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Help with dates -when can i start TTC

Started new job on 10th October last year and in order to qualify for maternity pay, I must be employed for 52 weeks by the time I am 15 weeks before due date.

Please can someone help me work out my dates, as depending on which way I work it out i get different dates for some reason.

I know it probably wont happen straight away anyway, but just incase - I dont want to miss out on maternity pay by just a few weeks!



  • MiaLeaceyMiaLeacey Posts: 1,184
    Hi Martine,

    It can get a bit confusing with dates and things - some websites suggest you are x number of weeks e.g 12, at the end of your 11th week, but some say you're not 12 weeks until the end of your 12th week, if that makes sense. Also, as you're dated from the first day of your last period, you're actually around 2 weeks pregnant (depending on when you ovulate / conceive) before you ever are pregnant, if you see what I mean. Then it also depends on the lengths of your cycles, when you ovulate and when you BD...

    So to err on the side of caution, let's say you have to be 16 weeks by Oct 10, count 16 weeks back from there and your LMP would have to be 20th June for you to be 16 weeks then. So I reckon wait until after your July period just to be on the safe side! Maybe try June cycle, depending on when your period falls.

    Hth, and good luck!
  • martinej1martinej1 Posts: 688
    Hi Mia

    Thanks for the reply. I think the dates you have worked out are based on me being 15 weeks pregnant by the 10th October...not 15 weeks before due date..?

    I have been adding 15 weeks onto 17th October 2011 and coming out with a date of 30st Jan, (which would be due date). So from 30th Jan, take off 40 weeks = 25th April. So I think I should be Ok to start trying in May?

    Does that make sense.. and do you think this is correct. May cycle is due on 19th...

    Thank you for your help
  • MiaLeaceyMiaLeacey Posts: 1,184
    Oh god yes sorry, I misread your op! Right, let me think again...

    Yes I think you are right, which would mean you could start trying now I guess! Woop!

    I might be tempted to wait until after your May period just to be sureimage

    Then if you come on on the 19th, you do catch straight away in May, your EDD would be Feb 23rd, which would be no probs!

    Otherwise what's the date of your first day of April's period? Try to work out your EDD if you caught now.

    The only thing I would warn you against is how long are your cycles? My colleague's EDD got moved back at her 12 week dating scan, as she had longer cycles, so she wasn't as pregnant as she thought. If you go for it now, but then you got put back a few days / a week, it would be awful if you missed out!

    Sorry to have been so dense first time, good luck! x
  • martinej1martinej1 Posts: 688
    Excellent -thanks Mia!

    I am going to wait until May anyhow - just to be safe.

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