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Due 26th October - date buddy?



  • KittenHeelsKittenHeels Posts: 267
    I really like Stanley, both husband and I have names that begin with S so thought it would be cool to have an S name for the baby - really struggling tho!!

    What are you top 5 girls names?? We seem to have loads for a boy!!

    Have had lots of little kicks today - love it!!

  • MrsRuddersMrsRudders Posts: 2,761
    Hurrah for kicks!!

    My top Five names are probably different to the norm as we were going with old style names to fit with our sons victorian name:




    But other girls names I like are Lucie, Sophie, Poppy, Evie, Ava, I stopped thinking of girls names though as I knew I would have a boy lol.

    Onto the second half of painting the nursery today, hopefully then I can start putting all the furniture together and it will all be finished in the next month or so. I know it seems early but my son finishes for six weeks holidays soon so need to get it sorted by then.

    So pleased that you have started to feel kicks its so exciting isn't it!! xxx
  • KittenHeelsKittenHeels Posts: 267
    I love old style names, I really want something strong!! Ha!!

    Loving Elsie & Evie. I really like Esme but husband is not keen!

    You are so good being organised, we've not even decided which bedroom to use as a nursery!! Ha! Think we will have to get a move on after we get back from Hols as we have got a manic few months of weddings ahead!

    Kicks are so amazing, can't wait until I get a proper foot sticking out!!!! xxx
  • MrsRuddersMrsRudders Posts: 2,761
    I love strong names too, I know what you mean lol. Elsie is lovely I am determined to have a third lol and have a girl called Elsie!

    We had no choice with rooms as we have a 3 bed house and my son is in the other so it was narrowed down lol. ITs taken an age to take out all the laundry stuff etc out of there and make it into some sort of a nursery. Its painted, the cot is up and dressed, as are the curtains etc, The car seat and pram are in there, ust need some furniture now. Going to look at some wardrobes and drawers later. The joy of having a boy already is looking through all the stuff to see what to keep! Oh I have some lovely stuff image

    I was a bit worried yesterday after working so hard on painting as my stomach went rock hard and no kicks til this morning so I was yahooing when he kicked to say good morning image

    how are you feeling energy wise? I am 36 so not a young mum anyway and its my 3rd pregnancy with losing the last one, it seems to be really taking it out of me this time I am forever tired and taking warm baths to relax x
  • KittenHeelsKittenHeels Posts: 267
    Im 33 at the end of the month!! I have good days and then really tired days where I just want to veg on the sofa!! Know what you mean about belly being really hard I made my husband prod at it the other day as it was so hard!!

    I did start swimming twice a week to try and keep fit as found aerobics a bit too much.

    We've got a 3 bed too, its just deciding which room to use, I prefer the room at the back as I think it will be quieter!!

    Im busy trying to sort holiday clothes that fit at the mo as off on hols on Friday - sooooo need the break. Think we will crack on with the nursery when we get back.

  • MrsRuddersMrsRudders Posts: 2,761
    ooh lovely hope you have a nice time. We went to Marbella for the weekend a couple of weekends back. tried to get as many holidays in this year as we can, cos Franky starts school in Sept so will be school holidays after then! not sure we are going to get chance to go away again now.

    Will be exciting for you setting up the nursery it was good even second time round for me. Although we had the wardrobe and drawers delivered yesterday and my husband dropped the wardrobe on the stairs which slightly broke the door ahhhhh!!! Not to worry nothing can be done it was our error not the companys so just had to set about mending it. Room looks great just need a rug now as it looks a little bare as the room is quite big and the furniture is quite small! Have sorted out all the clothes I had for my son and still need some bits for newborn and 0-3 but I know that people will buy them, I got no end with my first so going to hold back. H & M have a great sale on and they do great kids clothes. Just a word of advice George at Asda clothes and Next Baby clothes are MASSIVE. In fact Next sale is coming up soon isn't it wahooo!!

    One thing I would definately advise on for the nursery is either black out curtains or a black out blind. We didn't have one at first and it made all the difference when we did.

    We have this crib too for upstairs instead of a moses basket for the first few months I've just noticed its on sale its fab :

    Anyway I'd best go do some work! Hope you have a fantastic holiday and I will chat with you when you get back.

    p.s its nice to have what is considered to be an 'older mum' to chat to - not that you are old but anything over 30 is actually considered old by midwifes! I am in the extreme section being 36!!!x
  • MrsRuddersMrsRudders Posts: 2,761
    JolouHarris and Mookie how are you two both doing? x
  • I'm not too bad thank you and you? Feeling extremely tired this week though and feel i could sleep on my nose!

