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How old was your little one when he/she first started teething, what symptons did they exhibit and how long did it last?

We have got the irritability, broken sleep, drooling and need to chew and fussing when nursing/not eating as much. But then there is conflicting advice with regards to green poo and rubbing at ear and cheek which she also has. She goes from laughing to hysterical at the flick of a switch and nothing calms her.

I don't want to just assume it's teething in case its something else but I don't want to make a fuss over nothing as she does seem ok for chunks of the day.

She will be 17 weeks on Wednesday. Help! I want my undisturbed sleep back!!!! (she was up every 2 hours last night image )


  • poppet12poppet12 Posts: 357
    Teething can start around 17 weeks - so I have been told if not sooner. My son has been dribbling lots and wants to suck his hands all the time. There has been no other signs but what I have invested in is in an amber necklace - my sister has it for her little girl and she swears by it. I have also done some research on the reviews are all positive and seems to work. I've ordered mine through amazon and will get my son to wear it as soon as it arrives. Will keep you posted how we get on.

    Have you spoken to your health visitor?
  • NowMrsMNowMrsM Posts: 536
    Poor you- I'm dreading Noah teething!

    I've got a friend who swore by using the amber necklace- you can pick them up very reasonably and they definately won't do any harm so I think are worth a go!

    And you're lucky that Connie is a little girl so a necklace will look sweet! I think I'm going to hide Noah's under his socks! xx
  • fruitpastille25fruitpastille25 Posts: 1,030
    Lol that made me chuckle MrsM! Connie can't keep her socks on cos they are still too big!

    I've read about the amber necklaces and think I may have to invest in one. I mentioned it to my health visitor and they just said "oh she's a bit young yet", didn't even look in her mouth and her poor gums are all swollen image

    Last night was better, gave her the herbal powders during the day and some Calpol before bed and she managed to sleep through. Don't want to keep pumping her with drugs though. She is napping now clutching her ears poor mite.

    She is getting her 3rd lot of injections tomorrow so may just mention it while I'm at the doctors.
  • poppet12poppet12 Posts: 357
    MrsM - I will send you the link I got for Thomas. I looked carefully for one that will be suitable for a boy, Reviews mainly from those who got it for their son - surf dude baby is the look is what they say!
  • NowMrsMNowMrsM Posts: 536
    HV sometimes aren't the most helpful are they?! Babies can be born with teeth and you can use Bonjela from 3 months so of course she's not too young! Its definitely worth mentioning it to the docs- has she got a temperature or anything? Could she have an ear infection?

    Noah's a bit chunky now but when he was first born I found the best socks were actually from Peacocks- he couldn't kick them off no matter how big the tantrum and they didn't leave massive indents in his little legs! If his weren't all very boyish I'd send them over to you as he's grown out of them now! How much does Connie weigh now? At last check a week ago Noah was 16lb- bit of a bruiser!

  • fruitpastille25fruitpastille25 Posts: 1,030
    I had her checked for an ear infection by the doctor a couple of weeks ago when she first started pulling at her ears and they were clear then. I think she may be hitting her 4 month growth spurt as well which hasn't helped. No temperature thankfully image

    I got Connie weighed last week (16 weeks) and she was 10lb 7oz! lol. so hovering around the 2nd centile. She was also measured as well and was 59cm which is around the 50th centile I think.

    I bought her some 0-3 socks and shoes from Next on Friday and they are still pretty big on her. She is in 3-6 month clothes for her length but they swamp her otherwise.

    She started rolling over from her tummy last week and is an old pro at it now. It's great because she used to hate tummy time and now suddenly she loves it! We still haven't had a proper giggle yet though - just lots of smiles and excited squeals!

    How are Noah and Thomas getting on?

    I've ordered her an amber necklace so thank you for the tip girls image

  • poppet12poppet12 Posts: 357
    Glad to hear all OK with Connie.

    Thomas is 14.8lb (6.58 kg) so another bruiser at 14 weeks! Not sure where he gets it from as neither me or hubby is exactly tall or big. He now fits in 3 months clothes properly. I tend to get him bottoms that already has the sock bit so there is no chance in him kicking that off!

    Tummy time - he has to be in the mood for it. He has not started to roll over just yet but am trying to get him to look more on the left as he favours his right side the most. He started giggling about 2 weeks ago but does not do it all the time but he smiles heaps and makes lots of gurgling noises! It is going to be strange to hear him speak as right now you cannot make out what their voice will be like.

    Injections on baby is a cruel thing we have to put them through. Thomas had his second set last week - he was smiling at the nurse at the start and when the needle went in, gave a loud cry, cried a little, smiled again and went to sleep! Third one should be easier but I he has his BCG in a couple weeks which I am dreading the most. I have found feeding him 30 mins before injection helps calm him and the dummy on standby helps too.

    The slight colic he had has now disappeared and we no longer have to give him gripe water. He burps all by himself - really loud too! He does like a cuddle after his feed and loves looking at the trees.
  • fruitpastille25fruitpastille25 Posts: 1,030
    Oh ladies, I finally feel like we have cracked it! Been trying to get Connie into a routine with her naps in the cot and falling asleep without using the breast as a prop and we had the best day ever yesterday!

