Bit of a moan!

I'm nearly 30 weeks pregnant and my little boy is slightly underweight, but not a worringly amount (I think he will be like his mum... on the lower end of average!). Also, my bp is a bit low at 100/60, so got to see mw in 2 weeks to get it checked again...anyone know how to raise it?!

Plus the baby is breech... not so worrying now, but he is leaning against my lower rib and I have tried all the exercises and techniques to get him to move and he won't budge!

And my mil is 60 on sunday, so we're having a surprise party at our house with over 60 people coming! I've been roped into doing a lot of the catering. I wouldn't mind so much because I love cooking, but I can't do it on the Saturday because my job involves doing the veg, so it will have gone brown by the time sunday night comes along, and mil was moaning that she has nothing to do in the daytime on sunday (she thinks we're going out with my 2 bils and their partners for a meal in the evening), so now we're taking her to a garden centre and for lunch, leaving me with not much time to get the food prepared.

Just fancied a grrrr! x


  • It sounds like you have every right to grr. Can't offer any advice though but you grr away. Won't be long for you now x
  • Hiya

    if you want to get some of ur veg done on the sat you can put it in ice cold water and it will stop it from going brown. So any carrots, potatoes, brocolli cauliflour, lettuce etc can all go in ice cold water as soon as its cut. This might give you some more time to distract ur mil from the fact there is a massive surprise for her

  • JHyamsJHyams Posts: 1,848
    Yeh I'm going to do that but fridge space is going to be very tight! x
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