    I'm nearly an over 30's mum, i'm 30 in October so does that count? lol and my daughter is 10 xxx

    We're going to have to get organised with decorating and baby things but i've kept loads from when my daughter was born and it's all as good as new i.e pram, moses basket and stand, cot set etc
  • MrsRuddersMrsRudders Posts: 2,761
    Oh bless you I know that feeling well. I think I could sleep standing up at the moment, had awful nightmares last nite which is apparently normal in pregnancy??

    Jolou you're not finding out what you are having are you?

    Its made it so much easier for me having another boy as we havevery little to get, its great that we can reuse isn't it!

  • fsm21fsm21 Posts: 471
    Hello, just thought I'd drop in to say hello as my due date is 29th October, so not far off yours KittenHeels. I'm due for my second trimester scan next week and it's been so interesting reading through your posts and experiences, it's made me even more excited & happy & nervous all at the same time about next Weds, I'm sure you all know what I mean!

    It's my first baby and I was really unsure and panicky at the beginning. I have to share a little secret though: I am loving being pregnant! I don't think I've had that bad a time of it to be honest: I was nauseous in first trimester but apart from sleepiness/extreme tiredness I haven't had any other nasty symptoms & those hormones are doing some amazing things to my skin and hair. I first felt some little prods & kicks a couple of weeks ago...words cannot describe how awesome it is to feel them. My husband & I have regular 'tummy-time' where we curl up & massage my belly to feel the movements.

    Anyway, better stop before I get too mushy-gushy; take good care of yourselves, ladies, and I'll be on the look-out for more posts in future xx
  • KittenHeelsKittenHeels Posts: 267
    Hi everyone,

    Its my last day at work today before a week in the sun!!

    Hope you all have a lovely week and will catch up with you when I get back!

    Good luck with your scan fsm21 - you will be amazed its fab!!

  • MrsRuddersMrsRudders Posts: 2,761
    Happy Holidays Kittenheel!!

    FSM21 oooh how exciting that you have your scan - are you going to find out what you are having?

    btw girls there is a good sale on at Mothercare at the moment I got lots of lovely stuff yesterday really good prices and the stuff at Mothercare is really good quality and washes well xx
  • MrsRuddersMrsRudders Posts: 2,761
    I don't about you girls but I feel REALLY pregnant now. The past days have been non stop kicking, aching, tiredness and a general feeling of being 90 years old and weighing 90 stone!! Its not even 6pm and I want to go to bed!! x
  • mookie28ukmookie28uk Posts: 64
    Hey Ladies, glad to hear all is well.We had our 3d scan 2 weeks ago, it was amazing!! Cant wait to meet our little princess, so excited image)

    Really struggle on the name too! We've decided to not discuss it for the next 4 weeks as its really stressing us out! Such a responsibility.

    Having lots and lots of kicks and love it, so reasuring that everything is ok.

    Take Care Ladies x x x x
  • MrsRuddersMrsRudders Posts: 2,761
    ahhhh mookie you are having a girl!! Congrats!!

    I know what you mean on the name front we cannot agree at all so we just don't speak about the name anymore imageimageimage
  • MrsRuddersMrsRudders Posts: 2,761
    Kittenheel have you had a nice holiday? x
  • KittenHeelsKittenHeels Posts: 267
    Hi Mrs Rudders - yes had a fab time thank you, am back at work today though - booo!!!

    Managed quite well in the heat and didn't whack my husband for coming off every ride and saying "wow that was great you would have really loved that!!"

    How are you doing?

  • MrsRuddersMrsRudders Posts: 2,761
    lmao that really made me laugh about your husband imageimageimage

    Had a totally crap week very emotional, tired, hot, blustered, bothered. Been crying at the drop of a hat and EVERYTHING is life ending ha ha.

    Nursery is complete now, and the wardrobe is completely full and I mean FULL. Too many purchases over the last week...

    I cried yesterday because ASOS messed up my order on a dress I ordered for a hen do that is SATC theme. WHAT???Crying over a dress? I mean if maternity wear wasn't so pants I wouldn't be so wound up. Blimey I am full of hormones this week, and not the raging ones my husband would like ha ha.