    She used to get hysterical whenever we took her into our bedroom and the curtains were shut, like she knew what was coming. It was really like she had negative associations with the room (I know that sounds like mumbo jumbo!) and so we decided to take the plunge and try her in the nursery (we slept on the nursery floor! lol)

    She went down for her first nap after a bit of fuss and slept for 45mins. We then had to go to my in laws for dinner and it took me 9 minutes to get her to sleep and she slept for 3 hours!!!! We came home, gave her a bath and tried to put her to sleep at about 6ish. Usually she gets herself overtired and doesn't end up going to sleep until anywhere between 9 and 10:30pm but then sleeps right through until 7am.

    Anyway, we had quite a struggle to get her down at first (obviously her body clock is set to playtime at this time normally) and she eventually slept for 45mins and woke up again. She went straight back down after a couple of minutes of shush/pat and slept again for 45mins. This happened up until about 10pm when she slept through until 3:00am, had a feed and a change, and is now fast asleep. Typically, I have been awake since 3am and can't drop back off!

    We have had our lovely, smiley happy baby back today so hopefully we can get back into a routine and things will only get better from here. Oh and my friend had a little boy yesterday image

    Hope all is well with you guys. Any plans for christenings or other such events?


    P.S. The amber necklace seems to be working and she was a little trouper with her injections - must be because she has padded out a bit now! image
  • poppet12poppet12 Posts: 357
    That's good to hear about Connie - it is funny what the associate so quickly.

    Thomas knows when it is his morning nap - I place him in his cot and keep nursery songs playing as he sleeps. He tends to sleep from 30 - 60 minutes. Night time he knows when it is bed time when we watch waybuloo together.

    A tip I got from my sister which works really well - As Thomas sleeps 12 hours I get him to wear night time nappies and it has certainly helped him. He is wearing the amber necklace (got him the bracelet so he can wear it around his ankles at night - although you could just use the necklace to wrap around his ankles) - it seems to stop his dribbling so fingers crossed when he does start teething this will help him.
  • poppet12poppet12 Posts: 357
    Christenings - hubby and I are opposite on this - I would like to, he doesn't..... so for now we are undecided.
  • NowMrsMNowMrsM Posts: 536
    We find that Noah slept far better in his cot when we moved him from his Moses basket- I think he was just far too cramped in there! We move him into his cot whenever he falls asleep anywhere at home, other than when he's in his buggy in the garden as he always sleeps for England out there and always wakes a very happy and content baby! He gets grotty if it's after 6.20pm and he's not in the bath- calms down as soon as we out him on his changing mat on the bathroom floor! Glad to hear that she's a bit more settled- I think she'll soon get used to sleeping through the 3am feed!

    I think we definately need to order Noah an Amber bracelet as it seems to be the winning solution... He's a hand eater but I think this is more intrigue than teething!

    WRT christenings- we didn't get married in a church as I'm not particularly religious, even tho hubby is... He is very keen for Noah to be christened and I've agreed as long as he organises it! If it means that much to him he will image and after the service we're going to have a 'welcome to the world' BBQ for Noah which people can just come to if they don't fancy the service.! I'll be glad to get back the bottom drawer of our freezer that has the top tier of our wedding cake in for the occasion image
  • fruitpastille25fruitpastille25 Posts: 1,030
    Well, after a week or so of rough nights where she had reverted back to waking every 3 hours (at least) she slept through from 6:30pm-6:30am last night. Hurrah! Don't know whether it was teething, a growth spurt or the dreaded 4 month sleep regression but I hope this wasn't a one off and we have finally turned a corner.

    NowMrsM - a welcome to the world BBQ sounds like a great idea. We are having Connie christened Catholic. I am actually CoE but my husband is Catholic and is probably more religious than I am so I am happy to go along with it. He also works at a Catholic school. We didn't have a church wedding as it would have felt hypocritical to me but we have been going to church regularly since before Connie was born and I do enjoy it once I get there!

    We had intended to do it on a very small scale but the guest list is currently at about 70! I'm hoping this will drop though as it is holiday time and obviously a lot of my husband's colleagues will be taking their leave then. It's so difficult trying to decide who to invite and who not. At my work it isn't so bad as there are a group of us around the same age who are quite close so I just keep to inviting them but as husband is one of only 3 men at school he doesn't have a particularly close set of friends so we have pretty much invited everybody!

    Our house is way too small to accomodate people but luckily we have a function room at work so I am getting mates rates and should get catering cheap too. Got Connie's dress from Next and it is so cute as well as cheap compared to a lot of other places.

    I can't believe our 1 year anniversary is coming up soon. We have a voucher for B&B at the hotel where we got married but can't decide whether to take Connie or not. Have you left your boys yet for any significant length of time? I am going to see Take That tomorrow so will be gone from around 11:30am until probably midnight and I'm dreading it! image x x
  • poppet12poppet12 Posts: 357
    Fruitpastille - enjoy Take That but you will be thinking about Connie loads. We went out last Friday for the first time on our own for a meal locally for 2 hours and got his grand dad to baby sit him. 5 mins before we came home he started crying and grand dad ended up taking him out his cot to try and calm him down. I think he must have known his mummy and daddy where not in. I managed to calm him down and he was asleep again after 20 mins. We probably need to try to go out again for a longer period and see what happens. We have a party to go to in July which is Central London and am dreading leaving him longer than a few hours esp as we are not 10 mins away if he does not settle.

    As for your anniversary - I would just go with you and your hubby. Like my sister says they need to get used to be baby sat to allow you back some of your normal time.

    Enjoy Take That!
  • fruitpastille25fruitpastille25 Posts: 1,030
    Well Take That were amazing but 15 hours away from Connie resulted in massively engorged and painful breasts. Ouch! X
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