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Ov sticks straight away or wait???


  • NowMrsMNowMrsM Posts: 536
    I think it depends on your character... I've got a bit of an obsessive personality and if we'd have used ovulation sticks I think it would have taken away the enjoyment of trying...And increased the stress of it even more. I just counted days, based on an 'average' cycle.... Although we did BD around once every 3 days all month, we did step it up a bit in my theoretically most fertile week.... For info I came off the pill in Feb and conceived 3 cycles later....

    On the other hand I've got a friend who tried for 8 months with no success and then fell pregnant within 2 months of using ovulation sticks....

    Good luck whatever you decide image x
  • NowMrsMNowMrsM Posts: 536
    Sorry just read what you were asking... Totally not what I answered!

    I'd wait for AF- it can take variable amounts of time when you come off the pill and you might be charting for a while...
  • NewMrsDaviesNewMrsDavies Posts: 660
    Hey girls.....I dont want to miss an ovulation but dont want to become obsessed either! Its hard work!!!! xx
  • NewMrsDaviesNewMrsDavies Posts: 660
    I have no patients!!!! Wish it would just happen and be regular, ugh!!! Glad to hear u have seen AF.......xx
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    To be honest I would just track cycles for a few months off the pill. You will see other signs in your body when OV due such as Cervical Mucus, sorry if TMI. I have been off the pill since Christmas and I find waiting for AF stressful enough, without the pressure at the mo of exactly when OV we BD every 2 -3 days through the middle 2 weeks of the month
  • 2010MrsR2010MrsR Posts: 69
    Hi, I came off of the pill mid march to ttc from april. I had a 50 day wait for my period due to my cycle being all over the place! This month (due to my unpredictable cycle so far..) I have purchased some ov sticks to try and track for may.

    I am still new to all of this, however I would suggest waiting until your period then judging it from there maybe? Good luck x
  • Mrs-L-2bMrs-L-2b Posts: 1,702
    I would personally wait until at least you get your first period......even then I would probably wait a couple of months and just keep track of your cycle, ensuring you have sex every 2-3 days. Then if nothing happens, maybe then do the ovulation tests. I can imagine doing the tests takes away some of the fun of it all? But then its easy for me to say when I am not actually TTC just yet.

    Good luck!

  • NewMrsDaviesNewMrsDavies Posts: 660
    Yea I think your right girls....I will wait for first AF....

    2010MrsR 50 days! Thats so long to wait image

    I will wait for now and try and BD 2/3 days, is this even humanly possible!?!?!? Haha, we both work cap hours so sometimes dont see eachother awake! Will have to make more effort with the BDing!

  • dmwilsdmwils Posts: 1,265
    wait for you first AF, if you were lucky enough to catch in your first month they date your pregnancy from the first date of your last period. so if you don't have one it would make it hard to know how many weeks pregnant you were. this is important for scans and tests.

    record your afs and cm but I'd wait a bit before doing the OV and temps thing. it can add stress which may not help with the baby making.

    BD every 2 -3 days arround what you think is ov time and try different times i.e. morning, day and evening.

    Good luck....
  • NewMrsDaviesNewMrsDavies Posts: 660
    Ok will wait for AF I have been taking temp daily so will carry that on as I have started but wont get any sticks just yet! Does anyone know hoe the temperature taking is supposed to work?x
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    If you go onto the clearblue website there are things you can download to help you and explain what the temperature does, I think the temperature spikes after OV though, if I am correct. I just downloaded the cycle calendar to keep track of cycles for now.
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