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My and my future hubby have agreed we'd like to TTC mid August which gives me 3 months to get myself in a good position body wise. I'm trying to exercise for 1/2 hr a day but with the rest i'm not sure what I should be doing. I eat quite a healthy diet with chicken/fish and veg etc but has anyone else taken supplement?? Do you think my doctor would be my best bet or would I be wasting their time?? image



  • NewMrsPNewMrsP Posts: 197
    You are doing everything you should be doing!

    The only thing I would recommend is to start taking folic acid supplements now. image
  • vinchaudvinchaud Posts: 220
    I agree with the folic acid - and dont stress yourself too much. Having some chocolate and a glass of wine here and there is absolutely fine. image
  • ChardonnayChardonnay Posts: 1,761
    The NHS website has a good section on preparing for conception- basically eat healthily, take moderate exercise, cut down on alcohol & caffeine, stop smoking, and take a folic acid supplement.

    I was reading the other day as well that it's just as important for men to cut their alcohol intake during the pre-conception & TTC period as well because it affects sperm count & quality.

    We're planning to start TTC in October & I have my folic acid ready to go! Also not a bad idea to start charting your cycle now to get in the habit & also find out when you actually ovulate, saves a few months missing the window when you actually start especially if for whatever reason you're not having sex every other day or so routinely. For example, the last 3 months I've ovulated on day 14, 17 and 18 according to ovulation predictor kit. Helpful to know!
  • ah, thanks for the advise ladies..where do I get this ovulation kit thing from and how much are they?? Do you find them a bit clinical and always have sex when your more fertil in the monthly cycle?? I'm worried if i get one i'll be ocd and pester pester like a woman posessed!! image

  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786

    if you not TTC until August I would just track how long your cycles are until you really trying, you can download from the clearblue site a cycle calendar as it can be obsessive trying to work out when OV etc before even trying. The main advice is to BD every 2 -3 days through the month and not worry about these things as some people stress too much over it all and then it makes things more difficult to get pregnant
  • JvLwithBabyBoyJvLwithBabyBoy Posts: 2,740 New bride
    i dont think you should be doing anything special other than trying to get healthy and taking folic acid. personally id wait with buying and ovulation kit as it can make the situation stressful for some peoples, ie you start having sex just to conceive. i would recommend just having some fun and having lovin around the middle of your cycle. good luck!
  • I had an app yesterday to discuss going on the pill for a few months, have been on depo for many years so thought it'd be a better option giving me that as I could stop on the day I wanted..anyway she said that a healthy diet and daily exercise was the best thing at the min combined with folic acid so when we do start trying my body should be in excellent cond image

    I also think its a fab idea that my fiance joins me on this as i's like his little swimmers to be healthy too!! image

    Thanks ladies, i am going to hold off on the ovulation kits for now. We get married in December so if i've not been caught by then i'll check out Plan B image

  • debwylie83debwylie83 Posts: 499
    You can buy a trying to conceive his and her supplement from boots the range is wellbeing and it's basically your vitamins and colic acid
  • ah, thanks debwylie83, i'll have a look tomorrow image ordered some baby items for my bottom drawer from Debenhams sale so i can pick them up while im there image

  • nickicovnickicov Posts: 491
    I've been looking into this and we've said we will ttc next year after we bought our house. However I've started going the gum to get my general fitness better and I've been td to work in my legs (to help squatting) and abs to aid with the pushing. Watching mums behaving recently I think just being generally fitter and eating healthier is the best thing. I don't smoke and may as well be tea total as I hardly drink. I've also been told to take folic about 3-4 months before I want to ttc. Hope that helps. Is be interested in learning what others think even if I have about 12 months before I can start!
  • mrsleggomrsleggo Posts: 807
    lovemuffin, did your doctor advise that it could take between 12-15 months for your body to return to normal after you stop depo. Mine did when I stopped having the injections and it took us 15 months to conceive. Don't want to put a dampener on it but check it with your doc

    Dawn x
  • yeh, she said it can stay in my system for up to a year but im ok with that as theres no rush, ive started folic acid and take a multi-vitamin daily too..i'm starting Jason Vales 7lb in 7 days juice diet on Saturday so hopfully that'll help me feel amzingly healthy etc..

    1/2 exercise a day is going well, just need to be more strict with my diet (working for mcds doesnt help)

    my last pill will be 13th Aug, H2B's birthday is 14th Aug so a good day to start trying image

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