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Due 26th October - date buddy?



  • MrsRuddersMrsRudders Posts: 2,761
    ha ha you're not moaning its the hormones, my head is all over the place at the moment, seem to be focusing my energy on all the wrong things and turning them into dramas lol.

    I had the choice as I had problems last time, to be honest just want him here now so I can start to rebuild my normal life again ha ha. Not sleeping properly now so I am obviously being tested to what it will be like. I seem to be awake most of the night so am enjoying the middle of the night tv - oh the joys I remember it well from last time.

    How stupid (and typical) is it that they don't do evening classes? Not everyone is unemployed and claiming benefits so they are free in the day! ...see what I mean talk about HORMONES lol. That is just daft. I never went to the classes but I regret not going last time as you do get to meet other parents that you can keep it touch with and go throug the same issues at the same time if you know what I mean. Its nice to have other mothers to go to groups with if none of your friends have babies.

    Pushchairs/prams are so expensive. I got my loola up off a friend hardly been used, extra bits I needed I bought second hand almost new off ebay. I cannot wait to use them all!

    Lovely that you are really feeling some moment its great isn't it very reassuring. Although annoying when the movement wakes you in the night when you have FINALLY got to sleep! In fact talking of sleep I could just doze off now whilst at work....

    I have got 3 weeks left now, and I am still working. What is all that about eh? I work for my husband and feel the need to keep going but I am just exhausted now. So I am going to talk to him tonight and ask if this can be my last week of coming in the office. I think on my week before the c-section I am going to do all my ironing, sort out my sons uniform for a week (I have to stay in overnight for about 2 or 3 nights) clean everywhere, fill the fridge, fill the freezer with soups, chillis and stews for when baby has arrived. Then I am going to sleep sleep and more sleep.

    I cannot believe how close we are to seeing our babies! I will PM you my email address, if it all does haywire and I have baby beforehand I don't want baby brain to make me lose this thread and would love to send you photos and keep in touch, so if you want to email me your address so we can keep updated xx
  • Hey hun,

    Have just sent you a PM with my email address - had to do it twice as the computer at worked crashed!!

    Have spoken to my MD today and am going to finish work next fri, cant wait as am really tired now!

    Had a real nightmare last night, set fire to the grill, got in a paddy and whacked the smoke alarm breaking a wooden spoon, then just cried!!! (husband not impressed as he is a retained fireman!) Ha!!

    Oh well weekend off now to do nothing - have a fab weekend xxx
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