Bump baby photoshoot

JHyamsJHyams Posts: 1,848
I had a photoshoot today that my hubby had brought me for my birthday present back in February and I've been waiting to get bigger to have it.

I had it today (at 33 weeks) and thought I'd share my issues with the company in case any of you ladies have one.

It was a voucher from Thanks Darling, but the company that did photoshoot was called New Id Studios. I had an appointment at 9.30am this morning. When I got in, I waited about 30 mins and then had my hair done, then I waited another 15 mins approx and had make up done. This was all finished by 10.45am. I did not go on to have my photos taken until 12.15pm!!!!

Throughout this time, I was sitting on an uncomfortable bench with no backrest, the toilets were out of order, it was ridiculously hot in the room and not once did they come up to me to tell me how long it would take. Eventually, I had my photoshoot and was told to wait up to another 40 mins to view them. So I told them I would go and get lunch and come back and they would phone me to let me know they were ready. Over 1 hour later, they phoned to say I could view them. So I went back with my hubby and still had to wait 20 mins.

And each photo to even have on a disc was £80! Whilst the photos were nice, I don't think charging £400 to have 5 photos on a disc is worthy it.

So after a 9.30am appointment, I was finished at 3.10pm!


  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    Ouch that isn't good. You would think they would be a bit more prompt considering they have ladies with bumps!! I love the idea of it when I do finally get PG. I will probably have a word with my wedding photographer though to get her to come to me as I know her.
  • Mrs_Davis_2_BMrs_Davis_2_B Posts: 174
    aww thats a shame. this should have been a really special occassion! i would complain! thats dreadful. your 33 weeks pregnant, you need to be comfortable! did what hubby buy not include a print?

    hopefully if you complain you may get one as a gesture of good will.

    im sorry to hear it wasnt what you hoped x
  • JHyamsJHyams Posts: 1,848
    I was the only pregnant one there. Everyone else were just having photo shoots of themselves, or with friends or family.

    It included 1 6x8 photo and then another 6x8 when my baby is born, but I wanted to eventually get a canvas made, so in that case, you had to buy the cd to get copyright.

    When I book the photoshoot with the baby, I will tell them that a maximum time that I am prepared to wait.

    Apparently they had 20 people booked to have a photoshoot on that 1 day. But they only had 2 photographers, and everyone was having hair and make up done beforehand. I counted 14 people when I was there at 9.30am. They really need to be better organised by having around 4 people at any 1 time (2 having photos, 1 having hair done and 1 having make up done)
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