    My tummy is like a bowling ball now, its is pretty much just my tummy though which is good, I tried on my hen do dress from this time last year and got it on just couldn't zip it up. Cheered me up in a strange way.

    I feel very mardy, self centred and emotional, I am hoping this is a week 23 thing and that on friday when I turn 24 weeks all will be ok.

    oh and p.s. my son is going to be a footballer, I shall be internally bruised after this birth!!
  • MrsRuddersMrsRudders Posts: 2,761
    p.s glad you had a good holiday but PANTS you are back at work image
  • KittenHeelsKittenHeels Posts: 267
    What's even more pants is that Im back at work, its a sunny day and its my birthday too!!! Proper rubbish!!! Ha!!!

    I know what you mean about being emotional, before I was pregnant I think I was quite good at not blubbing at anything soppy or sad, but now I well up at the slightest thing!!

    Hope you are feeling better this week?? Pregnancy hormones can be so draining!!!

    I promised myself I wouldn't go overboard buying stuff for the baby but it's just too hard!! We brought lots of stuff on holiday!

    Hope you have a fab time on Saturday at the Hen do!! xxx
  • MrsRuddersMrsRudders Posts: 2,761
    The hen do isn't til Sept lol but I got the dress now as its about the only thing I have seen that I like for the SATC theme that doesn't cost the earth! It came this morning but my expanding lady bumps don't fit in it grrrrrrrr.

    ahhh Happy Birthday hope you had a good day?

    I think you try to not buy stuff but its sooooo hard isn;t it!

    still feeling emotional, huge and tired lol xx
  • KittenHeelsKittenHeels Posts: 267
    I'm sooo feeling the emotional thing!!

    My Husband decided it would be really funny to play a joke on me and drove me to the local chippy for my birthday and told me he had booked out the seating area and all my friends and family were in there waiting to surprise me!! Normally I would find this funny - give him a quick slap and tell him to drive me to the nice restaurant he better have booked!! I was welling up - I can't believe I would cry over being taken to the chippy for my birthday, what a cow!!

    I've started to feel huge now too, in the evening my tummy goes really hard and nothing seems to fit as well??!!

    Im on the look for a dress for a wedding in August, think I'm going to leave it until quite near the date as I seem to grow really quickly and change my mind every 5 mins!!

    So have you brought everything you need? xxx
  • MrsRuddersMrsRudders Posts: 2,761
    oh bless you, so you did actually sit down at the chippy then, and your friends were really there? That is nice, but I know what you mean, I have had such irrational mood swings its horrible. Glad you had a good birthday though.

    Sainsburys have a half price toiletries sale on at mo so I got some cotton wool balls, wipes, shampooo, maternity pads, breast pads etc as they really add up. Think I am going to stop stockpiling the nappies and wipes now as I have 6 packs of nappies and 8 packs of wipes imageimage

    Asda have just started a half price sale at George I have just got a little newborn jacket for £4, and two lovely outfits for £3 each. Little romper suit types absolutely beautiful quality too as sometimes George can be a bit cheap and crap.

    Where abouts are you in the UK? I am in Derby. x
  • KittenHeelsKittenHeels Posts: 267
    No, we did end up at a really nice restaurant in the end - luckily for him otherwise in the mood i was in we would have been divorced before our first anniversary!! He didn't start the day well by not even getting me a card. All is forgiven now though!!

    Because this is my first and I'm 33 I feel like I should know/have more for the baby and feel really out of my depth sometimes worrying that we wont be prepared!!

    Im based in Herefordshire xxx
  • MrsRuddersMrsRudders Posts: 2,761
    Its hard to prepare as you don't know what you will need do you. I found first time anything that was 'clothes' e.g jeans, trouser,s jumpers, t-shirts didn't get worn for the first 2 months or so even though they look cute they just aren't practical.

    Moses baskets are great but they grow out of them very quick, I am going to use the top of my pram as it comes off the frame, and going to put that onto a moses basket stand I have been lent by a friend. (dpn't buy one if you know someone who has one as they are expensive and last about 6 weeks!)

    In all honesty all you need for first few weeks is plenty of vests, babygros, bottles in case you don't like/don't want to breastfeed and a sterilser. I have a microwave sterisier as I had one last time and got on with it really well.

