Placenta Previa

Hi all!

I went for another ultrasound yesterday at 23 weeks and was told that i have Placenta Previa (where the placenta fully covers or obstructs the entrance to the cervix).

I've got another scan at 32 weeks to see if the placenta has moved as the uterus grows.

I was just wondering if anyone else had this and whether their placenta did move, also if it didn't was there any complications?

Any answers are much appreciated!

Thanks xx


  • This isn't really any help but a guy I work with's wife has this. She's having an elective c-section tomorrow at 38 weeks. I know the midwives have been worried about her but she's been fine, but she's not been allowed to be by herself for the last 6 weeks in case she bleeds.
  • Linds76Linds76 Posts: 236
    Hi Mrs MOrton,

    I was told my placenta is low & covering cervix at 20 weeks scan but they told me they wouldn't diagnose placenta previa until 32 weeks as in most cases the placenta will move as uterus stretches. According to my baby book only 1 in 200 doesn't move so fingers crossed for us both this will sort itself out. I was told I should contact the hospital if I experience bleeding as there is an increased risk of this as pregnancy progresses.

    Sorry don't know anymore than that but hope it helps.

    Have a happy & healthy pregnancy

  • MrsMortonMrsMorton Posts: 62
    Thanks for your replies!

    Yes Linds76 i'm hoping it will move by then, i just tend to worry! i think everyone does though when it comes to little bubba! I guess i'll just have to wait and see and keep fingers crossed that we're not one of the 1 in 200 that it stays low.


  • natster26natster26 Posts: 739
    I was told i had placenta previa too at my 20 week scan aswell as it being an anterior placenta. I dont have the scan at the hospital until 10th of june to find out if it has moved but we paid to have a private 4d scan for hubbys birthday on 28th april (i was 28 weeks then) and the placenta has moved up and out of the way.

    I was told that 9x out of 10 it will move and not to worry - its hard not to worry though when you are told about the chance of bleeding!

    I am sure you girls will be fine too

  • MrsWessonMrsWesson Posts: 167
    My very good friend at work also had this at 21 weeks and had bleeding because of it but was scanned 4 weeks later and it had moved up then again another 4 weeks after and was fine at this point and other than her blood pressure being a tiny bit high shes been fine other than that one bleed at 21 weeks so try not to worry. It isnt uncommon and its rare for it not to move up out the way on its own

    Fingers crossed it does as its supposed to for you image
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