is 40 so you're not alone!! I've been TTC for 7 months and due to my age combined with an underactive thyroid have been advised to go and see my doctor to get referred to a fertility specialist who deals with thyroid disorders so going to GP next week.

    Congrats on the wedding it's all so exciting!!! image

    Baby dust to you xx
  • marparukmarparuk Posts: 265
    i'm 35 too and ttc for the last 6 months, being referred to a specialsist too cos of pcos!

    good luck ladies

  • mrsm1mrsm1 Posts: 28
    It's so nice to hear I am not the only one in my 30's, I am 32 next month. We are not at the moment TTC but more kinda if it happens it happens, at the end of May we plan to ttc as Im being a maid of honour in May so waiting for that to happen first. Good luck ladies xx
  • Lainey_emLainey_em Posts: 167
    image i am 32 will be 33 by the time baby is born so you are not alot older at all. Good luck with the wedding and the TTC
  • chick-basschick-bass Posts: 563
    Hi, Im 32 this year and will bee TTC for the first time at the end of may!
  • mrsm1mrsm1 Posts: 28
    oh Chick-bass same as me! image
  • mrsm1mrsm1 Posts: 28
    oh Chick-bass same as me! image
  • Thanks for the welcome ladies,

    And good luck to all TTC too, hopefully not a long wait for any of us for much longer.

  • mrsleggomrsleggo Posts: 807
    Hi nanny, welcome back.

    Just to say I was 37 when I had my first and she took me 15 months of trying. Hope all you ladies get what you want soon!

    Dawn x
  • MrsDVMrsDV Posts: 322
    Hello! I'm a young un at just 30 image but starting TTC in 3 weeks' time... VERY exciting!! I know my H2B will be the best daddy in the world!
  • littlefranklittlefrank Posts: 177
    Hi. I've been TTC for 2 years. I'm 32, H2B is 44. We had been TTC prior to getting engaged. Wedding is in just over 5 months. Going to get checked out soon, probably go June/July time in case we need to get on waiting lists. Good luck to all x
  • NowMrsENowMrsE Posts: 79
    Hi all

    Went to the docs today and he's sending me for blood teststo check progesterone and other hormone levels plus wants hub to get his swimmers tested so that's happening in the next few weeks.

    Watch this space!!
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