    Things like nappy stackers etc look great but won't get used lol, I found myself buying EVERYTHING first time whereas this time I'm not being so taken in by gadgets. But as its your first baby you need to enjoy all that kind of thing it adds to the excitement image

    I have had friends that haven't bought baby monitors and have just listened out, whereas other friends have bought the special blanket thing that goes under the sheet in case baby stops breathing image everyone is different, but I think as long as you have the basics for when baby is here you can always get the rest after. The hospital won't let you leave unless you have a car seat so its good to have that. Unless of course you are walking home image

    Re nappies they tend to go through about 10-12 a day in the first few weeks so a good stock of those. Its also recommended that you don't use baby wipes til I think they are a month so cotton wall balls too.

    Oh and for after breast pads and maternity towels. You get through LOADS!! The hospital should give you some if you go without but they tend to give you the old school MASSIVE sanitary pads which just rub and hurt your legs. Breast pads are a bit hit and miss too, as some are smaller that others so it depends how lucky you are with lady bumps ha ha.

    As baby is being born in the autumn you will need a few blankets, cotton sheets, I have always found the celular blankets good as they don't overheat the baby whereas I#'ve found that fleece blankets its really warm all the time. With a cellular blanket you can double it up or have it one layer you know what I mean. They are the blanket with lots of holes in.

    Anyway I think thats enough of my going on now lol hope it helps? Will have a think of any other pearls of wisdom I can pass on!

  • MrsRuddersMrsRudders Posts: 2,761
    sorry for my spelling was typing too fast!
  • KittenHeelsKittenHeels Posts: 267
    No that's brilliant - really useful!! Thank you.

    I went to a party on Saturday night & all people seemed to want to do was give me horror labour stories rather than any practical advice!! Apart from one woman who told me it would be the best experience ever and that she loved it so much and can't understand why all the other women said it was so painful - she was baking cakes for the midwives (really don't think that will be me though!!)

    How are you this week?? xxx
  • MrsRuddersMrsRudders Posts: 2,761
    It is a painful process,I had a horrendous labour but I wouldn't sit and retell it to ANYONE who is a first time Mum. For a start each labour is different, and for second I am a drama queen imageimageimage

    Had the midwife today all good, got a glucose test in a few week as Mum has diabetes. Other than that just feeling bid and solid lol.

    My best bit advice for you is listen to everyone, then dump it in your mind bin when you get home, as in do what you feel is best, everyone becomes a bloomin expert when it comes to newborns!!

    Are the kickings coming regular now? xx
  • KittenHeelsKittenHeels Posts: 267
    Yeah kicks are getting fab - could really see my belly moving last night & decided to try and video it for my husband so that he could see it as it was really funny - only thing was it just looked like a big wobbly belly on the video!!

    I've got the midwife next week. Im booked in for a glucose test as my mum had type 2 diabetes when she was alive, got the appointment on the 04th August so fingers crossed it will be ok for both of us! image Also still waiting for an appointment to go for the scan to check for the placenta and if it's still low.

    Luckily I work in an office so am not stood on my feet all day as I'm starting to feel really big now!! How have you been during the hot weather? xxx
  • MrsRuddersMrsRudders Posts: 2,761
    I work in an office too, sitting or standing for any period of time tho just does me in. I am off to Mothercare in a mo to try and get a bump band that supports you. They have some for £12 they are elasticated and apparently are good for back and tummy ache - worth a try eh!

    oooh you have the test too, not looking forward to it as we have to starve ourselves don't we! I get dizzy when I don't eat for a while so that will not be good image

    How odd that we are going through that and the extra scan (bet it will be 34 weeks) to check if all is ok. Its exciting that we get an extra scan isn't it even if it is to check problems are ok.

    ha ha how funny videoing it, my husband couldn't tell at all when Barry (our nickname for baby now) was proper kicking me and bashing me about, I swear he was practically forcing his way out and Husband was like..erm no still can't see it. WHAT?? ha ha.

    I got my lovely dress from Asos yesterday for the hen do, I thnk I told you about the 10 fitting all but about 1cm on the zip so I ordered the 12, that came yest and it was about 4cm too narrow WHAT?? (I seem to be saying alot of WHATS???!!)So I have ordered the 14 but the good thing is its gone down to only £11!! So as I haven't paid postage I've not actually lost out image

    Got a birthday do in Derby town on Sat nite with my two best buddies. They are both drinking tho, we are going for a meal then to a couple of bars after. not sure I will be able to handle the bars with drunken divs and a big fat belly. But we will see.

    Have a great week xx
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